opaque vs translucent

opaque translucent


  • 1) obsolete, poetic An area of darkness; a place or region with no light.
  • 2) Something which is opaque rather than translucent.
  • 3) Something that is opaque, especially an opaque pigment used to darken parts of a photographic print or negative.
  • 4) That which is opaque; opacity.
  • 5) Opacity.
  • 6) Something opaque; specifically, a shade which can be worn over the forehead to protect the eyes from brilliant light.
  • 7) computing Describes a type for which higher-level callers have no knowledge of data values or their representations; all operations are carried out by the type's defined abstract operators.
  • 8) Allowing little light to pass through, not translucent or transparent.
  • 9) figuratively Unclear, unintelligible, hard to get or explain the meaning of
  • 10) figuratively Obtuse, stupid.
  • 11) Neither reflecting nor emitting light.
  • 12) Impenetrable by a form of radiant energy other than visible light.
  • 13) Mentally obtuse; dense.
  • 14) Not reflecting light; having no luster.
  • 15) Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent.
  • 16) So obscure as to be unintelligible.
  • 17) Impervious to the rays of light; not transparent.
  • 18) colloq. Obscure; not clear; unintelligible.
  • 19) not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy; impenetrable to sight
  • 20) transitive To make, render (more) opaque.
  • 21) Torenderopaque.


  • 1) Clear, lucid, or transparent.
  • 2) Allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it.
  • 3) Transmitting light but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent perception of distinct images.
  • 4) Transmitting rays of light without permitting objects to be distinctly seen; partially transparent.
  • 5) Poetic Transparent; clear.
  • 6) allowing light to pass through diffusely
  • 7) Transparent;clear.


