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Other users have misspelling eventually as:

pie chart
  1. eventualy 11.63%
  2. eventuali 6.25%
  3. eventuly 5.52%
  4. eventully 4.8%
  5. eventuall 4.8%
  6. eventally 3.34%
  7. eventaully 1.74%
  8. evetually 1.74%
  9. eventueel 1.74%
  10. Other 58.44%

Definitions of eventually


  1. after an unspecified period of time or an especially long delay

Examples of eventually

  1. You can do a lot of that from our facility, but eventually a mobile system to inspect parts on wing is where we are going to be positioned.
  2. The world will eventually reabsorb these problems, long before they come to our shores.
  3. The Subaru then veered across the road and hit a telegraph pole, eventually becoming lodged between the pole and a tree.

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