Definition of 'favorite'


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1. Preferred one, one with special favor

2. Expected or most probable to win.

3. One that is trusted, indulged, or preferred above all others, especially by a superior.

4. One that enjoys special favor or regard.

5. A contestant or competitor regarded as most likely to win.

6. (Sporting) The competitor (as a horse in a race) that is judged most likely to win; the competitor standing highest in the betting.

7. obsolete Short curls dangling over the temples; -- fashionable in the reign of Charles II.

8. A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor; one treated with partiality; one preferred above others; especially, one unduly loved, trusted, and enriched with favors by a person of high rank or authority.

9. A person who has gained the special favor of or a dominant influence over a superior by unworthymeans or for selfish purposes.

10. A small curl hanging loose upon the temple: a frequent feature of a woman's head-dress in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

11. A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor, liking, or preference; one who or that which is especially liked or favored.

12. Preferred.

13. Liked or preferred above all others; regarded with special favor.

14. Regarded with particular affection, esteem, or preference

15. Alternative form of favor.

16. Internet To add to one's list of favorites on a website that allows users to compile such lists.

17. Regarded with particular liking, favor, esteem, or preference: as, a favorite walk; a favorite author; a favorite child.


1. I was still in gardening disguise, driving to the home of my favorite motorcyclist, Tim Price.

2. ‘Do you play many games, and if so, do you have any favorite titles or preferred genres?’

3. ‘The same is true of my favourite pubs and restaurants: they tend to be places known only to locals.’

4. ‘It's one of my favourite restaurants, partly for the food but mainly for the atmosphere.’

5. ‘His favourite restaurant is minutes away, as is the park where he walks most days.’

6. ‘There are favourite haunts where the exercise enthusiasts gather to have a sip of hot tea.’

7. ‘Mourners are asked to wear something pink or a pink flower, as pink was Amanda's favourite colour.’

8. ‘On the scale of favourite things to do as a means of wasting time, online personality tests come out very near the top.’

9. ‘We'd already compiled our top five favourite things about Britain, and now we were on to New York.’

10. ‘But for me a lot of the fun of London is less about favourite places and more about favourite walks.’

11. ‘He had one favourite movie and he watched it more than a dozen times, sometimes on consecutive nights.’

12. ‘Like it or not, poker is America's new favorite pastime.’

13. ‘Take a wild guess as to what my least favorite movie of the 90's is.’

14. ‘I played dumb, as if it wasn't my most favorite song in the entire world.’

15. ‘When I think of my life, art stands out as one of my most favorite hobbies.’

16. ‘Have a least one favorite restaurant/bar/cafe where everybody knows your name.’

17. ‘I mean - our names are the title characters of one of my very favorite shows.’

18. ‘He was not about to forgo his search for knowledge or his favorite haunts.’

19. ‘I knew when I rented this place, this would be my favorite haunt.’

20. ‘Dinner will be guacamole and chips, also one of my very favorite things.’

21. ‘He did not ask for much this year, save for one favorite thing.’

22. ‘Food vendors sell local favorites such as teriyaki chicken or beef stew with rice and macaroni salad.’

23. ‘When you have mulled over these questions and picked your favourites, you give money when and how you see fit.’

24. ‘I'll try to pick my three absolute favorites tomorrow and link to all the other ones that were good.’

25. ‘Pick your favorites and leave a comment directing us there, or link via trackback to your own post.’

26. ‘Pick your favorite out of the two, then ask for a sample to take home and try out.’

27. ‘He had asked them to sing their favourite songs, and the students would pick their favourites.’

28. ‘He was very well-liked by all his colleagues and was a favourite with visitors.’

29. ‘Although still a great hero and a favourite of the people, he acquires human faults and failings.’

30. ‘It's hard to pick a favourite but here are two that had me laughing out loud.’

31. ‘Participants were asked to rate each scenario on its merits, not to pick their favourite.’

32. ‘They did have chicken nuggets, served with those old favourites, chips and beans.’

33. ‘I'll use a phrase that has become a personal favorite: pushed beyond reason.’

34. ‘The page since became an all-time favorite with visitors to my site.’

35. ‘Perennial favorites include losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking and even cutting back on guilty pleasures like chocolate.’

36. ‘What types of games do you prefer, and are there any you consider your all-time favorites?’

37. ‘The enduring rose will always be with us and will continue to be the perennial favorite.’

