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Other users have misspelling favorite as:

pie chart
  1. favorit 15.25%
  2. faverit 9.8%
  3. favrit 4.88%
  4. favoret 3.71%
  5. favorito 3.51%
  6. faveret 2.5%
  7. favorate 2.34%
  8. Other 58.01%

Definitions of favorite


  1. a special loved one
  2. something regarded with special favor or liking
  3. a competitor thought likely to win


  1. appealing to the general public
  2. preferred above all others and treated with partiality

Examples of favorite

  1. Wine lovers in the U.S. are increasingly describing their favorite vintage as molto buono, instead of très bon.
  2. A favorite uncle provided pointers on pugilistic defenses against bullies - namely her father, who was the first regular bully in her life.
  3. Hand, Schryhart, Arneel, and Merrill, weighted with this inpouring flood of stock, which they had to take at two-twenty, hurried to their favorite banks, hypothecating vast quantities at one-fifty and over, and using the money so obtained to take care of the additional shares which they were compelled to buy.

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