Case Study Enhancing Customer Communication Efficiency with Linguix Grammar Software: A Case Study of Schmicko Automotive Company

Schmicko is an automotive company and has leveraged the power of Linguix grammar software to improve our customer communication processes. This case study examines how Linguix has helped their overseas virtual assistants create well-constructed responses via email and live chat, resulting in enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Yield the floor to the Schmicko team! Background […]

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How-to How to Write Better ChatGPT Prompts in 2023 to Get the Best Results

As we sail through 2023, the sophistication of AI tools like ChatGPT continues to reach new heights. Nevertheless, the possibility for input and output inconsistencies in ChatGPT is high. Therefore, we, as users, have to ensure that we’re utilizing the tool to its fullest potential. How can we do that? The key lies in crafting […]

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Inspiration 204 ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Your Business Growth and Unlock Creativity in 2023

The progress in artificial intelligence over the past few years has been significant, and ChatGPT stands out as a key player in improving various aspects of our lives, ranging from marketing to education and beyond. In this article, we’ll present over 200 of the best ChatGPT prompts in 2023, that can be adapted to your […]

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Inspiration Linguix’s Updated CSR Policy: Free Premium for Students and Dyslexics

We’re here to share the excellent news!  We updated our CSR policy. The Linguix team is now focused on helping people who struggle with writing. We analyzed that writing is one of the most challenging skills for most students and, as a part of the solution, offered Linguix Pro to them. As such, any student […]

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Grammar Mastering Adjective Order in English

Unlike languages with more loose word order, English is rather demanding on how several adjectives should be placed within a sentence. Even though putting adjectives in the wrong order probably won’t get you into much trouble, it’s still a matter of language proficiency, which can be crucial when taking exams or applying for a job […]

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Uncategorized ProWritingAid vs Linguix: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Hey all, Alex, Linguix.com founder is here! Recently, our colleagues at ProWritingAid (PWA) published a blog post titled “Linguix or ProWritingAid: Which Is the Best Writing Assistant?” In their piece they’ve tested free versions of both tools, and outlined that “Linguix is no match for ProWritingAid when it comes to understanding your writing.” This was […]

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Product How Linguix Helps You Make Your Writing More Impactful and Consistent

You may have noticed that your written English doesn’t always achieve what you want it to. Perhaps you are not getting the engagement you expected with your blog or social media posts. Perhaps your emails are being misunderstood or, worse, totally ignored. Maybe you just feel that you are not expressing yourself quite as well […]

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Grammar The Influence of Grammar and Spelling on Keyword SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters are constantly evolving. Whereas it used to be all about specific words that related to the search, now it is all about user intent. That is, what is the user really looking for when they enter something into a search engine task bar? That’s important because it alters your approach, […]

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Product Google Docs Support Has Arrived!

Linguix writing assistant is here to improve your writing everywhere. And Google Docs is a very popular content creation and collaborative writing tool. To make Linguix an even more valuable tool, we’ve worked hard to make our AI-based corrections available for Google Docs users as well. Now, we are releasing this functionality to the public […]

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