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1. superlative form of busy: most busy.


1. Unfortunately it's also the busiest of the beaches around the Chicago area, especially on the weekends.

2. Café Cana was a small diner on Avenida Presidente Vargas, the busiest street in the city.

3. Normally that would have been the busiest time of the evening, so of course I realized there was trouble.

4. And many tried to get a jump on the Wednesday rush that tends to build throughout the course of what is often called the busiest travel day of the year.

5. The push comes after a massive 38-car chain reaction crash last month on part of the highway they call the busiest and most dangerous in the Northeast Wisconsin region.

6. The unofficial start of the holiday shopping season is often referred to as the busiest shopping day of the year, but where did this tradition start and just how big is it?

7. Work is also proceeding slowly at the Harold Interlocking in Queens, which the MTA calls the busiest railroad interchange in the country.

8. The simple fact that there were so many students from across country there to see this presentation and others, during a time of the school year when everything gets to be the busiest should be a good indicator of that fact.

9. And a former punk, who has played with the same band for the last twenty years and is known as the busiest man in the valley.

10. LEMON: The office was described as the busiest walk-in recruitment office in the nation.

11. Ah, the holiday season--aka the busiest travel season of the year.

12. I think also important, the people that are the busiest are the ones you want to get involved in doing more things because they are the ones with the most creativity.

13. And I think also important; the people that are the busiest are the ones that you want to get involved in doing more things, because they are the ones with the most creativity.

14. busy with her work

Other users have misspelling busiest as:

1. buzziest 4.08%

2. Other 95.92%

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