restive vs restless

restive restless


  • 1) Resistant of control; stubborn.
  • 2) Refusing to move, especially in a forward direction.
  • 3) Impatient under delay, duress, or control.
  • 4) Uneasily impatient or hard to control under restriction, opposition, criticism, or delay.
  • 5) Characterized by impatience or an absence of calm; unsettled.
  • 6) Refusing to move. Used of a horse or other animal.
  • 7) Unwilling to go on; obstinate in refusing to move forward; stubborn; drawing back.
  • 8) obsolete Inactive; sluggish.
  • 9) Uneasy; restless; averse to standing still; fidgeting about; -- applied especially to horses.
  • 10) Impatient under coercion, chastisement, or opposition; refractory.
  • 11) impatient especially under restriction or delay


  • 1) Not satisfied to be at rest or in peace; averse to repose; eager for change; discontented.
  • 2) Without rest; unable to be still or quiet; uneasy; continually moving.
  • 3) Not allowing or affording rest.
  • 4) Deprived of rest or sleep.
  • 5) Never still or motionless.
  • 6) Not able to rest, relax, or be still.
  • 7) Characterized by a lack of quiet, repose, or rest.
  • 8) Having or showing a persistent desire for change or action.
  • 9) Passed in unquietness.
  • 10) (Zoöl.) See Grinder, 3.
  • 11) Not satisfied to be at rest or in peace; averse to repose or quiet; eager for change; discontented.
  • 12) Never resting; unquiet; uneasy; continually moving.
  • 13) Not affording rest.
  • 14) ceaselessly in motion
  • 15) Withoutrest.


  • 1) The French had grown restive under an absolute monarchy that was no longer effective but was unable to produce meaningful reforms.
  • 2) The Tory ranks became increasingly restive.
  • 3) America and the proceeds would fund the salaries of government employees in the colonies, officials who would therefore be less accountable to the increasingly restive population.
  • 4) Hamedan, 200 miles (340 kilometers) west of Tehran, is not known as a restive area, but it is close to Kurdish area of Iran that has witnessed occasional clashes between Kurdish rebels and security forces over the past years.
  • 5) She came into the club room one evening in time to hear the president call the restive members to order with the statement, "You might just as well keep quiet for she is bound to finish it, and the quicker she gets to reading, the longer time we'll have for dancing."
  • 6) But if we found wickedness in it -- vice, as we rightly call it -- if it became restive, that is, rebellious and self-willed, then we should punish it indeed.
  • 7) A widely circulated tweet from the current uprising, which refers to the restive city of Homs, makes the point: "Homs 2011 = Hama 1982, but slowly, slowly."
  • 8) Hamedan, 340km west of Tehran, is not known as a restive area, but it is close to Kurdish area of Iran that has witnessed occasional clashes between Kurdish rebels and security forces over the past years.
  • 9) Heavy shelling and bombardment rocked Somalias restive capital Mogadishu on Sunday, claiming the lives of at least 14 people Drag to Playlist
  • 10) Hamedan, 200 miles west of Tehran, is not known as a restive area, but it is close to a
  • 11) ‘No, the workers were not restive, nor were pickets lining up outside.’
  • 12) ‘Such resentful people easily become restive; should a promising opportunity to throw off the oppressor's dominion present itself, they may seize it.’
  • 13) ‘Discontented with the lack of political rights, government corruption, and economic hardship, the country became increasingly restive during the 1980s, erupting into violent ethnic confrontations in 1992.’
  • 14) ‘Consumers have become increasingly restive about the absence of any legislative guarantee that anything of value will be returned to society as reimbursement for the monopoly rights they have ceded.’
  • 15) ‘One key to the carmaker's success over the last five years has been its ability to keep its traditionally restive labor unions at bay with near double-digit annual pay raises and other concessions.’
  • 16) ‘Under pressure from medical organizations and restive nonsmokers, national governments around Europe are finally getting serious about tackling tobacco.’
  • 17) ‘Curators have always had to steer (in a timely fashion) between the demands of the general audience and those of restive academics.’
  • 18) ‘In the right frame of mind any crucial five minutes could amuse the most restive psyche, despite which fact you feel certain that you could easily destroy a universe of time.’
  • 19) ‘Unions are growing restive, demanding a bigger slice of the pie - which could spark disruptive strikes if they don't get it.’
  • 20) ‘While some of its specifics are a problem, the overall argument provides a coherent, long-sighted perspective on this most restive period in the history of the stage.’
  • 21) ‘During the trip, they had grown restive, quarrelsome, and hungry.’
  • 22) ‘The country's social needs - in education and health care especially - are rising because of a growing population and an increasingly restive one.’
  • 23) ‘Their people cannot be kept entirely ignorant of this situation, and become restive.’
  • 24) ‘Raphael heard Charmian's restive breathing, and a tear slid down his nose onto the furs he rested his head on.’
  • 25) ‘All of this has the capacity to further inflame already restive populations in the region.’
  • 26) ‘The Filipinos were restive under the Spanish, and this long period was marked by numerous uprisings.’
  • 27) ‘A deep silence settled upon his chest, his eyes dilated, his breathing became sporadic and restive.’
  • 28) ‘Here is an impoverished country with a restive population demanding improvements to their lives.’
  • 29) ‘A restive population is demanding the birth of some new dispensation to take charge and solve our problems.’
  • 30) ‘A smaller and lighter horse, but restive and fiery, was brought to Legolas.’
  • 31) ‘It was a false scent, but ahead of him the horses grew restive, jostling and nipping, and the grey fretted against his hand.’
  • 32) ‘The horses were now more restive than ever, and Johann was trying to hold them in, while excitedly imploring me not to do anything so foolish.’
  • 33) ‘The hyarmi, five in all, caressed the necks of their restive mounts, calming them.’


