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Other users have misspelling coordinator as:

pie chart
  1. coordinador 4.48%
  2. coordenador 3.51%
  3. cordinator 3.51%
  4. coodinator 2.54%
  5. koordinator 2.3%
  6. coordinative 2.18%
  7. Other 81.48%

Definitions of coordinator


  1. someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously

Examples of coordinator

  1. Nilufer Bharucha, faculty in the department of English and project coordinator, explained that the term diaspora means to be scattered or dispersed across national boundaries, and has been self-consciously used today by postcolonial theorists to describe those who got displaced from their home owing to colonial politics and post-colonial economic realities.
  2. ( "NNE"), a portfolio company of Metalmark Capital focused on natural gas opportunities in the Marcellus Shale ( "Marcellus"), announced today that B.J. Carney, formerly Geoscience Coordinator, Marcellus Shale at Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK), has been named Vice President of Geoscience for NNE.
  3. She was there to be the volunteer coordinator of the women's centre, and unlike other government and contract workers, planned to be in the community for a long time.

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