assignation vs assignment vs assassination

assignation assignment assassination


  • 1) The act of assigning or allotting; apportionment.
  • 2) A making over by transfer of title; assignment.
  • 3) An appointment for a meeting, generally of a romantic or sexual nature.
  • 4) Something assigned, especially an allotment.
  • 5) An appointment to meet in secret, especially between lovers. synonym: engagement.
  • 6) The meeting made by such an appointment.
  • 7) a house in which appointments for sexual intercourse are fulfilled.
  • 8) An appointment of time and place for meeting or interview; -- used chiefly of love interviews, and now commonly in a bad sense.
  • 9) Paper currency; a bill; an assignat.
  • 10) The legal transfer of a right or title, or the deed by which this is made; an assignment.
  • 11) An appointment of time and place for meeting: used chiefly of love-meetings, and now generally in a bad sense.
  • 12) The act of assigning or allotting; the act of fixing or specifying.


  • 1) law a transfer of something from one person to another, especially property, or a claim or right; the document that effects this transfer
  • 2) computing an operation that assigns a value to a variable
  • 3) the act of assigning, or an assigned task
  • 4) education a task given to students, homework or coursework
  • 5) a position to which someone is assigned
  • 6) The act of assigning.
  • 7) The instrument by which this transfer is effected.
  • 8) Something, such as a task, that is assigned: synonym: task.
  • 9) A position or post of duty to which one is assigned.
  • 10) The transfer of a claim, right, interest, or property from one to another.
  • 11) The writing by which an interest is transferred.
  • 12) An allotting or an appointment to a particular person or use; or for a particular time, as of a cause or causes in court.
  • 13) A transfer of title or interest by writing, as of lease, bond, note, or bill of exchange; a transfer of the whole of some particular estate or interest in lands.
  • 14) the setting out by metes and bounds of the widow's thirds or portion in the deceased husband's estate, and allotting it to her.
  • 15) The transfer of the property of a bankrupt to certain persons called assignees, in whom it is vested for the benefit of creditors.
  • 16) the act of distributing something to designated places or persons
  • 17) an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor)
  • 18) a duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces)
  • 19) the instrument by which a claim or right or interest or property is transferred from one person to another
  • 20) (law) a transfer of property by deed of conveyance
  • 21) . A pointing out or setting forth: as, the assignment of error.
  • 22) Formerly, in Australia, the allotting of convicts as unpaid servants to colonists, in order to relieve the authorities of the expense of the convict establishments.
  • 23) The act of apportioning or allotting; allotment.
  • 24) Specifically, in law: The transference of a right or an interest. See assign, v., 6
  • 25) That which has been assigned, as a particular task or duty.
  • 26) An allotment, allowance, or pension; a sum allowed.
  • 27) The act of setting apart, appointing, designating, or specifying.


  • 1) killing or murder for political reasons
  • 2) The act of assassinating; a killing by treacherous violence.
  • 3) murder of a public figure by surprise attack
  • 4) The act of assassinating; the act, especially of a hired emissary, of killing or murdering by surprise or secret assault; murder by treacherous violence.


