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Other users have misspelling doubt as:

pie chart
  1. dobst 35.62%
  2. dobt 1.9%
  3. dobut 1.71%
  4. doubth 1.14%
  5. Other 59.63%

Definitions of doubt


  1. uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something
  2. the state of being unsure of something


  1. consider unlikely or have doubts about
  2. lack confidence in or have doubts about

Examples of doubt

  1. The difficulties of the next year or two will, no doubt, reawaken the pro-euro lobby.
  2. I don't doubt a lot of signaling is going on but suspect even more mis-signaling.
  3. No doubt a couple of sleazoids will appear, maybe even a saboteur.

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