Definition of 'intriguing'


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1. Causing a desire to know more; mysterious.

2. capable of arousing interest or curiosity

3. disturbingly provocative

4. Present participle of intrigue.

5. Forming secret plots or schemes; addicted to intrigue; given to secret machinations: as, an intriguing disposition.

6. Synonyms Artful, Sly, etc. (see cunning); insidious, designing, deceitful, plotting, scheming.


1. He also noticed that Grey was examining share prices, which was intriguing.

2. Newman thought it was one of the most intriguing cities he had ever visited, an archipelago like the giant ones Laila had described.

3. And with Joanna, his woman love, so complex and sensuous, and so eternally intriguing.

4. The Russians might have found the moniker intriguing, but to Sayyed it was an insult, one of many he was sure he would be forced to endure on this cold winter evening.

5. Also rather intriguing is the view of how the girls should not be smarter to or superior to the boys in any way.

6. These are American foods that are presented in intriguing ways.

7. One of the most intriguing is the sci-fi drama Fast Forward from Dark Knight's David Goyer and 24's Brannon Braga, about a worldwide blackout that gives everyone a glimpse into the near-future.

8. More intriguing is the mood of the American public this year.

9. Tebow's leadership intangibles and running ability remain intriguing to some NFL teams, but he may have hurt himself more than he helped himself with his performance.

10. What I found especially intriguing is how Kearney mentioned that the world is actually more Science Fiction in nature then Fantasy.

11. What I find intriguing is the recent tendency of racist bigots to cry “racism” whenever anybody tries to point out racism or do anything about it.

12. Your piece on Kana while intriguing is also incredibly alien.

13. The part that makes it intriguing is the idea that some buy it.

14. ‘Physicists model the topology of the universe in intriguing ways.’

15. ‘Elsewhere, there are intriguing exhibitions in every direction.’

16. ‘Yet there's an intriguing abundance of professional self-reflection on display here.’

17. ‘Two intriguing variations on the play were unveiled in 1973.’

18. ‘Our studies provide a firm foundation to investigate this intriguing notion.’

19. ‘However, this intriguing indirect effect certainly merits further investigation.’

20. ‘There are other intriguing facts about life in the Cliff Villages.’

21. ‘One of the most intriguing sections of the commentaries is how totally out of touch the creators feel with their audience.’

22. ‘But larger audiences turned out to be amazed at the excitement, vigor, and intriguing rhythms they had been missing.’

23. ‘If you're in the market for a role-playing game full of mind-bending teasers and intriguing twists, look elsewhere.’

24. ‘The marketplace is set out like a small Victorian street housing lots of tiny and intriguing little shops.’

25. ‘The writing style is also very logical, sometimes humorous, and occasionally intriguing.’

26. ‘The authentic restoration and sensitive adaptation of the building to the state-of-the-art requirements of its new owner posed intriguing challenges.’

27. ‘There is one particularly intriguing part of this statement.’

28. ‘While often surreal and almost intriguing, the film lacks direction.’

29. ‘It will be intriguing to see in which direction this important talent heads next.’

30. ‘Sadly, this intriguing series was never made.’

31. ‘The third meaning of intelligence has been the least explored, though it may be the most intriguing.’

32. ‘And, indeed, these predictions seem to be largely upheld, although there are intriguing exceptions.’

33. ‘The second option moves the other way and is more politically intriguing.’

34. our team came up with some most intriguing finds

Other users have misspelling intriguing as:

1. entregan 10.27%

2. intreging 10.27%

3. entreguen 9.59%

4. intriging 5.48%

5. intreguing 3.42%

6. intreeging 2.74%

7. Other 58.23%

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