  • 1) He would not be suspicious of a request for an assignation.
  • 2) ‘It is believed that the original carnival was a much bigger and rowdier affair with fights, bear baitings and puppet shows, bull fights and secret assignations in gondolas.’
  • 3) ‘The other is a lurid science fiction tale, made up by the woman's demon lover during assignations in rundown, disreputable places.’
  • 4) ‘He kept a secret journal of his assignations with high-power closeted Hollywood players and revelled in his clandestine life as a quasi-hooker.’
  • 5) ‘Initials meant secret assignations, though there were no locations.’
  • 6) ‘New relationships, secret assignations and a dazzling necklace add to their complicated lives.’
  • 7) ‘Her assignations with her lover, a theatre director can be heard in the tiny courtyard.’
  • 8) ‘She is eventually sacked after one of her secret assignations with him is discovered.’
  • 9) ‘Over the last few years, a vocal minority of local residents have raised objections to assignations by gay men in the Square in the middle of the night.’
  • 10) ‘In this odd urban pastoral, people wander about London, have lunch, try to make assignations, wake up with hangovers and never get anywhere.’
  • 11) ‘There was nothing - no sign or menu - to distinguish it from all the other houses with their wood-shingle roofs and bamboo shutters and histories of hidden assignations.’
  • 12) ‘The researchers found that females were sneaking away into the jungle for assignations with the handsome young ‘hunks’ of the band.’
  • 13) ‘Favourite spots for sneaked assignations are empty classrooms, deserted corridors and overgrown lots.’
  • 14) ‘There would be no assignations, no letters, no phone calls.’
  • 15) ‘The small private dining rooms that characterized most restaurants offered the possibility of forbidden political dinners or risky amorous assignations.’
  • 16) ‘He's outside the required 400-mile limit for extramarital quickies and anonymous assignations.’
  • 17) ‘Their fans fluttered as the men commented on their appearance or nodded, touched an arm here, felt the wares there, and made assignations.’
  • 18) ‘They've gone on romantic assignations at the historic Fairmont Hotel.’
  • 19) ‘He had already made a few assignations with the lowlife drug dealers who frequented the place.’
  • 20) ‘None of her assignations sounds like much fun and her home life was no happier.’
  • 21) ‘In a few hours there is to be an appointment with a professor, then later, an assignation at the pub.’
  • 22) ‘Was it designed to implicate as many individuals as possible in the killings, and thus to make any future assignation of responsibility for specific acts of genocide just about impossible?’
  • 23) ‘More data are necessary to understand the significance of a possibly general assignation of short branches to basal and species-poor taxa by tree-reconstruction algorithms.’
  • 24) ‘Haplotypes usually have to be estimated from the genotype data, with random assignation whenever the haplotype cannot be inferred unambiguously.’
  • 25) ‘The overall level of correct assignation of parent varieties was higher when P was used at a level of 0.99.’


