trawling vs trolling

trawling trolling


  • 1) A commercial fishing technique in which a net is dragged by a moving boat
  • 2) A mode of fishing
  • 3) Present participle of trawl.


  • 1) angling by drawing a baited line through the water
  • 2) In fishing:
  • 3) In Great Britain, a mode of fishing for pike with a rod and line, and with a dead bait, used chiefly when the water is full of weeds, rushes, etc.
  • 4) The method of dragging or trailing a fishing-line and hook behind a boat, at or near the surface of the water; trawling.
  • 5) Present participle of troll.


  • 1) A helicopter clattered just above roof level, trawling the streets with its searchlight.
  • 2) Louise Jury talks with Meadows for the Evening Standard, where Derek Malcolm writes, "It is as if, in trawling through his own past again, he has hit upon some basic truths and pointed them up in a self-penned script with obvious emotional honesty."
  • 3) It's got an ambitious agenda of chronicling what all the hot blogs are talking about, and I certainly fathom the difficulties involved in trawling every blog for content, but half the time the site times out and the other half it misses blogs that are fairly well-known.
  • 4) I suppose the only problem with fuller debate and candidate trawling is that it takes time, is done in the glare of the media spotlight, and tends to bring out the worst in all concerned.
  • 5) There’s little evidence [average consumers] are interested in trawling the blogosphere to find weight loss technqiues or tales of plucky kiddies beating the odds.
  • 6) There’s little evidence they are interested in trawling the blogosphere to find weight loss technqiues or tales of plucky kiddies beating the odds.
  • 7) And, just in case you hadn't guessed, only does Clover now grandly inform us that "this efficient but unselective way of killing animals is called trawling".
  • 8) It uses the information to claim that "this type of fishing practice" – and then lumps beam trawling with otter trawling, which is claims are "particularly prone to picking up unwanted species, because they are inherently indiscriminate".
  • 9) 'A very large amount of the deep sea is under threat from bottom trawling, which is one of the most destructive forms of fishing.
  • 10) It would not be a “vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver” as those are vessels which are restricted due to specialized operations, such as trawling or dredging.
  • 11) Fishing techniques such as trawling, in which nets are dragged along the bottom of the ocean, are highly destructive to all kinds of benthic (bottom-dwelling) life.


  • 1) At first glance he may have seemed the perfect soft target for online trolls.
  • 2) Name me a troll who has gone to prison?
  • 3) And the star called for social networks to crack down on sick trolls.
  • 4) Or was it the stone trolls who live in the quarry?
  • 5) Vicious trolls branded her ugly and told her to die.
  • 6) But vile internet trolls flocked to mock the dad of two.
  • 7) Other females targeted by trolls include three MPs and three journalists sent bomb warnings.
  • 8) Better education and awareness of what to do when the trolls target must be a priority for Government.
  • 9) Many have spoken out to say the worst trolling comes not from misogynist men, but from fellow feminists.
  • 10) If Twitter fail to give sound guidance on this then they are accountable for the vile trolling that occurs.
  • 11) In the past year she has also been targeted by web trolls mocking her weight, dress sense and hairstyle.
  • 12) I have generally left troll comments in place, but many have asked me to block them.
  • 13) A TOP football ref has alerted cops after being targeted by internet trolls.
  • 14) That kind of trolling is no better than the childish retort, “I know you are but what am I?”
  • 15) January 7th, 2010 at 7: 13 pm tombaker says: parody trolling is SO last-decade …
  • 16) Again, the purpose of trolling is to provoke an emotional reaction, thereby disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
  • 17) * If on the other hand, if trolling is about inciting reaction, party members here certainly qualify as trolls.
  • 18) I am not sure how you think posting crap and trolling is debunking anything.
  • 19) Zooey says: tombaker says: parody trolling is SO last-decade …
  • 20) Wow, I guess trolling is the ultimate sign of political conviction, then!
  • 21) The entire point of trolling is to say whatever the local community will find most offensive, so they can get us all riled up.
  • 22) But research trolling is selective and malicious, and its aim is to have a chilling effect.
  • 23) Your trolling is very incoherent, very positive, but incoherent.

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