Prepositions after "spectacular"

spectacular in, with, of, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases spectacular in is used

He was spectacular in our game.

He was spectacular in every way.

These look spectacular in motion.

The massive explosion is spectacular in IMAX in a way it isn't on a regular screen.

Sarracenias, otherwise commonly known as Pitcher Plants, are spectacular in flower.

Lawrence, the Atlantic Ocean and lush landscapes, particularly spectacular in fall.

Lawrence River in the distance, I figured the immaculate scenery would be especially spectacular in the winter.

A Romney comeback from this position would not be anything like the most spectacular in a US Presidential Race.

The tryless encounter leads IRB officials to look up ways of evolving the game to be more spectacular in attack.

The nautical parade, marking 60 years of her reign, promises to be the most spectacular in London for 350 years.

In 11% of cases spectacular with is used

This race was nothing short of spectacular with its.

The arena was really spectacular with 10 rings in action.

The building itself is spectacular with rock and glass walls.

The entrance hall is spectacular with its stately pillars, rotunda and grand dome.

The entrance hall is spectacular with it's stately pillars, rotunda and grand dome.

That said, the lemon foam was scintillatingly spectacular with its zingy lightness.

The birding is spectacular with a recorded 530 different species of birds almost half of Tanzania's bird species.

Weather was spectacular with bright clear sunshine most of the week, just a few sprinkles on Sunday's second race.

Dining by day or night is spectacular with the 40-ft natural waterfalls providing an ambiance never to be forgotten.

As we headed south the road leading out of the town was not as spectacular with more mundane workshops lining the street.

In 9% of cases spectacular of is used

The most spectacular of these have been in minerals.

The Leshan statue is the most spectacular of them all.

The most spectacular of all though was against Nondies.

The more spectacular of the 112 mammals include spider monkey, jaguar and ocelot.

TAITTINGER Taittinger is a house boasting one of the most spectacular of all cellars.

The next race on the Formula One calendar is one of the most spectacular of the season.

In the wake of the Beijing spectacular of 2008 a consensus had emerged that the architectural bubble had burst.

The most spectacular of misfires was the order of the day for the English pairing of Luke Donald and Lee Westwood.

Podolski -- a perfectly good CF that is mobile and can score everything from your basic to most spectacular of goals.

Relative to the size of its economy, the collapse of Iceland's financial sector was the most spectacular of the entire GFC.

In 8% of cases spectacular for is used

Well, spectacular for Red Dwarf.

There's nothing spectacular for them to see.

The view of Nilachal is so spectacular for snapping.

At just 19 years of age, things seem to be gong spectacular for the young footballer.

I'ts going to take something pretty spectacular for Bioware to raise my interest again.

However, what made him so spectacular for us was the level of dedication to our business.

This relatively new lodge is not only spectacular for its views, but also atmosphere is what you wish it to be.

But if you have a choice, one route stands out as the most spectacular for both scenery &; historical significance.

Koh Muk is not spectacular for snorkellers so I would suggest day trips to nearby Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai (both habitable ).

These are however extremely uncomfortable for sleeping and not spectacular for sitting on either, they tend to dip wildly.

In 7% of cases spectacular at is used

The place looks spectacular at night.

And it's spectacular at being portable.

The scenery is spectacular at every point.

Monday 29 October 2012 was the day of the Mosquito Launch Spectacular at Ardmore.

Recommend I think Erika Napoletano is especially spectacular at pulling this off.

Except Obama's performance has been spectacular at achieving the Progressive's goals.

It will roar into the air during the De Havilland Mosquito Launch Spectacular at the aerodrome on September 29.

Although undoubtedly impressive during the day, the bridge is particularly spectacular at night when it is lit up.

Central will want to go one step further in this season's cricketing spectacular at Ray Boord and Smallbone Park tomorrow.

At 445pm, Dom &; I drove into Oxford Circus to watch Meadham Kirchoff's fashion spectacular at Topshop &; say hi to the PRs.

In 7% of cases spectacular on is used

Its price point is spectacular on my side of the pond.

The scenery must be truly spectacular on a bright day.

Views back to Hong Kong are spectacular on a clear day.

