Definition of 'doubt'


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1. Uncertainty, disbelief.

2. Uncertainty of condition.

3. [Obs.] beyond doubt.

4. A fluctuation of mind arising from defect of knowledge or evidence; uncertainty of judgment or mind; unsettled state of opinion concerning the reality of an event, or the truth of an assertion, etc.; hesitation.

5. Difficulty expressed or urged for solution; point unsettled; objection.

6. undoubtedly; without doubt.

7. obsolete Suspicion; fear; apprehension; dread.

8. A difficulty suggested or proposed for solution; an objection.

9. Synonyms Indecision, irresolution, suspense, hesitation, hesitancy, misgiving, distrust, mistrust.

10. A matter of uncertainty; an undecided case or proposition; a ground of hesitation.

11. A redoubt.

12. Uncertainty with regard to the truth of a given proposition or assertion; suspense of judgment arising from defect of evidence or of inclination; an unsettled state of opinion; indecision of belief.

13. Difficulty; danger.

14. Hesitating apprehension; fear; dread.

15. archaic To fear; to suspect.

16. To lack confidence in; to disbelieve, question, or suspect.

17. lack confidence in or have doubts about

18. consider unlikely or have doubts about

19. To be uncertain as to a truth or fact; be undetermined or undecided; waver or fluctuate in opinion; hesitate.

20. To be in fear; be afraid.

21. Tofear;beafraidof.

22. To fear; be afraid of.

23. To be expectant or apprehensive of; believe hesitatingly or indefinitely.

24. To be uncertain as to the truth or fact of; hold in question; question; hesitate to believe: as, to doubt the truth of a story.

25. To cause to fear; put in fear; appal; daunt.

26. Tobeinfear;beafraid.

27. To distrust; be uncertain with regard to; be distrustful of: as, to doubt one's ability to execute a task.

28. obsolete To suspect; to fear; to be apprehensive.

29. To waver in opinion or judgment; to be in uncertainty as to belief respecting anything; to hesitate in belief; to be undecided as to the truth of the negative or the affirmative proposition; to b e undetermined.

30. obsolete To fill with fear; to affright.

31. obsolete To suspect; to fear; to be apprehensive of.

32. To question or hold questionable; to withhold assent to; to hesitate to believe, or to be inclined not to believe; to withhold confidence from; to distrust.


1. There was little doubt about whose side the public were on.

2. You and your partner discuss doubts but then feel a real connection.

3. Honey has absolutely no doubt about her potential.

4. No one doubts that the work needs to be done.

5. But the threshold to prove these cases beyond any reasonable doubt is very high.

6. The same is no doubt true across many fields.

7. There is little doubt that the party will unite behind the winner.

8. The doubts are not good.

9. The court said that the offence would not constitute a criminal record, but the verdict raised doubts about her ability to remain in her post.

10. Belief, like doubt, can be contagious.

11. We have no doubt about our case.

12. That he will raise himself again is beyond doubt.

13. She seems in little doubt that the answer would be no.

14. So what does he do when he begins to doubt his own ability?

15. There is no doubting his conviction or underlying humanity.

16. Long-term partners let the doubts go and feel lucky to have each other.

17. To fail to complete the quick cryptic removes all possible doubt.

18. Yet no one doubts that we need new treatments.

19. There are good reasons for doubting how effective these actions will be.

20. Without a doubt something strange has gone on.

21. Their existence threw doubt on the entire concept.

22. There is no doubt about who is buying.

23. It is beyond doubt that there is a problem with red tape.

24. No doubt that was true for many decades.

25. There were certainly doubts about the case against him at the time.

26. For about the necessity for a religion there was little or no doubt.

27. How will she feel about him doubting their relationship?

28. There was no possible shadow of doubt about this.

29. His subsequent report threw doubt on the conviction of all ten and led to the cases being reviewed.

30. Are we courageous enough to allow the young people in our lives and church to wrestle with doubt and difficulty?

31. But then the doubts come again.

32. They can leave the person feeling anxious, disgusted and full of doubt.

33. You're encouraged to overcome either doubts or beliefs that certain pursuits are boring.

34. If there are few doubts over his ability, there have been many concerning his character.

35. But it is no longer the salient quality of the story, which is full of doubt and grief.

36. Carolos Duran has already seen my sketch for one, and he says there is not a doubt -- _not a doubt_ -- that it will be considered.

