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Google Docs Support Has Arrived!

Linguix writing assistant is here to improve your writing everywhere. And Google Docs is a very popular content creation and collaborative writing tool. To make Linguix an even more valuable tool, we’ve worked hard to make our AI-based corrections available for Google Docs users as well. Now, we are releasing this functionality to the public during an official beta test.

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Why this matters

Google Docs is a leading solution for those creating written content. It has a built-in grammar checking functionality, but it can’t meet the high standards of an AI-based writing correction service. So, people were frequently asking us to allow using Linguix browser extensions within Google Docs.

However, Google Docs is not like regular WYSIWYG-based content creation systems. It has a more complex structure, which makes it harder for grammar-checking software to work properly with this application. 

Our engineering team worked hard to make Linguix for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge work in Google Docs. Now, this feature is available for all our users during the beta test. Just install our extension, create a new document on Google Docs or open an existing one, start writing, and our algorithm will help you to make the text better on the go.

Linguix Premium subscribers can now use 700+ of advanced AI-based corrections, and take their writing to a whole new level!

Install Linguix extensions (Chrome | Firefox | Edge), go Premium, and enjoy mistake-free writing. Even in Google Docs!

Let us know what you think!

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