venal vs venial

venal venial


  • 1) Corrupt, mercenary.
  • 2) venous; pertaining to veins
  • 3) Of a position, privilege etc.: available for purchase rather than assigned on merit.
  • 4) Capable of being bought (of a person); willing to take bribes.
  • 5) archaic For sale; available for purchase.
  • 6) Archaic Obtainable for a price.
  • 7) Characterized by corrupt dealings, especially bribery.
  • 8) Open to bribery; mercenary.
  • 9) rare Of or pertaining to veins; venous.
  • 10) Capable of being bought or obtained for money or other valuable consideration; made matter of trade or barter; held for sale; salable; mercenary; purchasable; hireling.
  • 11) capable of being corrupted


  • 1) A venial sin or offense.
  • 2) Pardonable; able to be forgiven
  • 3) Excusable; trifling
  • 4) Roman Catholic Church Minor, therefore warranting only temporal punishment.
  • 5) Easily excused or forgiven; pardonable.
  • 6) obsolete Allowed; permitted.
  • 7) Capable of being forgiven; not heinous; excusable; pardonable.
  • 8) (R. C. Theol.) a sin which weakens, but does not wholly destroy, sanctifying grace, as do mortal, or deadly, sins.
  • 9) warranting only temporal punishment
  • 10) easily excused or forgiven


  • 1) Once again they look greedy, venal and out of touch.
  • 2) They're venal and corrupt and must be stopped.
  • 3) Some of the arguments put forward by the venal and greedy MPs as having acted within the law have been ludicrous.
  • 4) Those battling to win seats in the election tomorrow are viewed as more venal, corrupt and conniving than any fantasy TV we watch.
  • 5) ‘Leaders have offered the people little but venal, corrupt governance for decades.’
  • 6) ‘That said, of course there are many self serving, venal politicians.’
  • 7) ‘But politicians are expected to be venal and self-serving if given the chance.’
  • 8) ‘As boring meeting after boring meeting takes place, we are supposed to care about these venal, self-absorbed egomaniacs.’
  • 9) ‘Ambition for power and other venal motivations are built into the structure of democracy.’
  • 10) ‘Those visionaries passed and were replaced by venal men who don't care for independence or sovereignty and who want to sell the country to the US.’
  • 11) ‘She is many things - venal, arrogant, authoritarian, ruthless - but she is no dummy.’
  • 12) ‘He regarded publishers, agents and reviewers as stupid and venal.’
  • 13) ‘From this perspective, could any commercial interest be otherwise than venal?’
  • 14) ‘On my scale of morality, the selling of charlie to City high-flyers and celebrities is at worst venal, and possibly not immoral at all.’
  • 15) ‘The National candidate is portrayed as a venal, cynical and arrogant.’
  • 16) ‘In hindsight, we know that much of the prosperity was a bubble fueled by venal corporate criminals.’
  • 17) ‘It is bad enough that so many players have acquired a cynical and venal attitude but should spectators do likewise the game at top level is finished.’
  • 18) ‘They may well be venal, amoral egomaniacs, but the one thing you can pretty much guarantee is that they will be sharp-tongued.’
  • 19) ‘Virtually all of the clergy are portrayed as venal and conspiratorial.’
  • 20) ‘How can the parties expect voter loyalty if they consistently assume voters are just venal and self interested?’
  • 21) ‘Starring Eric Idle as a director, it portrays everyone in Hollywood as either effete New Agers or venal bullies.’
  • 22) ‘The emotional depth of the cast, whether it's Graham or one of his venal bosses, lends a dramatic weight to the story.’
  • 23) ‘What damages teenagers is an adult world which caricatures them as vain, promiscuous, stupid and venal.’
  • 24) ‘The political institution and party to which he has devoted a political career spanning half a century are utterly venal.’


  • 1) Father Gerard explained there were other sins than the venial kind.
  • 2) “Those sins are called venial sins,” Mary Catherine continues.
  • 3) Rome teaches, that is, purificatory and punitive), but probatory, not restricted to those dying in "venial sin"; the supposed intermediate class between those entering heaven at once, and those dying in mortal sin who go to hell, but universal, testing the godly and ungodly alike
  • 4) To his mind, the venial were the more numerous, but then, he had been a cynic for many years now.
  • 5) The difference can not be the same as betwixt sins that are called venial and mortal: for he says, that if a man pray for his brother, who commits a sin that is not to death, life shall be given him: therefore such a one had before lost the life of grace, and been guilty of what is commonly called a mortal sin.
  • 6) Therefore gluttony is accounted among the lesser, that is to say venial, sins.
  • 7) It is called venial precisely because, considered in its own proper nature, it is pardonable; in itself meriting, not eternal, but temporal punishment.
  • 8) ‘Faught is guilty of this offense, but the sin is a venial one.’
  • 9) ‘Yet despite their magnitude, these sins are of the venial rather than the mortal variety.’
  • 10) ‘So does Michelle consider Tony's slip of the tongue and miraculous recovery of memory a venial or a mortal sin?’
  • 11) ‘Confession had always rested on a clear distinction between mortal and venial sins.’
  • 12) ‘If that's not a mortal sin, it's got to be up there on the venial meter.’
  • 13) ‘It was a venial mistake on Hume's part to include a reference to the mind's propensity in what was supposed to be a definition of causality.’
  • 14) ‘Epstein openly admits to some ignoble if venial attitudes.’
  • 15) ‘Even quite venial offenders were sentenced to death.’
  • 16) ‘For a start, it's hard to imagine a more venial form of corruption than merely speeding along someone's visa application.’
  • 17) ‘Luckily, the production is strong enough elsewhere for this to remain a venial sin.’

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