biotic vs abiotic

biotic abiotic


  • 1) Of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms.
  • 2) Of or having to do with life or living organisms.
  • 3) Produced or caused by living organisms.
  • 4) (Biol.) Relating to life.
  • 5) produced by or caused by living things.
  • 6) of or relating to living organisms
  • 7) Pertaining to or treating of a biota, or the combined fauna and flora of a region or period: as, a biotic publication; a biotic region.
  • 8) Sameasbiotical.
  • 9) Same as biotical.


  • 1) Nonliving.
  • 2) Noting those sciences which deal with inorganic nature, as contrasted with the biological sciences.


  • 1) According to the pro-ID side, ID is not only science, but also the best explanation for certain biotic phenomena.
  • 2) Commonalities help us figure out important differences, and what if it turns out the similarities in biotic forms are to help us learn different architectures of information representation.
  • 3) What would be required is an observable analogy that things like the complexity we see in biotic system can be created through blind, non-intentional processes.
  • 4) It is reasonable to investigate the existince and implications of intelligent causation in biotic history, probably at the origin of life but also manifested in various evolutionary processes and biological facts (see Conway Morris here)
  • 5) Intelligent design theorists claim that design can be detected in biotic reality.
  • 6) In my early years as a pharmacist, I came across an interaction between a patient’s hypertension medicine, and a newly prescribed anti-biotic from a “skin doctor”.
  • 7) This type of pollination is called biotic pollination.
  • 8) "biotic" force is manifested, these colloidal or albuminous compounds are found.
  • 9) In 1999 the System of Inspection and Quarantine for Galapagos (SICGAL) tied in other Ecuadorean institutions to start to control biotic invasions such as canine distemper.
  • 10) ‘The organism or biotic factor is essentially vegetation and is the summation of the plant matter reaching the soil.’
  • 11) ‘Manipulative experiments have provided some key insights into the abiotic and biotic forces influencing community structure.’
  • 12) ‘Living organisms function in the context of the abiotic and biotic worlds.’
  • 13) ‘The approach is from the community level, highlighting physical and biotic interactions at varying spatial scales.’
  • 14) ‘The effectiveness of exclusion through pore size is relatively easy to demonstrate for biotic pollinators by direct observation.’
  • 15) ‘Certain types of ecosystems and biotic communities, such as tropical rain forests and wetlands, might completely disappear.’
  • 16) ‘These improvised sacred symbols place the trees and the entire local biotic community at the center of the sacral yearning that has brought us here.’
  • 17) ‘His study of the deep environmental history of the continent is complemented by his study of the physiology of biotic communities.’
  • 18) ‘The biotic diversity of the grasslands has historically supported a diverse assemblage of species.’
  • 19) ‘Aquatic ecologists have emphasized the role of biotic interactions on body size distributions.’
  • 20) ‘And how have we put our particular gifts to use in our biotic community here on planet Earth?’
  • 21) ‘Was survival of the various clades through various biotic crises just a matter of luck?’
  • 22) ‘There is little evidence of equilibrium in many natural systems, the environment is always changing and abiotic and biotic evolution is part of that change.’
  • 23) ‘Development of models of intraspecific body size variation incorporating abiotic and biotic factors would be useful.’
  • 24) ‘In addition to their role in plant defence, both genes are involved in the plant response to the environment and their expression is regulated by biotic and abiotic agents.’
  • 25) ‘Adequate measures were taken to protect the plants from biotic and abiotic stresses that may influence lignin biosynthesis.’
  • 26) ‘Finally, lawn chemical companies build on and reinforce the sense of lawn management as a bridge to the biotic, nonhuman, natural world.’
  • 27) ‘The focus of the meeting was to examine crosstalk induced by both biotic and abiotic stresses, and in response to essential natural environmental variables such as light.’
  • 28) ‘The ultimate expression of the code is dependent on the specific biotic and abiotic environment in which cells and organs find themselves as they develop and grow.’
  • 29) ‘Numerous interacting abiotic and biotic factors have profound effects on nest sites and incubating females.’


  • 1) However, a more scientific hypothesis originated in the 1950s when Russian and Ukrainian scientists developed a new theory about petroleum's origins called the abiotic or abiogenic theory.
  • 2) Is the idea of abiotic oil simply a way of prolonging the life of the oil industry?
  • 3) We currently have convincing evidence that the oil now flowing in the Gulf is of the "abiotic" variety.
  • 4) Why there are oceans of "abiotic" oil under our very feet just waiting for a Jed Clampett to fire his squirrel gun into an embankment.
  • 5) It is a very well known fact that oil is "abiotic", meaning it is not created by the degredation over many years of ancient fossil forests.
  • 6) It's also assuming "abiotic" oil does not exist, and/or the technology will not exist to drill deeper than 6000 feet to where abiotic oil may be.
  • 7) ‘Water is obviously a crucial and highly variable abiotic factor for every living organism.’
  • 8) ‘This is distinct from the notion of selection deriving from pressures exerted by the biotic and abiotic environment inhabited by the organism.’
  • 9) ‘For insects on plants, demes may evolve in response to local abiotic features, rather than to the natal host plant.’
  • 10) ‘If abiotic and biotic stresses inhibit proper root function, plants run into nutrient deficiencies.’
  • 11) ‘Living organisms function in the context of the abiotic and biotic worlds.’
  • 12) ‘Perturbations of photosynthetic metabolism can be induced by many biotic and abiotic factors.’
  • 13) ‘In addition, there is growing recognition of abiotic organic synthesis in various geological materials.’
  • 14) ‘Development of models of intraspecific body size variation incorporating abiotic and biotic factors would be useful.’
  • 15) ‘Reactive oxygen species are generated under various biotic and abiotic stresses, and trigger cell death.’
  • 16) ‘Ecosystems are functional units of interacting abiotic, biotic, and cultural components.’
  • 17) ‘We know certain principles, which can be proven experimentally, to be universal, from the standpoint of the assumption that the universe was abiotic - not a living universe.’
  • 18) ‘There is no reason to declare that Mars has been abiotic throughout its history.’
  • 19) ‘As you know, the planet was originally considered to be abiotic, by some people.’
  • 20) ‘The study shows that the situation is still much the same 100 years later, with the estuary being identified as the only abiotic area in 2003.’

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