Definition of 'coordinator'


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1. grammar a lexical class of words that joins words, phrases, and clauses at the same syntactic level.

2. One who coordinates.

3. someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously


1. Then, timing her move to coordinate with that of the lighting man, she moved round to the open passenger window.

2. Susan found Mimi reclining upon the chaise longue, which had been reupholstered to coordinate with her wedding picture.

3. Not only did we not coordinate, we didn't even know about their plan.

4. To begin with, the label coordinator, Jessika, met them in the lobby of the hotel wearing skin-tight leather from head to toe.

5. He thrived in coordinator Dom Capers 'newly installed 3-4 defense by filling a variety of roles.

6. Although Haslett, a onetime Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator, is well versed in the principles of the Steelers 'effective 3-4, on which the Redskins' new scheme is based in large part, he's not tied to doing things that way.

7. The Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator is in the mix to land a head-coaching gig, keeping with a tradition that saw predecessors Marvin Lewis and Mike Nolan catapult from that office to get teams of their own.

8. In the last part of the article, it says that changing "project manager" to "project coordinator" is acceptable, as does this LH article.

9. Our Center coordinator is your personal liaison with the team and will help you by:

10. We're still looking for a place; actually, my housing coordinator is at a place as I type.

11. The new coordinator is counting on Lewis and Pro Bowl free safety Ed Reed to continue the tradition of stout defenses that Ryan developed and to pass on their principles to young players such as linebacker Tavares Gooden (Scott's likely successor) and newcomers such as cornerback Domonique Foxworth and rookie pass rusher Paul Kruger, who can learn a thing or two by watching Suggs operate off the edge.

12. And lest we forget, junior MLB Carmen Messina — the nation's leading tackler last season — also should be improved with a year under his belt in coordinator Doug Mallory's scheme.

13. LeBeau, the Pittsburgh Steelers 'defensive coordinator, is better known for his coaching impact and winner of two Super Bowl rings, he was one the

14. the coordinator saw to it that the project was finalized

Other users have misspelling coordinator as:

1. coordinador 4.48%

2. coordenador 3.51%

3. cordinator 3.51%

4. coodinator 2.54%

5. koordinator 2.3%

6. coordinative 2.18%

7. Other 81.48%

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