37. doubt strikes at the root of Justice and of Love -- not the doubt that is the half-brother to Disbelief, but the doubt which wonders always and always if we believe most easily what we _want to believe_, and if our firmest conviction against such Belief is not, more than anything else, yet one more manifestation of what we desire so earnestly _to doubt_.

38. _point device_ companions, such rackers of orthography, as to speak doubt _fine_ when _he should say doubt_, etc.

39. There's no doubt, sir; there's _no doubt_ that it was the spirit of Mr. Frederick Massingbird. "

40. "No doubt -- Ay, do you hear that _no doubt_, Colambre?

41. III. i.151 (367,7) That love the fundamental part of state/More than you doubt the change of't] To _doubt_ is to _fear_.

42. The reason I go to riesling when I'm in doubt is the racy acidity that good ones feature -- and this one has it in spades.

43. It further emphasizes the papal benediction of the same, which, while not in doubt, is relevant again for the reason of these factors.

44. ‘Each relationship, until now, had doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, as their qualities.’

45. ‘He said he would question the validity of parts of that opinion and would bring fresh evidence which cast doubt on the conviction.’

46. ‘I expressed enthusiasm, and he, as usual, expressed some doubt and uncertainty.’

47. ‘Jonathan's face was a changing canvas of doubt, fear, uncertainty.’

48. ‘I fell victim to a sudden flash of doubt at my conviction that the Force didn't really exist.’

49. ‘Youthful, idealistic romance has grown into love, hopefulness into doubt, and anger into distance.’

50. ‘It brought me into the realm of doubt and uncertainty.’

51. ‘There is too much reasonable doubt for a conviction.’

52. ‘The viewers are not fools, they pick up on doubt and uncertainty on screen and hit the remote accordingly.’

53. ‘Coupling feelings of doubt with low self-esteem leads to very dire consequences.’

54. ‘I can see the allure of clothing oneself in the armor of faith, to defend against the assault of doubt and uncertainty.’

55. ‘I neither agreed with nor approved her methods or her language, but there was never any doubt about her passion and the depth of her conviction.’

56. ‘The approach appears to be one of instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt in those who apply for rebates to which they are entitled.’

57. ‘Even the most assertive and level-headed woman may feel doubt or a certain lack of self-confidence.’

58. ‘We will even defend those who may not be innocent, but who have raised reasonable prospects of doubt about their conviction.’

59. ‘We call it a dialogue and not a debate because both economists acknowledge areas of doubt and uncertainty.’

60. ‘When he looked up at her, his eyes seemed filled with doubt and uncertainty.’

61. ‘However, where there are grounds for doubt or uncertainty on factual accuracy, this needs to be indicated.’

62. ‘So we're back to the usual campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt.’

63. ‘Discipline here reduces uncertainty, procrastination and doubt among suppliers.’

64. ‘I have never doubted her ability to make a positive contribution to this community.’

65. ‘She said she doubted its ability to run the service, and asked the Executive to start negotiations with other operators.’

66. ‘It was hoped that the weight of celestial opinion would undermine his authority and cause him to doubt his own decision-making ability.’

67. ‘I am not sure what good these conversations did Kay, but they helped me to understand that doubting one's ability was not an adequate excuse for inaction.’

68. ‘So destructive was Vabaza that detractors doubted Shabani's boxing ability and called on Vabaza to prove himself against a more formidable fighter.’

69. ‘However, you can't doubt his ability to adjust, given his record.’

70. ‘His ability as a ball carrier cannot be doubted by anybody who pays this game more than a passing glance.’

71. ‘Katy would never doubt her friend's incredible abilities again.’

72. ‘Is there anyone out there who still doubts this?’

73. ‘And he now doubts anything will happen until after the next presidential election.’

74. ‘Though he had fine words to say about democracy, in truth he doubted the ability of the people to act wisely.’

75. ‘I constantly question his love, which has led to him doubting our relationship.’

76. ‘I seriously doubted my ability to drive so Mike and Christine came to my rescue again.’

77. ‘The awful truth is that I doubt the relaxation of the licensing laws will make much difference; in fact, if they slow down these binges, the new hours might even help.’

