Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling intriguing as:

pie chart
  1. entregan 10.27%
  2. intreging 10.27%
  3. entreguen 9.59%
  4. intriging 5.48%
  5. intreguing 3.42%
  6. intreeging 2.74%
  7. Other 58.23%

Definitions of intriguing


  1. disturbingly provocative
  2. capable of arousing interest or curiosity

Examples of intriguing

  1. Most intriguingly, among the described symptoms of fugu poisoning is progressive limb paralysis while maintaining consciousness.
  2. But it is nonetheless another intriguing work from one of the true auteurs currently working in cinema.
  3. Also among the rich assortment of intriguing pieces that fill each page are panels dating from c.1600, decorated with saints standing beneath baldacchinos.

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