Enhancing Customer Communication Efficiency with Linguix Grammar Software: A Case Study of Schmicko Automotive Company

Schmicko is an automotive company and has leveraged the power of Linguix grammar software to improve our customer communication processes. This case study examines how Linguix has helped their overseas virtual assistants create well-constructed responses via email and live chat, resulting in enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Schmicko employs virtual assistants who work remotely to handle customer inquiries and provide support. Effective and timely communication is crucial for maintaining strong customer relationships. However, the virtual nature of the team posed challenges in maintaining consistent grammar and language quality across all communication channels, which could happen occasionally. We believe that first impressions always count, and so we decided to opt for Linguix as the extra helping hand we need in writing assistance.


We faced the following challenges before implementing Linguix:

  • Ensuring consistent grammar and language quality in customer responses.
  • Reducing response time by improving the efficiency of creating well-structured replies.
  • Empowering remote virtual assistants with a tool that enhances their writing skills.

Implementation of Linguix

To address these challenges, Schmicko integrated Linguix grammar software into its virtual assistant workflow. Linguix, an AI-powered grammar checker, provided real-time recommendations for improving sentence structures, suggesting alternative word choices, and highlighting grammatical errors. Not only was this performed in a timely manner, but it was also very effective.

“At Schmicko, we believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service. With the help of Linguix, our writing assistant, we have empowered our customer service team to deliver impeccable support with efficiency and ease. Linguix has become an invaluable tool, ensuring our written communication is error-free, consistent, and professional. By harnessing the power of Linguix, we have elevated our customer service experience, leaving no room for misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Together with Linguix, we are able to exceed our customers’ expectations and build lasting relationships based on clear and concise communication.”

David Bui – General Manager Schmicko

5. Benefits and Impact

After the implementation, a range of important business metrics has improved:

Enhanced Response Quality

Linguix has significantly improved the quality of customer responses by assisting virtual assistants in constructing well-written and error-free replies. The software’s grammar suggestions and real-time feedback ensure that the virtual assistants produce clear and professional communication. Over the past month, we will share some of the details below.

Reduced Response Time

By offering recommendations for sentence structures, Linguix enables the virtual assistants to create better responses with less effort. This improvement in writing efficiency translates to reduced response time, allowing Schmicko to provide faster and more efficient customer support. 

Empowering Remote Virtual Assistants

Linguix’s user-friendly interface and real-time suggestions have empowered Schmicko’s remote virtual assistants to enhance their writing skills. The software acts as a virtual writing mentor, helping them develop better grammar and language proficiency over time.

Results and Feedback

Schmicko has observed the following positive outcomes after implementing Linguix:

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to improved response quality.
  • A significant reduction in response time, leading to enhanced customer experience.
  • Virtual assistants reporting increased confidence in their writing skills.

The Results

Using our live chat widget, we have managed to reduce our average response time from 133 seconds down to 77 seconds, a reduction of 42% just from the previous month after using Linguix more frequently. While we were able to reduce our average response time, we still increased our average chat duration by 23%, most likely due to our conversations and responses becoming more meaningful and interactive with the customer. We still achieved the same number of positive ratings left by customers after each conversation, but at least we did not go backwards.


The integration of Linguix grammar software has proven to be a game-changer for Schmicko, allowing its virtual assistants to create well-constructed responses quickly and efficiently. By ensuring consistent grammar and language quality, Linguix has enhanced customer satisfaction and improved overall communication effectiveness. Schmicko’s experience demonstrates the value of implementing linguistic tools in streamlining customer communication processes.

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