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1. An equilateral triangle

2. A side exactly equal to others.

3. A geometric figure having all sides equal.

4. A side exactly corresponding, or equal, to others; also, a figure of equal sides.

5. a figure whose sides are all equal

6. A figure having all its sides equal.

7. geometry Referring to a polygon all of whose sides are of equal length. Not necessarily a regular polygon since the angles can still differ (a regular polygon would also be equiangular).

8. Having all sides or faces equal.

9. (Geom.) one whose axes are equal.

10. (Zoöl.) one in which a transverse line drawn through the apex of the umbo bisects the valve, or divides it into two equal and symmetrical parts.

11. Having all the sides equal

12. applied to two figures, when every side of the one has its equal among the sides of the other.

13. having all sides or faces equal

14. In geometry, having all the sides equal: as, an equilateral triangle.

15. Having all the convolutions of the shell in one plane: said chiefly of foraminifers.

16. Having all the sides equal.

17. In zoology: Having the two sides equal: said of surfaces which can be divided into two parts of the same form by a longitudinal median line.


1. Ensure that the octagon is equilateral, meaning all sides on the ground have the same length.

2. a tiny mining company working claims in the remote "equilateral" cluster of asteroids far out in Jupiter's orbit.

3. For example, three Woolworths sites around Birmingham form an exact equilateral triangle (Wolverhampton, Lichfield and Birmingham stores) and if the base of the triangle is extended, it forms a 173.8 mile line linking the Conway and Luton stores.

4. From the moment that grand trine appeared in the sky—an equilateral triangle like the great pyramids—it was our turn to clean house.

5. Richardson, Taylor and Tomlinson are scattered, forming a sort of equilateral triangle.

6. How can anyone say that a scalene and an equilateral are really the same "kind"!

7. For example, if you enter 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, the server will tell you that is sequence A000217, the triangular numbers (these are the number of objects that can form an equilateral triangle like the standard arrangement of bowling pins.)

8. It happened that the Lancashire Queen, the shore at Turner's Shipyard, and the Solano Wharf were the corners of a big equilateral triangle.

9. Obtained by the rotation of 60 ° of two equilateral triangles superimposed and spaced in height, the form appears simple but at the same time full of spatial complexity.

10. ‘An equilateral triangle of side length one is called a unit triangle.’

11. ‘This is constructed by dividing a line into three equal parts and replacing the middle segment by the other two sides of an equilateral triangle constructed on the middle segment.’

12. ‘Then divide it into three equal pieces, and replace the middle piece with the other two sides of the equilateral triangle that has this middle piece as its base.’

13. ‘One way to draw a Reuleaux triangle is to start with an equilateral triangle, which has three sides of equal length.’

14. ‘But the image of the centroid of the equilateral triangle (which is, of course, the point of intersection of its medians) will be different, as indicated in Figure 6.’

15. ‘The vibration exciter and geophone were placed near the burrow with burrow opening, exciter and geophone occupying the three corners of an equilateral triangle having sides one meter in length.’

16. ‘If each edge has the same length and each face is an equilateral triangle, the result is a regular tetrahedron - one of the Platonic solids.’

17. ‘Now, both the original Asymmetric Propeller and Napoleon's theorem start with three equilateral triangles and discover the fourth one by construction.’

18. ‘As long as the three triangles are equilateral, the ‘midpoint ‘triangle is also equilateral.’’

19. ‘Any given triangle, either imagined or on paper, must either be acute, right, or obtuse, and either scalene, isosceles, or equilateral, and so any given triangle cannot represent all triangles.’

20. ‘The most interesting results show, with a very ingenious proof, that an equilateral triangle has a greater area than any isosceles or scalene triangle with the same perimeter.’

21. ‘The Von Koch snowflake is a fractal which is constructed from an equilateral triangle as follows.’

22. ‘For a given individual, the values of the three coefficients in the ancestry vector q are given by the distances to each of the three sides of the equilateral triangle.’

23. ‘The sides of this equilateral triangle will be five million kilometres long.’

24. ‘As an equilateral triangle rolls over one catenary, it ends up bumping into the next catenary’

25. ‘The theorem thus implies existence of the total of 18 equilateral triangles.’

26. ‘In 1772, J.L. Lagrange identified a periodic orbit in which three masses are at the corners of an equilateral triangle.’

27. ‘An equilateral triangle produces one of the observed crop-circle patterns; three isosceles triangles generate the other crop-circle geometries.’

28. ‘Naturally, the axes form equilateral triangles - 27 of them.’

29. ‘For example, it's possible to slice a square into four angular pieces that can be rearranged into an equilateral triangle.’

30. equilateral triangles are triangles of equal edge lengths

Other users have misspelling equilateral as:

1. equalatteral 33.33%

2. equilatral 33.33%

3. Other 33.34%

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