They would look spectacular on her, like an apparition from a Frederick's catalog.

She is such a fashionista, and she knows that those colors are spectacular on a dapple grey.

Supa Productions promises to deliver the biggest musical theatre spectacular on stage in Canberra for many years.

His tux at the Busan International Film Festival was spectacular on him, wish he could have worn that same cut here.

Sanders and Wallace could get bigger stats as well this week as Kansas City has been less than spectacular on defense.

The Glossover B I think these look spectacular on; the way the shimmer sparkles and catches the light is really lovely.

In 5% of cases spectacular about is used

Nothing spectacular about this dish.

There was nothing spectacular about it.

Again, nothing particularly spectacular about this dish.

Hardware/ Design There's nothing spectacular about the front of the Nokia 808.

What I find most spectacular about Karambezi Caf is its location and environment.

There was nothing particularly spectacular about the way the victory was achieved.

There's nothing spectacular about Tunisia yet they usually make the World Cup where they don't make any sort of impact.

There isn't anything spectacular about the Galaxy S III, however, that can count as a big improvement over its previous effort.

In a spectacular about turn just before Christmas last year, it said that the law (the Wire Act) only applied to sports betting.

While there isn't anything spectacular about this essay, I find it intriguing because it's the first one where I notice my ' voice '.

In 5% of cases spectacular from is used

The view was spectacular from here.

Because in the last decade we haven't seen anything spectacular from Redmond.

BUT, at least my donation will be a part of something spectacular from long distance.

If a building looks spectacular from the outside, then chances are it will be inside too.

And theoretically speaking, the view of the wreckage will be spectacular from the ground up.

I took a ride on a huge Ferris wheel and views of the city are quite spectacular from the top.

The man who primarily fed Hamilton all night was Robinson, who was spectacular from the get-go.

Did his defensive duties well and almost scored a spectacular from 40 yards to open his account.

The view may be spectacular from the Eremo but there are lots of beautiful views of Como from Varenna.

At least here, the tents aren't 110 degrees F, but the sound quality wasn't spectacular from the outskirts.

In 3% of cases spectacular as is used

ELSWHERE, is spectacular as the business man being held for ransom.

Jackson seems sound but not spectacular as the third overall choice.

South Park Sky It's a picture that looks very spectacular as a large print.

Denis Compton was my first sporting hero - spectacular as well as a great entertainer.

If you are lucky enough to catch sunrise it is spectacular as the east rising sun crests over the water.

We also knew that -- no one was familiar with How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular as a live event.

At night the views are even more spectacular as the cross is lit up which leaves glistening impressions along the sea.

From Paris we flew to Verona, and drove North, the air more fresh and the scenery more spectacular as the elevation rose.

Roach shows that spectacular as the Asian performance has been thus far, it will have to be even more spectacular going forward.

In 2% of cases spectacular to is used

It might not be as spectacular to some but it's a more realistic result.

So BATE has to show something spectacular to its encouraged fans this Tuesday.

We arrived on the right day &; the views are spectacular to Skye and the Outer Hebrides.

This map is going to be spectacular to people when they start exploring and playing around with it.

As to my spectacular claims, they just don't seem that spectacular to me or the guys I work with, especially the sheer numbers of folks we have seen.

It is quite normal and nothing spectacular to many that live in Ghana to visit the seaside (beach) and enjoy some of the fresh sea food that we fall on whiles at the coast or beach.

The scene was gorgeously spectacular to the visitors? eye, and brilliant sunshine showed up to wonderful effect the variety of colour to be seen in native costume worn by both sexes.

In 2% of cases spectacular by is used

His record in the 400 metres is nothing short of spectacular by any standards.

The river scenery is made all the more spectacular by the groves of Brasses palms.

But Tunisia's record of achievements, over a mere 13 years, has been spectacular by any measure.

It's also made even more spectacular by having little known artist Rihanna help out with the track.

Better Place The Bugatti-blue hulled blue water high performance sloop from Wally is spectacular by all means.

A friend loved her lamb stew, and our bangers had good flavor, but the dishes weren't spectacular by any means.