  • 1) I settled for a short hop across the Channel on a work assignment.
  • 2) His first assignment was to write a program for an insurance broker in Dorset, using assembly code.
  • 3) They must be capable of being converted into specific targets and specific assignments.
  • 4) You might be fearful of preparing an assignment for work.
  • 5) They would discuss what her next assignment would be and she would do as she pleased.
  • 6) Nowadays most assignments in history courses are probably more like the first one in this list.
  • 7) You will need to choose the tone that you want to use for your particular writing assignment.
  • 8) How and why was the first job assignment chosen?
  • 9) There will be others who do not carry this responsibility within their specific assignment.
  • 10) He did it well and it was a tougher assignment but he showed his battling ability.
  • 11) The next morning he will be up early to set about his next assignment.
  • 12) Some of these models may have come to regret accepting this particular assignment.
  • 13) His first assignment was to meet a mysterious stranger off a train.
  • 14) But he has a very tough assignment there.
  • 15) Similarly you can apply what you learn at work to your assignments.
  • 16) How easy is it to move to your next assignment?
  • 17) Careers involve many assignments or jobs.
  • 18) Employers will also set real, practical assignments from industry for students to tackle.
  • 19) Thus, English and social studies courses include assignments in which students must present a thesis and defend it.
  • 20) The final straw was being sent to the West Country on an assignment to write about the biggest hamburger in the world.
  • 21) Students on his course work their way through a manual, assignments and online tasks in their own time, in between workshops with a tutor.
  • 22) I believe that this assignment is the most challenging of them all - and I believe it even more after reading the first batch of posts on this thread.
  • 23) The other assignment is a knitted hat, and I might just move on to that one.
  • 24) The man making the assignment is his direct supervisor, one of those cheerful mid-level managers who somehow manages to get away with statements and actions that would land others in deep trouble (the Bill Haydon of his particular spy club).
  • 25) Furthermore, if the assignment is a portrait of a TV producer or someone who created a Web site to raise funds for hurricane or tsunami relief agencies, the image requires a monitor in the frame.
  • 26) By far the most common of these monitoring attempts is what I call the assignment book routine.
  • 27) You panic, your term assignment is in that PC and you don't have access to it.
  • 28) An important assignment is to write up a TAFF trip report afterwards - which I promise to liberally illustrate (should I win) with images of major UK landmarks (Big Ben, Westminster, Tower of London, London Eye), being destroyed in dramatic and awesome ways by dragons and other giant monsters.
  • 29) ‘You've got to do your homework, complete class assignments and study for tests.’
  • 30) ‘In this discussion we offer an overview of the guiding premises and the reading and writing assignments of the course.’
  • 31) ‘We both have people to talk to occasionally, and to call if we forgot a homework assignment, and study with and such, but neither us have had a real, actual friend since middle school.’
  • 32) ‘One of the highlights of the site is a set of sample exercises and assignments used in online courses at various campuses.’
  • 33) ‘Parents can teach a child study skills with reading directions, study examples and writing down assignments.’
  • 34) ‘This means that she scored 6.5 or higher out of a possible seven in assignments throughout her course.’
  • 35) ‘I just hope I can keep the momentum going and not be tempted to procrastinate on assignments and tasks.’
  • 36) ‘Each week in my print culture course we have little assignments related to the topic of the week.’
  • 37) ‘There was an assignment over the course of the two days.’
  • 38) ‘The multicultural day was part of a school assignment, where students studied every aspect of a chosen culture.’
  • 39) ‘The use of family exercises and homework assignments is imperative in enacting permanent change.’
  • 40) ‘No wonder our students are puzzled by the disjunction between course readings and academic writing assignments.’
  • 41) ‘Within the course, there were also five written case scenario homework assignments for the students to complete.’
  • 42) ‘The books include writing assignments, as well as activities that link to social studies and science.’
  • 43) ‘Since they were studying poetry at the moment, they had an in-class assignment to write an original poem in any style or meter.’
  • 44) ‘Writing a research paper was the second assignment in the course.’
  • 45) ‘In addition to the in-class exercises, each session concluded with a homework assignment.’
  • 46) ‘Course assignments must be completed within one year of enrolling.’
  • 47) ‘Undue demands in terms of course content, assignments and examinations should not be made.’
  • 48) ‘It is a viable technique that we use in many of our courses and assignments.’
  • 49) ‘What is the typical field worker's task assignment for the day?’
  • 50) ‘They expect employees will be out on assignment for much of their time so they will not need the space which would once have been their base.’
  • 51) ‘This would make a great difference in a situation where a destroyer developed critical problems while on assignment away from its base.’
  • 52) ‘I spent Saturday morning roving around the neighborhood looking for yard sales… not because I wanted to buy anything, but because I was on assignment.’
  • 53) ‘Many of you will have seen some permutation of the mass e-mail joke bouncing around where the narrator is a news photographer, on assignment, having to make a tough call.’
  • 54) ‘Marriage, and the birth of a son in 1875, did not hold him back from touring to faraway places on assignment, including the Arctic and Spain.’
  • 55) ‘He was sent there on assignment and she tagged along.’
  • 56) ‘I have on occasion met some of my superiors on assignment, but they are usually in disguise or there is limited light.’
  • 57) ‘She's come to Australia on assignment and to visit her best friend Catherine.’
