Prepositions after "physical"

physical in, with, as, to or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases physical in is used

A true physical in the background.

It's comedic and physical in nature.

He is extremely physical in terms of defence.

Yet other brief psychoses may be more physical in nature but still open to recovery.

Garrard couldn't pass a physical in November and before that he was mediocre at best.

There's a lot of information we need before getting physical in a romantic relationship.

In fact, however, there are independent good reasons to suppose that mental events are physical in the given sense.

Busquets (which i do not love) is more offer-receive-pass than Makelele, at the same time less physical in the game.

In all, UK had 44 bench points to High Point's six, as both teams were very physical in diving for many loose balls.

Employers need to retain the long-form physical in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

In 17% of cases physical with is used

Be physical with your emotions.

They're real physical with you.

They were very physical with Sammy.

We may be witnessing the scientific confluence of the physical with the spiritual.

My primary disability is purely physical with ample medical evidence to proove it.

You are never all physical with no non-physical, or all non-physical with no physical.

Winfield was the only corner willing to get physical with Johnson, who got him on a curl for 11 and nothing more.

The Moncton club tried to get physical with the Storm during Saturday's game, but Summerside would have none of it.

But did you fight with an actress over a guy? What? I have never! How can? I have never gone physical with anybody.

I was told by friends who were at the Argos game yesterday security was getting physical with a bunch of Argos fans.

In 17% of cases physical as is used

It was physical as well as mental.

It was physical as well as mental torture.

Very physical as well as a sense of detachment.

Protection means protection against physical as well as moral and intellectual harm.

Train yourself up Training yourself involves both physical as well as mental training.

In his last years, physical as well as mental powers deserted him and he became blind.

Aside from eating healthy foods, people can also engage in physical as well as mental activities on a daily basis.

Certainly, he said, both in men and women those years are the prime of physical as well as of intellectual vigour.

This would allow him to walk his remaining days in the physical as a son of God as was Jesus (in His example to us).

The Lord was always an advocate of physical as well as spiritual strength of a healthy body as well as a sound mind.

In 11% of cases physical to is used

Conversely, it is more physical to men.

Add physical to the the list of its attributes.

Hot More items will move from physical to virtual.

Discoveries unfolded in a line from the more inert and physical to the more subjective.

From the physical to the psychological profile, we are easily identified as Ogoja people.

The transition from physical to structural violence is often imperceptible but predictable.

There is a certain public perception that there's been a dramatic shift in purchase behaviour from physical to virtual.

The consequences operate at many levels, ranging from the physical to the psychic, from the affective to the emotional.

However, I am not so sure Mamuke's transition from the physical to the metaphysical world has been adequately addressed.

In 5% of cases physical at is used

You can do your physical at Concentra.

All thoughts become physical at some point.

He had an appointment to get a physical at 3:30.

Or you may typically purchase something physical at a store and install using a disk.

An Amur leopard cub gets its first physical at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville.

That's because everyone seems to agree that Boyle has the physical attributes needed to be a NHL center.

But our plan was just be physical at the line of scrimmage and be physical down the field when the ball is in the air.

He is fluid in his movements, is physical at the line and really tracks the ball well, even better than most receivers -- weird.

You're Making a Scene Physical At the wedding of Mark and Amanda the families can barely keep their dislike of each other in check.

Say on the song ' The Seer ', which is 30 minutes long, it's very physical at times, but at others it's like shooting up to the sky.

In 5% of cases physical for is used

But I see others physical form.

Intercourse is not purely physical for women.

During my another physical for the Reserves in 2007.

Smith says he makes a point to do something physical for at least an hour every day.

Upon returning from the Middle East, he had to have a physical for an upcoming school.

My first job was hard, hot and sweaty - 10-hour days and very physical for not much pay.

I need to get myself straight on what ' failure ' is, I'd concerned it's more psychological than physical for me.

Also, they'd been together but not physical for a while, which probably means he's been sex-starved for weeks if not longer.

Plato believed that we needed to look beyond the physical for a metaphysical explanation of the universe in the guise of the World of Forms.

