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1. obsolete A wandering; a vagary.

2. rare An indefinite expanse.

3. An undefined expanse: indefinite space.

4. A vagary; a whim.

5. A wandering; a journey; a voyage.

6. lacking expression; vacant.

7. not clearly expressed; stated in indefinite terms.

8. not clearly defined, grasped, or understood; indistinct; slight.

9. not thinking or expressing one’s thoughts clearly or precisely.

10. not clearly felt or sensed; somewhat subconscious.

11. not having a precise meaning.

12. not sharply outlined; hazy.

13. Not clear in meaning or expression; inexplicit. synonym: ambiguous.

14. Lacking definite shape, form, or character; indistinct.

15. Not thinking or expressing oneself clearly.

16. Indistinctly felt, perceived, understood, or recalled; hazy.

17. Proceeding from no known authority; unauthenticated; uncertain; flying.

18. See Sothiac year, under Sothiac.

19. Archaic Wandering; vagrant; vagabond.

20. Unsettled; unfixed; undetermined; indefinite; ambiguous.

21. not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished

22. not clearly understood or expressed

23. obsolete To wander; to roam; to stray.


1. You have a vague idea where you're heading.

2. Often the next destination is kept secret for security reasons, so tutors will have only a vague idea where they will wake up the next day.

3. I, and most of my friends, had stayed inside that night with a vague feeling that it would be safer to do so.

4. You are focused and efficient and can turn vague ideas into a smart action plan.

5. Those that did gave vague answers which made us suspicious.

6. Why then this feeling of vague disappointment?

7. Physical and mental energy return so you turn vague ideas into bold action.

8. Or are we just experiencing a vague feeling of contentment?

9. My wife had a vague idea that it would be fun to look for properties.

10. He offered only a vague idea of when they will meet.

11. Happy Days is just a vague memory.

12. As she turned into the side street, a vague memory stirred in her.

13. In answer, he may be told something as vague as to consult his dignity.

14. In love you are ready to get and give sincere answers, not vague promises.

15. But there are not a few who feel a vague something repulsive in the hand of a man who is growing a beast.

16. As usual, he looks rumpled, vague.

17. I had some vague memory of being asked to share a few thoughts with the group, but no recollection of being asked to speak or preach.

18. These _vague_ articles, intended for a more vague performance, are the things which have damned our reputation in India.

19. "Curious!" echoed Rebecca, finding the term vague even while suggestive.

20. Weber himself is at least partly to blame for this problem, for he frequently left the term vague, in spite of many attempts to clarify himself.

21. An initial draft of the resolution, prepared by France and Britain, had language, I was told, that called for the exercise of "vigilance" involving arms transfers to Syria - a word vague enough for the Russians to have agreed to it last year in the latest round of U.N. sanctions against Iran.

22. I have used the English word vague as an equivalent of that word in Japanese aimaina.

23. Scottish business school student Steven Renwick used to harbor what he called a "vague aspiration" to get his MBA from an American institution such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

24. Now, Booth hopes to pick another court fight to clarify what he calls a "vague" situation that has left pastors uncertain about what they can and can't say from the pulpit.

25. Yet despite this well-known pattern of exploitation, the company announced in January that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had awarded it a 5-year $385 million contract to build immigrant "detention facilities" (prisons) for immigrants arrested on charges of entering the country illegally and to provide construction and logistics support services in the event of an "immigration emergency," a term vague enough to cause activists to suspect the worst -- that they are openly planning to build detention camps for political dissidents.

26. ‘There is certainly a need for change, but these plans at present are vague, confusing and uncertain.’

27. ‘The news is uncertain, the details clouded and vague, and the truth behind the fact is elusive.’

28. ‘Even so the allegations were so vague they would have been impossible to defend.’

29. ‘Not only do I not remember them I don't even have a vague idea of what the subject matter was.’

30. ‘I sort of had this vague recollection that it was used for munitions, but that was about it.’

31. ‘These people are not interested in submerging their faiths into a vague universal spirituality.’

32. ‘They have only vague, dim ideas about feelings, the development and nurture of human emotions.’

33. ‘I have vague memories of shuffling up the street to the corner shop in them, only to discover that it was closed.’

34. ‘I have a vague memory that it took about eight months for him to leave office after Black Wednesday.’

35. ‘There is always a vague feeling of inertia, a longing to go back to a country they have never seen.’

36. ‘She was maybe 20 and had vague hopes, somewhere down the line, of becoming an actor.’

37. ‘But for now I do feel some vague optimism, and a desire to see if I can make it work properly.’

38. ‘Nearly all the remaining complaints were trivial, baseless or impossibly vague.’

39. ‘I have a very vague recollection of being aware of a coach or something alongside the bus.’

40. ‘I have very vague ideas so basically suggestions are totally appreciated as well as opinions as always.’

41. ‘The question of the intelligentsia, a somewhat vague term to begin with, is not really explored here systematically.’

42. ‘As he stared, the shimmer resolved into a vague outline of a man.’

43. ‘"There are some vague memories but… " his frustrated face relaxed.’

44. ‘Some of the great land-based empires soon became little more than vague memories.’

45. ‘The gales howled, and for a moment, a vague shape began to materialize from the general direction of the gate.’

46. ‘The party has been vague and woolly with regard to the treaty settlement process up until now.’

47. ‘Someone might reply that my explanation is vague and approximate.’

48. ‘The problem is that talk of the interests of justice is very vague and very general.’

49. ‘I didn't mean to be purposefully vague about the details of what happened to me.’

50. ‘They remain rather vague about how they will achieve these aspirations.’

51. ‘She was a bit vague on the legal specifics.’

52. ‘"You could say that… " she answered, purposefully sounding vague.’

53. ‘Finn was still a bit vague on the subject.’

54. ‘She is characteristically vague on a number of crucial narrative occasions.’

55. ‘So I said yes, I would go to his evening class on Wednesday, about which he was so vague and mysterious.’

56. ‘An FBI statement was vague about specific details, but made it clear that threats had been made.’

57. ‘I find her a bit vague and she reminds me strongly of the goth girls who used to run stalls in Kensington Market a few years back.’

58. ‘You seem a little vague though, would you go so far as to describe it as a ‘cracking read’?’

59. ‘Exponents of travel are often vague as to how the benefits are supposed to work.’

60. ‘He has been criticised for being wilfully vague about those policy plans during the campaign.’

61. ‘Sorry to be a bit vague but I don't want to mention the domain in question.’

62. ‘He remained vague over the issue of privatisation which occupied the national press last week.’

63. ‘The Home Office, not the most tentative of Whitehall departments, kept things vague.’

64. ‘The Spectator editor, as is his custom, seemed a little vague as he accosted the former party leader.’

65. ‘When it came to direct actions, the group discussions became purposely vague.’

66. their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear

Other users have misspelling vague as:

1. vago 17.8%

2. vage 3.96%

3. vargu 2.64%

4. Other 75.6%

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