38. ‘With a sizable stable of family and fans in the audience, she had to be considered the hometown favorite.’

39. ‘Fans of this closet cult favorite will of course want to buy the disc.’

40. ‘After all, it's a catalog title, and a cult favorite at best.’

41. ‘Other favorites include cracked corn, nuts (unsalted, please) and suet.’

42. ‘They will be strong favourites having won the last four meetings between the sides.’

43. ‘Britain's three-day eventers are strong favourites for Olympic gold this summer.’

44. ‘We have been used to Britain crews going to the Olympic Games as favourites.’

45. ‘Argentina are heavy favourites, having won all five of their games so far without conceding a goal.’

46. ‘Scotland, Japan and the US are the other teams in Group B which the French are strong favorites to win.’

47. ‘Both are favorites in their leagues, which could lead to a rematch in the Rose Bowl.’

48. ‘The trade did not make Dallas absolute favorites to win it all, but it made them better contenders.’

49. ‘That is not a criticism, because they obviously are the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl.’

50. ‘The Broncos came in as slight favorites over a team with question marks at quarterback.’

51. ‘Indiana are the clear favorites to bring a championship back to the Eastern conference.’

52. ‘France, the United States and Germany are considered favourites for team medals.’

53. ‘They're on the road as a heavy favorite against a team that matches up well with them.’

54. ‘But watching that game it was hard to work out who were the favourites to go up at the end of the season.’

55. ‘Then he said England were favourites to win the competition because we had a world class team.’

56. ‘Raul, as much as anyone, will be devastated if the pre-match favourites do not win through.’

57. ‘No longer will I worry about favorites wrecking their seasons with three bad games.’

58. ‘They will start the game as favourites, but they won't want a repeat of what happened five years ago.’

59. ‘They have to be the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl now.’

60. ‘He was sent off as the favorite at odds of 2.45-to - 1.’

61. ‘They picked up four points to make them favourites to reach the semi-final along with York next month.’

62. ‘In terms of managing the list, keeping the list in any sort of order involves considerable effort in moving favourites into individual folders.’

63. ‘There are only a few { Web sites } I put in my favourites.’

64. ‘The Web Wheel gives you access to your browser, favorites or different Google search features.’

65. ‘Firstly, there is more space taken up by the favourites on screen, enabling a longer list of favourites without scrolling.’

66. ‘Instead of entering the search engine's URL or clicking on a favorite or bookmark, you just enter the query in the search box.’

67. ‘Depending on your Windows configuration, you may have more than 1 folder that contains favorites.’

68. ‘Also, frustratingly for those who use multiple machines, the list of favourites is tied to a particular machine.’

69. ‘It is also easy to forget to put something into the favourites.’

70. ‘For each item in the favourites list, a thumbnail of that Web page is inserted, along with the Web page name.’

71. ‘The favourites list also only keeps the name of the site in the list, making it difficult to differentiate between different sites quickly.’

72. ‘Both products save recently selected destinations and allow you to select destinations as favorites.’

73. ‘Repeat as necessary to add all the symbols you wish to your favorites list.’

74. ‘Frequently used items can be nicknamed and grouped, and marked as favorites.’

75. ‘The update for the media browser add-on for Web browsers added the ability to tag Web-based content as favorites.’

76. ‘The search function allows all the things you'd usually experience from heading over to Google without having to type in the address or click on a favourite.’

77. ‘Firstly, users have problems managing their favourites, and in particular accessing their favourites through a hierarchical menu.’

78. ‘The standard desktop options like favorites, commenting, playlists, related videos, rating and searching are also there.’

79. ‘Some users abandoned using favourites altogether and instead resorted to using the history mechanism of their browser.’

80. ‘However, in terms of publicity, the video has already been viewed 673,641 times and been "favourited" by viewers 368 times.’

81. ‘YouTube, members decide which photographs and videos should rise to prominence by " favouriting ", linking and commenting.’

82. ‘Even better, you can see who else favourited the same pictures, and then look at thumbnails of all their favourites.’

83. ‘Adding a custom station for the first time took forever, and so did refreshing stations that I listened to often, favoriting and banning many songs.’

84. a favorite tourist attraction

Other users have misspelling favorite as:

1. favorit 15.25%

2. faverit 9.8%

3. favrit 4.88%

4. favoret 3.71%

5. favorito 3.51%

6. faveret 2.5%

7. favorate 2.34%

8. Other 58.01%

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