In 3% of cases physical rather is used

Mine are all physical rather than vocal.

The other cause is physical rather than mental.

In other words, a physical rather than a virtual format ought to be sought.

Most of the factors he talked about related to physical rather than technical.

Medical devices exert their therapeutic effect by physical rather than pharmacological means.

Horror, as I said in my first column, should evoke a physical rather than a simply cerebral reaction.

They have argued that even if there is no backward causation, this is a physical rather than a logical matter.

Morriston has given no good reason for construing such claims as merely physical rather than as metaphysical claims.

Being based on the physical rather than the spiritual, it serves only for discussion of physical, worldly matters and situations.

The terms Purity and Impurity are inadequate translations from the Hebrew and give a physical rather than spiritual sound to the process.

In 3% of cases physical on is used

Things got physical on the couch pretty quickly.

The Cardinal are big and physical on both sides of the ball.

She said Prof Daniel Mugendi, the deputy VC went physical on her.

This group will be asked to play more physical on opposing receivers.

Cooley passed a physical on Monday and officially signed with the Redskins.

And then also he's very physical on stage, you see him jumping around, I so knew he could kinda do it.

The Asian Western Canadian hockey player is presumably both extraordinarily hard-working and physical on the ice.

If we went to a physical only market then we would only sell to a PMDS client if we could get/had physical silver.

This was also the first day of full pads in training camp and the play was physical on both sides of the football.

Get physical on the 16th and 17th when it comes to completing your goals but complacent when faced with confrontation.

In 3% of cases physical of is used

Stage 3 was the most physical of the day.

Of course also physical of white cells to.

Jigga was the more physical of the two of us.

Ndame Ndame was the most physical of the players and was described as a very strong player.

When you download software from the internet you get nothing physical of what was on the server.

There's also the physical of beating defenders to the ball, as well as the pure nature of jumping.

Ultimate reality is easier instant beck the physical of Buying Brand Levitra online are overwrought building a haunted house.

The truth is of course that there are psychiatric components to the most physical of illnesses, and many mental illnesses also cause physical problems.

Psychotria, with 1834 methods, is the largest immigration within the manufacturing, and the third-largest physical of ground, behind the stick passion and the phone interference.

In 2% of cases physical by is used

A pre-existing space made physical by your interactions.

I was given a rush job physical by a new Doctor I selected.

If an animal, object, or person exists, it's physical by definition.

But onlooker properties should not be treated as being physical by definition.

This was found during a routine preseason physical by Suns team cardiologist Dr.

Heavy shorting by bullion banks and overt/covert sales of physical by central banks.

But the child was never touch, kick, spank, hit physical by me neither my boyfriend.

The DrugBeat of SA Program focuses on the physical by using biochemical recovery based on research overseas.

Although it stands to reason that the figures will reveal a substantially majority of women who have been subjected to abuse, emotional or physical by their husbands.

The big console developers have all taken a stab at making gaming physical by releasing motion-sensing peripherals, but for serious gamers, they're gimmicky, much like the PS3's Sixaxis control.

In 2% of cases physical like is used

Now, that doesn't have to mean anything physical like a gift, it could mean information or interesting content.

The money isn't based on anything physical like Gold or Pink Floyd tickets; they magic it up on their computers.

Maybe it was just that the darkness felt so physical like it was touching you like you were falling through felt.

By evening you can't be bothered with anything physical like standing, your mental capacity has decreased, you feel your training in your legs/body.

I'd hoping it has to do with something physical like a lack of masturbation, which in many muslim communities is looked down upon, or even pure taboo.

Also remember, that it's much easier to raise money for something physical like a building than it is for raising money that goes in to general revenue or even the endowment.

Even if the cause of the outburst is not physical like hunger or fatigue, remember there is a reason and any caring parent would like to track it down and do the needful to put the child at ease.

In 1% of cases physical about is used

There was too much of the physical about it.

And because there was nothing physical about this contact, his death doesn't count.

Just as something physical about you is defined, so is being introverted or extroverted.

