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Other users have misspelling patient as:

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  1. patiente 2.24%
  2. Other 97.76%

Definitions of patient


  1. a person who requires medical care
  2. the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause


  1. enduring trying circumstances with even temper or characterized by such endurance

Examples of patient

  1. Unless contraindicated, prophylaxis with a gastrointestinal motility stimulant laxative and a stool softener is appropriate in terminally ill patients who are being given opioids.
  2. It may be a little early but I was just wondering if you could characterize the impact of the label amendment in terms of the new patient starts in to the new year?
  3. I have a patient who had major abdominal surgery a few years ago for a fulminant illness.

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