[ US /ˈθɹu/ ]
[ UK /θɹˈuː/ ]
  1. throughout the entire extent
    I'm frozen through
    boards rotten through and through
    knew him through and through
    got soaked through in the rain
    a letter shot through with the writer's personality
  2. in diameter
    this cylinder measures 15 inches through
  3. to completion
    think this through very carefully!
  4. from beginning to end
    read this book through
  5. over the whole distance
    this bus goes through to New York
  1. having finished or arrived at completion
    after the treatment, the patient is through except for follow-up
    it's a done deed
    almost through with his studies
    certain to make history before he's done
  2. (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes
    a through street
    through traffic
    a through bus
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How To Use through In A Sentence

  • On the ranges of Fort Devens, the troops were put through their paces on US weapons, from the stock-in-trade M16 assault rifle to the frighteningly-effective M249 SAW light machine gun.
  • Companies need to be able to handle surges, otherwise the cost of generating leads is wasted and prospective customers who cannot get through may get such a bad impression of the company that they do not bother calling back.
  • When the moment finally comes, one look through his cataract lenses is all it takes. Christianity Today
  • Academic excellence was matched with extra-curricular activities of every description - from drama through sport to foreign travel.
  • He hoped the roots would harbor the fungi and spread them throughout the compost, but the fungi didn't spread well enough.
  • Druses were common throughout the mesophyll tissues, and peltate, glandular trichomes were present on both epidermises.
  • There were gobs of fat and sinewy bits throughout the whole rib cut - it was soooo wrong.
  • His casual reaction, "you're overreacting," "these things happen, right?" suggests they've gone through this before, with presumably the more recent procedure she discussed with her gyno. Samantha Zalaznick: Mad Men Recap: Help!
  • Another friend notes a shift in the type of gifts given at wedding showers, a reversion to 1950s-style offerings: soup ladles and frilly aprons are being unwrapped along with see-through nighties and push-up bras.
  • Race your mate and shake your coconut down through the palm tree!
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