  • 1) It would hamper investigations and make trials more opaque to the public.
  • 2) Making up one side of this hall are two floors of viewing rooms with opaque glass walls.
  • 3) The most basic elements in the narrative remain opaque.
  • 4) Her window on the outside world is now opaque.
  • 5) Elegant opaque glass lights hang from the ceilings.
  • 6) Characters arrive encrusted with pages and pages of back story yet somehow manage to remain opaque.
  • 7) But the business of how we guard and are guarded against online theft seems much more opaque and difficult.
  • 8) Time to hit the opaque tights.
  • 9) No opaque or flowery language: it just did exactly what it said on the bottle.
  • 10) He worried endlessly, for he is far more insecure than the opaque hard man many imagine.
  • 11) Which is why it's so alarming that opaque tights are in fashion.
  • 12) It is intangible, opaque and difficult to understand.
  • 13) Instead of shedding a light on the wheeling and dealing surrounding player payments and transfers, they actually make it more opaque.
  • 14) Lower users are paying more for their energy because of the opaque system used to charge Britons for their gas and electricity.
  • 15) It floods the car with light and on a hot day there's a button that can turn it from transparent to opaque.
  • 16) Who, after all, can object to a less opaque tax system and sizzling summer sunshine?
  • 17) The payday loans business is notoriously opaque, with more than 200 firms targeting consumers who are struggling to pay their bills.
  • 18) And now my chains are to be broken; I shall mount above these clouds and opaque airs in which I live, —opaque, though they seem transparent, —and from the heaven of truth I shall see and comprehend my relations.
  • 19) That was the agreed signal, a word opaque enough to confuse anyone trying to listen in.
  • 20) Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd., or Pirc, recommends voting against the remuneration report, because of what it calls "opaque" disclosure and "overly complex" structure of executives' packages.
  • 21) Paul vowed in an interview with The Hill last month that as chairman he would shine a light on the Fed's policies, which he called opaque and destructive.
  • 22) They have told us that our atmosphere is what they call opaque, so that the stars are not visible, and then they were surprised that we know stars, that we know their music and the movements of their dance far better than beings like you who spend hours studying them through what you call telescopes.
  • 23) The value of such a discovery was obvious from the first; and was still further enhanced by the discovery made shortly that, photographic plates are affected by the rays, thus making it possible to make permanent photographic records of pictures through what we know as opaque substances.
  • 24) To get there, Artprice limited its scope to fine-art sales at public auctions, filtering out results from what they refer to as the "opaque" gallery market.
  • 25) ‘These consist of arrays of pixels, each made of a material that varies from being transparent to opaque depending on the size of the electrical voltage you apply to it.’
  • 26) ‘Brookite is a transparent to opaque mineral that occurs in various shades of red- and yellow-brown through dark brown to black.’
  • 27) ‘Males immediately began displaying to one another through the transparent partition after the opaque partition was removed.’
  • 28) ‘Redwood gazebos will look and perform best with the application of a transparent, semi-transparent or opaque finish.’
  • 29) ‘Drawings described simply as ‘watercolours’ are often found to be executed in a combination of both transparent and opaque pigments.’
  • 30) ‘Most use a combination of transparent and opaque watercolors, and their original works are about twice the size of the printed plates.’
  • 31) ‘The surfaces of these complex, radically vertiginous paintings are built up with transparent and opaque acrylics.’
  • 32) ‘Acrylic also comes in various transparent or opaque colours.’
  • 33) ‘The crystals range from nearly opaque through translucent to transparent.’
  • 34) ‘Most are pinkish purple and range from transparent to almost opaque, the latter often being extensively cracked.’
  • 35) ‘The work is viewed on a screen behind which drawings, puppets, and backdrops are illuminated using opaque and transparent projections.’
  • 36) ‘Out of them came only egg yolk and egg white, firm and opaque or runny and transparent to be sure, but never any sort of baby bird.’
  • 37) ‘Its refinement however, and the shifting play of the opaque and transparent, suggests descent from the traditional Japanese house.’
  • 38) ‘Alternatively, you might replace transparent glass with the opaque frosted or acid-etched variety.’
  • 39) ‘As far as the gem folks are concerned, it is not much of an exaggeration to say that they see gems as either transparent or opaque.’
  • 40) ‘The mediums vary from high gloss to matte, transparent to opaque, bold to nuanced.’
  • 41) ‘Although most of the beryl is fractured and opaque, a few transparent crystals have been found.’
  • 42) ‘Beyond was a flurry of activity as men and women in white lab coats bustled around a dozen or so large, cylindrical vats containing a nearly opaque, viscous liquid.’
  • 43) ‘Occasionally, they hold their hands out to the passing crowd asking for handouts, taking turns to sip an opaque liquid from a plastic container.’
  • 44) ‘By now you will have a wooden container full of an insipid yellowish opaque liquid and a sieve full of mash.’
  • 45) ‘The logical chain leading from recovery from illness to an understanding of the animals' language is similarly opaque.’
  • 46) ‘Derrida neglected to discuss alternatives except in language so opaque it is impossible to decipher.’
  • 47) ‘But his tendency towards dull speeches, opaque language and meandering responses to questions almost undid him.’
  • 48) ‘The bill's language was opaque enough that opponents worried it would impact fishing, too.’
  • 49) ‘But then again, it's exactly with such opaque language that committees like to dig their way out of trouble.’
  • 50) ‘Topics that had once appeared impossibly opaque to even the most determined of scholars now almost promiscuously invite inquiry and controversy.’
  • 51) ‘He believed that there do exist necessary connections in nature, even though these connections are opaque to human understanding.’
  • 52) ‘Broadly speaking, its function is to help us express and regulate our emotional lives, which are confusing and sometimes opaque to us.’
  • 53) ‘The process isn't necessarily racist or sexist, it's just totally opaque to anyone who isn't a student politics geek.’
  • 54) ‘Though the differential is striking, its meaning may be somewhat opaque to non-specialists: everybody dies in the end, after all.’
  • 55) ‘The existing products emphasize process and procedure and tend to be so opaque to the user that they are not trusted for speculative work.’
  • 56) ‘Online voting systems will use technology that is opaque to voters.’
  • 57) ‘I say to the Minister that someone must have thought through what that means, but it is completely opaque to me.’
  • 58) ‘This was part of an effort to increase the transparency of hedge funds, which are notoriously opaque to investors and regulators.’
  • 59) ‘The explanations are about as opaque to the uninitiated as the phrases themselves.’
  • 60) ‘Moreover, by invoking Nahuatl and speaking in tongues, he dramatizes the opaque materiality of language.’
  • 61) ‘Shakespeare was an experimental writer whose business was ‘to present character in all its inaccessibility, in language at least as opaque as necessary’.’
  • 62) ‘This is the opaque, convoluted language quoted in the decision handed down four days ago by the current US Supreme Court.’
  • 63) ‘I find conversation about football utterly opaque and uninteresting.’
  • 64) ‘The Federal Reserve chairman is famous for his opaque remarks and abstruse topics.’
  • 65) ‘To be honest, it's a relief when summer is over and we can get back into good old black opaques, which cover a multitude of shortcomings.’
  • 66) ‘And to think that we used to spend the dark winter months hibernating our legs away in a cocoon of black opaques!’
  • 67) ‘A clear liquid that instantly and permanently repairs sheer hosiery, pantyhose, tights, opaques, knee-highs, and socks, it's much more efficient than the old nail-polish fix your mom taught you.’


