Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling everyday as:

pie chart
  1. everidai 52.85%
  2. everday 13.93%
  3. everythi 3.87%
  4. every-day 3.5%
  5. everyda 2.15%
  6. everydays 1.47%
  7. everyd 1.41%
  8. eveyday 0.98%
  9. Other 19.84%

Definitions of everyday


  1. appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions
  2. found in the ordinary course of events
  3. commonplace and ordinary

Examples of everyday

  1. In wartime, heroes come into being in times of crisis; in peacetime, they come into existence by doing trifles in everyday life.
  2. If there was one thing everyday Americans didn't want to hear, it was self-involved celebrities trashing the president.
  3. Last night as I slept I dreamed everyday dreams - I can't even remember now what they were.

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