I wasn't afraid of him, more than I was afraid of what such a reaction represented--he can lose control and be physical about it.

There's something deeply physical about Crowe's performances--his emotions seem to fill his entire body, even as his expressions are incredibly subtle.

In 1% of cases physical vs is used

Here's a little excerpt from Physical vs.

The More Time You Spend With Somebody In the post, Physical vs.

I hope this gives one example of how complex the physical vs paper dynamics can be.

Hardware There are not many good ways to split up what is a motley crew of technological odds and sods, so we've gone for the physical vs the virtual.

In 1% of cases physical through is used

Sissons ' line is easily the most physical through 1 period.

Sayyidina Ibrahim's vision and Sayyidina Musa's hearing went beyond the physical through the power of the soul, but their bodies did not move beyond the physical world.

If you let your parents know when things are happening in your relationships, it will prepare them for the natural progression of activities as you get more physical through your teen years.

In 1% of cases physical into is used

Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine.

And it felt a privilege to have conductor and orchestra putting their energy, intellectual, emotional and physical into my piece.

This wise technique, a scientific method of converting the gross into the subtle; physical into the spiritual; psychic into the spiritual was evolved by the great sages.

In a hundred hours she had come to possess all the world's dark magic; the blinding belladonna, the caffein converting physical into nervous energy, the mandragora that imposes harmony.

In 1% of cases physical against is used

If you have to be physical against them, then you have to be physical.

Cruelty -- mental or physical against humans or animals -- is highly karmic and is never justified.

He was good in coverage, breaking up passes, physical against the run and came up with a fantastic interception downfield.

He did come up at times and become physical against the run, but broke containment on an option play which was a huge mistake as it allowed Cam Newton to run for 40 yards.

In 1% of cases physical from is used

I think this game will be very physical from the outset.

The game started becoming pretty physical from the word go.

Before choosing a weight loss food program, get a physical from your primary care physician.

So separating the physical from the mental is hard and I have been back in that confused place recently.

And he required I have a complete physical from top to bottom including lab work, which I couldn't afford.

Most importantly, it trains me mentally to have positive self-thoughts to overcome myself physical from fatigue.

There is also a portion (5%- still my estimation) of abuse that goes to the men usually in verbal forms, sometimes physical from their wives, and some few girl friends.

It has two aspects, one is Consciousness religion call it Spirit (mind in phusical form) and the other is E-motion meta physicians call it Will (feeling in physical from).

In 1% of cases physical during is used

Getting physical during the day is a good way to prepare the body for a good night's rest.

From hip checks to hip whips, among other legal ways to get physical during a game, skaters have to watch their backs.

The pair became physical during an evening pool party involving the group, but separated from the pack - and Josh's ardent admirer Angie - to share their first steamy kiss.

In 1% of cases physical between is used

Will things get physical between the Survivor Series.

There was never anything physical between us but there were very strong feelings there, and a great friendship.

Let us allow the mothers to relax once more in the knowledge that again we have something physical between the river and their kids.

It wasn't physical between me and Kelly's mom, but there were many days and nights when Kelly would be bawling her eyes out, clutching my leg begging me, ' Please daddy stop shouting at mommy '.

In 1% of cases physical before is used

The surgeon did a complete pelvic exam as part of the physical before surgery.

It is very important to see a doctor for a physical before starting a fitness routine.

TIP! It is very important to see a doctor for a physical before starting a fitness routine.

But before applying anywhere she goes tae the doctors ' fae a wee physical before takin ' oan a new joab.

One eyewitness report given to the Burleson Star indicated the game had become physical before the fight ensued.

Luc Robitaille (Kings left wing, 1986-94; 1997-2001; 2003-06; now a Kings executive ): Wayne actually had a really good physical before camp.

Aside from the obvious spiritual consequences, when a relationship gets physical before its time, important issues like character, life philosophy, and compatibility go to the wayside.

His final two years will be at $19 million apiece, but who knows if he'll get there, right? At least Denver was smart enough to make sure that he has to pass a physical before each season.

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