  • 1) Their leader was a thin man with translucent skin and a tight little mouth.
  • 2) She has nearly translucent skin, wide blue eyes and a transfer tattoo on her neck.
  • 3) Gently fry the onions and garlic in butter and chilli oil till soft and translucent.
  • 4) Try applying a little translucent powder to lips after your lipstick.
  • 5) Fry until the onions are soft and translucent.
  • 6) Keep all your hard work in place with loose translucent powder.
  • 7) Dice the sweet onion and cook in a pan in olive oil until translucent and soft.
  • 8) For extra hold pat translucent powder or matching powder shadow on top.
  • 9) Chop the half onion thinly and fry under low heat so that it becomes soft and translucent.
  • 10) Fry until very soft and translucent.
  • 11) Keep your lipstick and some lip gloss handy, some translucent powder to dab the shine.
  • 12) If you overdo it, tone it down with a little translucent powder.
  • 13) For a matte effect with any lippy, lightly dust with translucent powder.
  • 14) I love the way silk catches the light and becomes translucent.
  • 15) While I had been sleeping the light outside became translucent.
  • 16) That was before the lines, the translucent skin, the folds.
  • 17) And some pale skin is translucent; you can almost see through it - you can see little veins.
  • 18) Slice the onions and brown in the oil in a non-stick frying pan, adding the mushrooms when the onions have become translucent and light brown.
  • 19) ‘The thick, translucent slices were encased in a light batter that was appropriately oily.’
  • 20) ‘Choose a translucent powder to blend with your skin tone and apply with a puff or brush.’
  • 21) ‘The adhesive dries to a semi translucent plastic but can be coloured.’
  • 22) ‘Like the two bathrooms directly above it on the first floor, it, too, is daylit through a wall of translucent glass blocks.’
  • 23) ‘Put in a heavy saucepan with the olive oil and fry over a moderate heat for a few minutes until the onion is translucent.’
  • 24) ‘The rusted wire was draped with a coat of translucent ice, the frozen water hanging down in inverted spires.’
  • 25) ‘He would have placed a screen of some translucent material, perhaps oiled paper supported on glass, in the opening.’
  • 26) ‘On top of it all was a flimsy, translucent material embedding the palm trees picture.’
  • 27) ‘It was served to us with a translucent cookie studded with whole roasted pumpkin seeds.’
  • 28) ‘Whereas most walls were brick or concrete, her wall was made of a translucent stone.’
  • 29) ‘It makes a light-textured, translucent paste without any flavour of its own, and will set to an almost clear gel.’
  • 30) ‘Its surface is covered by an inorganic, orange-yellow translucent material.’
  • 31) ‘The jug had been sealed with a large disc of cork, onto which about half an inch of translucent wax had been poured as an airtight seal.’
  • 32) ‘In the front, translucent fabric is backed with a solid to create a precise tone.’
  • 33) ‘The light was a soft translucent blue that became brighter or darker depending on my depth.’
  • 34) ‘The business end is translucent and has some light emitting diodes inside.’
  • 35) ‘Our home base was a huge glowing translucent submarine, shaped like a blimp.’
  • 36) ‘It would have been dark except for the light coming from the translucent side panels.’
  • 37) ‘Her hair was so white it glowed softly in the gray light and her skin was translucent.’
  • 38) ‘The drive was long and windy and I enjoyed the sun on my translucent skin.’

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