You should have done everyone a huge favor, by making your actions more spectacular by setting yourself on fire.

Even if it isn't the tallest folly in the country, its 218ft and 13 storeys make it spectacular by any standards.

First, one of the greatest pieces of coastal road I have ever driven, made even more spectacular by the surf trying to claim the blacktop and everything on it.

The golden-red light turned the limestone cliffs into a blaze of colour that was made even more spectacular by the contrast with the white mist and areas of deep shadow.

In 1% of cases spectacular without is used

The service from check in to exit was spectacular without a hint of pompousness.

Everyone agrees that the wedding would not have been so elegant and spectacular without the beautiful horse and carriage.

But as someone said earlier with a 2560x1440 monitor you don't really need AA as games still look spectacular without it.

I've always preferred the American talent shows to the British ones, as they can do spectacular without irony, and the talent level is miles ahead.

Super 8 is everything you could possibly want from a summer blockbuster: it's accessible without being limp; it's tender without being trite; spectacular without being show-offy.

In 1% of cases spectacular like is used

Carlo was never a motivator or tactician so please stop expecting him to do something spectacular like Jose or Guus.

Some VFTW picks are incredibly spectacular like Cece and some are incredibly dull, like the only WGWG on this show, Tate Stevens.

Godfred sekyere I cant say enough i think other people said it all i never thought my own people can do something spectacular like this.

Our sporting facilities, though not spectacular like Beijing's Bird Nest or grand like London's Olympics stadium, did not disappoint the athletes.

If games are becoming too expensive to make - make them cheaper! Not every movie is a blockbuster, not every tv show is an effects laden spectacular like game of thrones.

I just had crabs last Saurday too! But not spectacular like yours lah, I just boiled them and extracted the meat for another dish and ate whatever crab meat that was leftover.

In 1% of cases spectacular during is used

I'd sure this place would be spectacular during the rains.

Wood spectacular during the 90s but was on the slippery slope this decade.

This picture-perfect location is spectacular during the day and at sunset.

Tarangire safari - this park is particularly spectacular during the dry season, when the animals are forced to share the remaining water supplies.

Don't get me wrong, the Great One was spectacular during his three seasons with the Rangers, but when you think of Wayne Gretzky, you think Wayne Gretzky, the Edmonton Oiler, not the New York Ranger.

In 1% of cases spectacular between is used

The park is most spectacular between June and December.

Tarangire Park is most spectacular between June and December.

The KKH Beyond Karimabad The KKH is at its most spectacular between Ganesh and Gulmit.

It is famous for its dense wildlife population which is most spectacular between June and September.

It is famous for its dense wildlife population which is the most spectacular between the dry period.

It is famous for its dense wildlife population, which is most spectacular between June and October, the dry period.

Tarangire National Park is famous for its dense wildlife population, which is most spectacular between June and September, the dry period.

In 1% of cases spectacular because is used

Chixin them spectacular because of the weird.

He blocked shots on a regular basis and his individual defense was spectacular because of his size and athleticism.

The car's red appearance, made all the more spectacular because of its highly polished surface, is ruined in an instant as.

Sarah Storey taking four cycling golds, a feat all the more spectacular because of her astonishing medal history as a swimmer.

Demand increased in the sector vinyl decor Every day the use of vinyl increased demand recovers in the decoration sector, where many people are inclined to this spectacular because of.

In 1% of cases spectacular after is used

More spectacular after alot of rain.

Rainbow Falls is well worth a visit and spectacular after rain.

Bowen and Stirling Falls hurtle down from towering cliffs and are truly spectacular after rain.

Koh Samui Waterfalls Koh Samui has many waterfalls, some of which are spectacular after a few days of rain.

Like any waterfall, it is all the more spectacular after rainfall, or during the spring when the snow is melting.

Stop for a moment after the bridge to look at the Sneem River falling over the rocks below, spectacular after heavy rain.

Key man The effervescent Walid Solima n, who remains a doubt for the first leg, has the responsibility to conjure the spectacular after Aboutrika's ban.

We hope that this exhibition will stimulate our children and get their creative juices flowing so they can create something spectacular after visiting the exhibition.

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