Definition of 'eventually'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. In the end.

2. mathematics, of a sequence For some tail.

3. In an eventual manner; finally; ultimately.

4. In the event; in the final result or issue; in the end.


1. He followed it up to the ceiling, where it parted into two thinner cracks, which eventually merged into nothingness.

2. She was disappointed, then frustrated and eventually bitter.

3. We must have traveled in a big semicircle, eventually turning back toward our starting point.

4. "Physical culture" became gym class, or working out, or just plain exercise, and the term eventually died--until the New York Times resurrected it as a pompous catch-all for doing somewhat inane things like riding expensive bicycles in club races and doing yoga with your dog:

5. When he died, the title eventually fell to Francis Bacon.

6. My name eventually got called for the freestyle bracket, and I won that tournament as well.

7. The term eventually came to mean any disposable cash.

8. The term eventually took broader hold and, since roleplaying games evolved out of wargaming, it came to be used in that hobby as well, although with a bit less affection than either the Napoleonic or wargames version of the term.

9. United never recovered from that blow as the title eventually slipped from their grasp with a subsequent draw at

10. ‘This led to him eventually asking Stephen if he would join him and few other comedians.’

11. ‘It was this which resulted in two years of falling sales and eventually to his departure.’

12. ‘It was a bitter blow they did not need and it eventually led to their ninth home defeat of the campaign.’

13. ‘He stepped on the gas and headed for the road that would eventually lead him home.’

14. ‘They were initially very keen to see it, but eventually it was vetoed from the top.’

15. ‘So is the day eventually going to come, I ask gingerly, when he will be too old to fly to space?’

16. ‘The drug took hold of him and eventually his father had to let him go because he had become a liability.’

17. ‘She was eventually reported missing seven days later by staff at her former school.’

18. ‘Police officers eventually got the animal into a van and returned it to its owner.’

19. ‘He eventually goes on to apologise, but the apology comes too late for some in his home city.’

20. ‘She is learning to be a hairdresser and would like eventually to go to university.’

21. ‘Continue straight ahead at this point and the path eventually joins an access lane.’

22. ‘The police were alerted and the car was eventually stopped and the three men arrested.’

23. ‘In and out of jail, he was eventually referred to a bail hostel in York and has been here ever since.’

24. ‘If you keep knocking them back all day, eventually they have to turn over the ball.’

25. ‘I started taking time off to get on top of it, but eventually I had to leave the company.’

26. ‘The rain has driven most of them indoors but I eventually spot one lurking on the green.’

27. ‘Needless to say, little by little the idea began to grow on us and eventually we decided to buy it.’

28. ‘The voluntary work eventually earned him his chance and he has been taking it ever since.’

29. ‘Dad was horrified when he eventually found out, but this was the world he lived in.’

30. eventually the family left the house

Other users have misspelling eventually as:

1. eventualy 11.63%

2. eventuali 6.25%

3. eventuly 5.52%

4. eventully 4.8%

5. eventuall 4.8%

6. eventally 3.34%

7. eventaully 1.74%

8. evetually 1.74%

9. eventueel 1.74%

10. Other 58.44%

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