  • 58) ‘A National Geographic journalist will be on assignment around the area as well.’
  • 59) ‘The majority of foreign workers come to India on assignment with their parent companies.’
  • 60) ‘All the senior reporters working from the Chicago Tribune were out on assignment.’
  • 61) ‘I had to decline as I'm going to be on assignment, either in Switzerland or Washington.’
  • 62) ‘A person whose performance has slacked off may be reacting to changes in the work environment, management, work task or assignment.’
  • 63) ‘Her conduct on assignment bordered on the unethical.’
  • 64) ‘And actually, I think Matt will be doing that interview, because I'll be traveling on assignment that day.’
  • 65) ‘The film then blurs space-time boundaries as it sends the two filmmakers on assignment to interview the key characters surrounding the hero's life.’
  • 66) ‘A weary group of well-known Tasmanian nature photographers has just walked out of there, on assignment for the World Wide Fund for Nature.’
  • 67) ‘The memorial pays tribute to 1,606 reporters, editors, photographers and broadcasters who died or were killed on assignment.’
  • 68) ‘Regardless of availability, career development in an officer's functional area is an important piece in the assignment process.’
  • 69) ‘But I also don't want to toss out controlled vocabularies, or expert assignment of categories.’
  • 70) ‘An assignment to this category is straightforward for duplicates with amino acid sequences of identical length.’
  • 71) ‘Because these projected experiments had never been done, assignment to a risk category was, of course, somewhat speculative and subjective.’
  • 72) ‘It is also the event which explains more clearly than any other the place of assignment, designation and organization in the life of mankind.’
  • 73) ‘The assignment of objects across cultures to any one of these categories ranged from the arbitrary and humorous to the disturbing and offensive.’
  • 74) ‘Assembly, filling of gaps, and verification of ambiguous organism assignment would probably be performed most efficiently at one central laboratory.’
  • 75) ‘The combat data system carries out automatic threat evaluation and weapon assignment, target designation, and hard and soft kill co-ordination.’
  • 76) ‘Other issues include specific assignment of what equipment is required, and who provides the equipment for the contract.’
  • 77) ‘All parties involved in vehicle assignment, issue, and maintenance should participate.’
  • 78) ‘Thus, current district policies on school assignment are likely to need a major overhaul.’
  • 79) ‘Altion is in the area of network capacity management, administration and circuit assignment.’
  • 80) ‘Each derived categorical instrument has its own rules for status assignment.’
  • 81) ‘This study is intended to generate hypotheses that can be tested using prospective research designs and/or random assignment to a controlled clinical trial.’
  • 82) ‘They will cooperate in budget and financial management, staffing and assignment, medical information and information technology systems.’
  • 83) ‘No statistically significant difference existed in knowledge by task assignment of driver versus navigator.’
  • 84) ‘These reviewers were not aware of the study group assignments of the patients.’
  • 85) ‘Smears were taken using the same technique in both groups and interpreted by technicians who were not aware of the patient assignment in the study.’
  • 86) ‘One drawback to the study was the nonrandom assignment to intervention and nonintervention groups.’
  • 87) ‘The patient pathography is included as an integral part of the patient assignment for these courses.’
  • 88) ‘Since not all the taxa included in the second group have been studied, the assignment of rank as subsections or sections requires more data.’
  • 89) ‘Moreover, transferees under an equitable assignment need to join the transferor when suing the debtor/obligor.’
  • 90) ‘There was no conveyance, assignment or transfer.’
  • 91) ‘An assignment by the mortgagee is not such an action or proceeding.’
  • 92) ‘I therefore find that the assignment was valid and the assignee could sue in its own name.’
  • 93) ‘Sub-lettings, assignments, lease flexibility and concessions to tenants are now becoming the norm.’
  • 94) ‘It is important to note that para 25 does no more, but no less, than to preserve the legal effect of a pre-commencement assignment or agreement to assign.’
  • 95) ‘At this stage there is a lot of paper work to be completed such as, direct debits, life assignments, legal documents.’
  • 96) ‘The Court disregards the opinion of any witness for either side as to what constitutes an assignment document!’
  • 97) ‘The employer executes a deed of assignment in standard form assigning legal ownership of the policies to each of the employees concerned and the insurers are notified accordingly.’
  • 98) ‘The directors have incorporated the effect of the deed of assignment in these financial statements as they consider this gives a correct reflection of the nature of the underlying transactions.’


  • 1) “I find your use of the word assassination rather amusing,” snarled Rudin.
  • 2) As much as he hated the notion of prolonging his exposure to those sons of bitches, once someone breathed the word assassination it all became a new ball game.
  • 3) The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's most powerful Islamist political group, condemned what it called the assassination of Mr. bin Laden in a statement distributed to reporters on Monday.
  • 4) Gbagbo allies say the U.N. and French forces were also involved in Wednesday's fighting as part of what they call an assassination attempt against Mr. Gbagbo, a charge that French officials deny.
  • 5) ‘We are talking of torture and extrajudicial executions or assassinations.’
  • 6) ‘It has also raised fears that political assassinations are making a comeback as a way to eliminate opposition figures.’
  • 7) ‘The world has witnessed innumerable political assassinations but few have had earthshaking consequences.’
  • 8) ‘There were also a number of other attacks and assassinations, using machine guns rather than car bombs.’
  • 9) ‘We've also heard of several more abductions and now assassinations.’

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