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1. An efficient cause; a prime mover.

2. One who is efficient or qualified; specifically, in the volunteer service of Great Britain, one who has attended the requisite number of drills, and in respect of whom the corps receives the capitation grant paid by government.

3. In mathematics, a quantity multiplied by another quantity to produce the quantity of which it is said to be an efficient; a factor.

4. An efficient cause (see above).

5. Making good, thorough, or careful use of resources; not consuming extra. Especially, making good use of time or energy.

6. Using a particular proportion of available energy.

7. Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.

8. Causing less waste or requiring less effort than comparable devices or methods. Used in combination.

9. Acting directly to produce an effect.

10. Causing effects; producing results; that makes the effect to be what it is; actively operative; not inactive, slack, or incapable; characterized by energetic and useful activity.

11. being effective without wasting time or effort or expense

12. able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively

13. Synonyms Efficacious, Effectual, etc. (see effective); energetic, operative, active, ready, helpful.

14. Producing outward effects; of a nature to produce a result; active; causative.

15. Acting or able to act with due effect; adequate in performance; bringing to bear the requisite knowledge, skill, and industry; capable; competent: as, an efficient workman, director, or commander.


1. They are four times as efficient since they lose no energy to the internal combustion process.

2. It could be an exceptionally efficient and economical way to make buildings more comfortable and energy efficient.

3. Wearing it makes me feel efficient.

4. How do we make it efficient?

5. By shielding domestic industries, it diverts scarce resources to less efficient uses.

6. The method is more efficient, making Prosecco cheaper to make than champagne.

7. By looking at innovative new ways of working we can make government more efficient and effective, as well as improving the delivery of public services.

8. This is the bit of public life that is extraordinarily efficient and extraordinarily effective.

9. Staying slim does get harder as we age because the fats that boost metabolism are less efficient.

10. This allows one to make the most efficient and favourable changes to the diet.

11. They like to work out efficient routines and stick to them.

12. The effect is particularly noticeable when the engine is cold and at its least efficient.

13. They are a highly efficient mathematical tool that stores and processes index numbers in the computer.

14. The most efficient time of life is the week before vacation.

15. This was done in an efficient and competent manner.

16. You can cut bills by being more energy efficient.

17. They are more efficient and effective as a result.

18. No matter if that is less efficient and less convenient for patients.

19. They have a busy promotional schedule and want to make the most efficient use of their time.

20. They also have a highly efficient digestive system that allows them to keep lean and mean.

21. Ion engines are ten times more efficient than conventional rocket engines.

22. Why not exempt homebuyers from stamp duty if they promise to make their home more energy efficient?

23. It upsets your metabolism and makes your body less efficient.

24. The hope is that all this technology will make it as efficient as possible.

25. It would amount to a highly efficient and sensible use of the tax system.

26. The most efficient form of energy production within the body is the metabolism of food.

27. It was not pretty at times but very efficient as they made it just one goal conceded in four games.

28. One of the least efficient ways of dealing with the deficit would be to write a large cheque to fill a hole.

29. Britain has the least energy efficient housing stock in Europe.

30. Ministers insist that the savings do not have to be cuts, and cite more efficient ways of working.

31. If he left the "road" and became a _very_ efficient common laborer, some _ordinarily efficient_ common laborer would have to take to the "road."

32. Now, when the advocates of free-agency insist that motive is not the efficient cause of volition, and that mind is the efficient cause thereof, we suppose them to employ the expression, _efficient cause_, in one and the same sense in both branches of the proposition.

33. [37] I use the term efficient in a technical sense, as meaning all-sufficient to produce the given effect, without the intervention of any other cause.

34. That isn't to deny that a war with tens of thousands of people doesn't have a significant administrative overhead; rather, that focusing on this overhead (which laughs at the term efficient) ends up seriously degrading our ability to actually achieve victory.

35. Sure, the critique depends on misinterpreting what the word "efficient" means, as in the "efficient markets hypothesis."

36. If you believe in efficient markets you should also believe in the toothfairy.

37. If you believe in efficient markets, then you should be very skeptical of the rest of this post.

38. How efficient is it in transporting gun, hunter, and game out of the woods that may be hilly, have rough terrain, etc

39. All we need to do to make the health care system cheaper and more efficient is to remove the dilution of responsibility and cost, thus rewarding people who eat right, stay healthy, and live risk-averse lives.

40. Investing in efficient and clean energy creates jobs in manufacturing, sales, installation, and servicing of wind turbines, solar panels, and super efficient buildings.

41. ‘If we use only five to eight firms, we will be able to offer a streamlined and more efficient service.’

42. ‘In some ways it is a sleek and efficient machine; in others, it is full of flaws.’

43. ‘It certainly seemed a very efficient system and one which everyone participates in.’

44. ‘The system is efficient and well integrated with overground train, bus and tram routes.’

45. ‘I find that the present system works well and offers an efficient service at a relatively low cost.’

46. ‘The party ran an efficient system that was designed to control the people.’

47. ‘Contracts would be awarded to those who offer efficient services at the best price.’

48. ‘The new duty of the police authority is to achieve efficient and effective policing of its area.’

49. ‘It is highly probable that changing working patterns would produce a more efficient fire service.’

50. ‘He said the new system allowed a more efficient ordering service at the front desk.’

51. ‘We are now able to provide the public with an information system that is more efficient and easier to navigate.’

52. ‘They are now forced to be more efficient and produce better products for consumers.’

53. ‘This way we got to experience the amazingly cheap and efficient Italian railway system.’

54. ‘One of those institutions is a legal system that is effective, efficient and independent.’

55. ‘The more information the system has, the more efficient and effective it will be.’

56. ‘The rapid transit system is clean and efficient and the four legs of the line cover most of the city.’

57. ‘Corruption makes markets less efficient, more costly, and less innovative.’

58. ‘"It's very efficient in terms of the time it takes to perform, " said Dr. Stevens.’

59. ‘With age, your kidneys become less efficient in removing waste from your bloodstream.’

60. ‘Their gearing becomes more efficient, materials get lighter and stronger and ergonomics improve.’

61. ‘I work with a team of women who are really well organised, effective and efficient teachers.’

62. ‘Learn to become more organized with day-to-day activities and a more efficient worker.’

63. ‘Chris was known widely as an astute and efficient farmer and a devoted family man.’

64. ‘His efficient girlfriend is annoyed when he insists on accompanying her on a research trip to Mexico.’

65. ‘She is efficient enough, but never really inspirational.’

66. ‘He has also been remembered as an efficient man who was devoted to his farm and his family.’

67. ‘They were efficient, and that was the real reason why the others disliked them.’

68. ‘As a briskly efficient technician attached the rope I had a most odd sense of dislocation.’

69. ‘This means the cluster can be slowed as a result of the least efficient worker.’

70. ‘I can guarantee that there will be no problems, the crew is very competent and efficient.’

71. ‘He proved to be an efficient administrator and a person who was able to bring out the best in this staff.’

72. ‘I am most impressed with the efficient and professional manner in which my crew responded.’

73. ‘I also know that these sort of things would be a lot easier if people would just be efficient.’

74. an efficient production manager

Other users have misspelling efficient as:

1. efficent 8.86%

2. effecient 5.86%

3. eficiente 5.86%

4. efficien 3.57%

5. effiecient 3.43%

6. efficiente 2.43%

7. faisaient 2.14%

8. efficients 1.86%

9. Other 65.99%

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