octopi vs octopuses

octopi octopuses


  • 1) hypercorrect Plural form of octopus.
  • 2) Plural of octopus, 2.


  • 1) Chalk another one up to the psychic octopus.
  • 2) Fatboy Slim burst from the top of a giant octopus.
  • 3) We would catch octopus and grill them - delicious.
  • 4) Dinner on the terrace overlooking the sea might include steamed shrimps with tomato and basil gnocchi or grilled octopus with white bean purée.
  • 5) He likes his risotto with all the bits ( squid and octopus).
  • 6) Black risotto This is a Croatian speciality made with octopus or squid and its ink.
  • 7) Why not a psychic octopus with a special feel for the Beautiful Game?
  • 8) We always make lots of salads, sometimes with squid or octopus, and anything left over from the day before.
  • 9) There are nuclear families who spend a lot of time with the giant plastic octopus in the pool (one of four) at the top of the ship.
  • 10) (Yes, "octopi" is in many dictonaries under "usage" heading, but octupuses is most correct, dang it!
  • 11) Here's how to make hot dogs into octopi aka octopuses aka octopodes.
  • 12) We share this planet with other intelligent life forms, cetacians and cephalopods, such as octopi — which are invertebrates and some have basketball sized brains, but they lack some faculties required (social behavior, or hands or …) to be a cosmological observer.
  • 13) What is incorrect, however, is using "octopi" and looking down your nose at those who use "octopuses."
  • 14) She says their shoot is going to be easy today -- no "octopi" (fancy word!), no freezing water, and no fire.
  • 15) In “Starspawn of Volturnus,” you have to play a kind of Buzkashi (mounted ball-carrying game) to get the Ul-Mor, a primitive race of land-lubbing octopi, to help you against the Sathar menace.
  • 16) A Beach Boys Buddy Holly Electric Light Orchestra symphony serenades your bravado with the blissed out chutzpah it requires to rise above the jellyfish and octopi unfazed.
  • 17) Which nicely explains why Spider-Man is always fighting guys (and gals) who have animalistic powers ala Dr. Octopus (note to Mr. Straczynski and/or editors at SPIDER-MAN, while “octopi” is correct “octopuses” is the preferred plural), Rhino, Kraven Hunter, Vulture, Lizard Man, Black Cat ... etc.
  • 18) This morning, I shopped for a keyboard stand for my new iPal, learned how to use Pages, and e-mailed an animated love story involving octopi to my dad, all while my eyelids were still at half-mast.

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