78. ‘It is your right to doubt the validity and truth of this site.’

79. ‘In fact, he doubted her creditability, until she pulled out a map she had bought from one of the merchants in Sernual.’

80. ‘That extraction mission was made difficult by the circumstances and the fact that she doubted the validity of the operation.’

81. ‘They feel free to question the possibility of knowledge because they also doubt its value.’

82. ‘No one today doubts the theory of gravity, but in fact our scientific understanding of gravity is quite lacking.’

83. ‘She, 44, said she never doubted her son's innocence, despite the fact police have identified him as their only suspect.’

84. ‘I do not doubt their sincerity or their integrity; what I question is the rationality of their theories and methods.’

85. ‘No-one is foolish enough to doubt his talent, yet it remains an indisputable fact that he has never won the games that really matter.’

86. ‘I do not doubt your claim at all, but your question made me try to think of similar cases.’

87. ‘If anyone doubts this projected finishing date, then they should look up the Minister's statement made on August 29, 2000.’

88. ‘Anyone who doubts this should try driving at 60 mph on any of our main roads out of Sligo and keep a count of the number of cars that will overtake you.’

89. ‘Anyone who doubts this should look at the viewing figures for sport on television.’

90. ‘If anyone doubted his songwriting credentials, this sharply conceived social drama confirms his status as one of Britain's best.’

91. ‘If anyone doubted the BBC's bias before they'll surely be having second thoughts today.’

92. ‘I doubted Conner had anyone out there other than his family.’

93. ‘Anyone who doubted this had only to look at the actual behaviour of human beings in all the societies in the world.’

94. ‘If anyone doubted his right to be a Ryder Cup player, let alone a hero, that result speaks for itself.’

95. ‘He doubts many more B.C. ferries will be built in B.C. shipyards.’

96. ‘Anybody who doubts this need only travel along the South Coast in the old Transkei and Ciskei, where traditional leaders still rule.’

97. ‘So, when he says that he is resigning for personal reasons, I see no reason to doubt him.’

98. ‘With a £750m share buyback and 7% dividend hike to underpin his faith in the strategy, they will have few reasons for doubting him.’

99. ‘I have no reason to doubt him in the general sense.’

100. ‘Allen is a solid reporter so, at this time, I have no reason to doubt him.’

101. ‘He maintains that he is not a cheat, and there is no reason to doubt him.’

102. ‘The only reason to doubt him now is because yesterday's opponents provided an inadequate test.’

103. ‘I had no reason to doubt him and had to work on the assumption he was armed.’

104. ‘He tells me, and I have no reason to doubt him, that at the end of the week all the money is gone.’

105. ‘You are better informed than me on this case and I have no reason to doubt you.’

106. ‘For the record, he is an excellent teacher and we have never had any reason to doubt him.’

107. ‘For some reason, I doubted Daniel would come home for Christmas.’

108. ‘He doesn't trust me, though I never gave him reason to doubt me.’

109. ‘He explained what he had seen and the other men, having already witnessed other events for themselves, had no reason to doubt him.’

110. ‘Not there is any reason to doubt her; she takes care of the place with an impressive thoroughness.’

111. ‘He hasn't given me any real reason to doubt him, and yet none of this feels familiar.’

112. ‘Though she had no reason to doubt him, Helen decided more verification was necessary.’

113. ‘A lot of people doubted him and said that he wasn't county material.’

114. ‘Nobody ever believes this story, so maybe if I put it in print, people will no longer doubt me.’

115. ‘He is aware that many people doubt him, and he wants to know what his critics are saying in the UK.’

116. ‘I had a tendency to reinforce my beliefs far too much when I thought people doubted me.’

117. ‘I became angry with myself for my blind belief in the Bus, and my reluctance to doubt before that minute.’

118. ‘But I have seen friends who once believed without doubting, and without testing those beliefs, slowly become more rational.’

119. ‘In order to doubt or wonder about the provenance of his beliefs an agent must know what belief is.’

120. ‘The courage to believe is easy, with lots of respectable company, but I admire more the courage to doubt.’

121. ‘doubt not, my lord, they shall be well opposed.’

122. I doubt that she will accept his proposal of marriage

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4. doubth 1.14%

5. Other 59.63%

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