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How Linguix Helps You Make Your Writing More Impactful and Consistent

You may have noticed that your written English doesn’t always achieve what you want it to. Perhaps you are not getting the engagement you expected with your blog or social media posts. Perhaps your emails are being misunderstood or, worse, totally ignored. Maybe you just feel that you are not expressing yourself quite as well as you want to in your written word. 
Fear not, because the Linguix writing tool can help. Here’s how:

Linguix eliminates mistakes and improves your grammar

First and foremost, Linguix is a writing tool that not only checks your writing but offers up solutions to all manner of mistakes. And we’re not talking simply spell-checking here.

That’s because the Linguix tool has been developed by professional linguists to pick up on any number of written mistakes you may make. Of course this may be spelling, or simply using the wrong word. But that’s far from all. Linguix will help fix grammatical mistakes that undermine the value of what you are writing. Your grammatical mistakes may in fact cause misunderstandings that can cause harm to your reputation or business.

But that’s not all. Also select the characteristics of the tone and voice you wish to communicate in and even get suggestions on words and phrases that do not fit that tone and voice.

What is more, the Linguix tool is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, meaning that the equality of your writing can be checked when you write directly on the web in many of the world’s most popular websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Slack and more.

Your writing will not just be more accurate with Linguix, it will be more appropriate for your audience too.

It provides consistency in your writing

With the help of the corrections that Linguix gives you, see a vast improvement in the quality and consistency of the written work that you are producing. Linguix will pick up on all of your most consistent mistakes and much more besides to ensure you are producing consistent, quality written text that will impact your audience in the way you want it to.

It gives you a helping hand to start your writing

The comprehensive Linguix templates library provides you with a large number of high-quality templates that you can rely upon to get your writing started. Find the structure and style of content you need for all manner of business and academic style texts, including academic papers, company press releases, sales emails and much more besides. Save time, and improve quality with this valuable tool.

Linguix allows you and even your team to write faster and more efficiently

As well as making your written text better, Linguix can help you produce your content at a greater speed thanks to the expert-developed snippets tool.

Simply assign a shortcode to a piece of text that you wish to reuse and then add it whenever you want at the simple click of a button. Furthermore, your team can use those same shortcodes too, meaning precious time is saved and consistency is maintained in the message you are sending.

Linguix helps you to learn as you write

It’s all well and good having a tool that can improve your writing. But what if it helps you learn during the process too, ensuring that you become a better communicator?

The comprehensive Linguix dictionary offers up definitions of thousands upon thousands of words and can be used with a simple click of a button whenever and wherever you are reding on the web.

And what is more, the Linguix synonyms tool provides a comprehensive list of similar options that can be used to make your writing more appropriate and powerful, and of course, works to expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Linguix can help you become aware of your writing’s readability, and even assist in hiring and quality processes

Linguix offers a fully comprehensive and responsive list of statistics that can be used to truly understand the quality of the written work you are producing.

Get a readability score based on the highly respected and widely used Flesch-Kincaid readability score. See how you improve and even use these insights to maintain quality across a team or even an entire organization. You can even assess candidates for your company by getting a true understanding of their writing quality.

You then get other stats such as reading time, average sentence length, and more to help you produce the writing you need when you need it.
Linguix can help you do all this and more. See what it can do for you and check out the specially designed Linguix for Business tool which helps businesses hit the heights with their written content.

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