  • 1) The sun and moon link the two work zones in your chart and can make you feel restless.
  • 2) As an adolescent he would wander the streets of Montreal at night consumed with restless energy.
  • 3) They were still restless at the convention.
  • 4) Why might young men be getting restless faster?
  • 5) Which makes me feel like a restless human.
  • 6) And some of her less familiar tracks left the audience a little restless.
  • 7) You sense it is already causing a few restless nights.
  • 8) The arts are not for the bored and restless looking for something to pass a few hours.
  • 9) The reality is that leaders get restless if they are forced to sit still for long.
  • 10) The foxes feel restless without their escape route.
  • 11) This is a common reason for a restless night.
  • 12) That may account for his restless determination to get things done.
  • 13) Other clues are weight loss and feeling restless.
  • 14) Perhaps these dark thoughts are why he can be restless at night.
  • 15) People getting restless at a festive family do?
  • 16) You're restless and anxious about opportunities passing you by.
  • 17) The audience became restless towards the end, and no wonder.
  • 18) The audience was growing restless.
  • 19) But I would be restless and bored.
  • 20) He was boredom personified -- restless, impatient to be away.
  • 21) Then, restless and dissatisfied, she decided to escape.
  • 22) Some may feel anxious, restless, irritable or dizzy.
  • 23) Still, his restless, slightly neurotic stage manner held our attention until the end.
  • 24) Significantly, the audience was restless, not rapt.
  • 25) GREMILLION: Leg cramping during the evening could be what we call restless leg syndrome.
  • 26) Sometimes it is the only calm place in restless times.
  • 27) The natives are gettin 'restless, they want to put you in a huge cauldron and cook ya!!
  • 28) He identifies a group of voters he calls restless and anxious moderates who are disenchanted and even alienated by the two parties.
  • 29) Ps sif at her hoosetop tossing in restless casis, the natal indiscipline smarted back to her, and in memory she again unscarred in show-bench.
  • 30) The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went.
  • 31) Motolinia wrote a letter to in which he dealt severely with the accusations of Las Casas, whom he described as a restless, turbulent man, who wandered from one colony to another, provoking disturbances and scandals.
  • 32) Toward night they would assemble in restless groups and fill the echoing gorge with their hoarse, savage cries.
  • 33) Meanwhile, at home the widow walked the floor in restless, joyous anticipation, or went to the door and strained her eyes up the road to watch for Traverse, and perhaps for some one else's coming.
  • 34) ‘The animals were restless, disturbed by the smell of fire permeating the building.’
  • 35) ‘There is a restless feel about this group, but I let the first forty minutes continue as planned.’
  • 36) ‘In an age of restless channel surfing, you couldn't ask for anything better than this.’
  • 37) ‘She felt restless just sitting there and tried to think of something to do.’
  • 38) ‘Feeling suddenly restless, I began to swim away from him, wanting to stretch my limbs.’
  • 39) ‘I really hoped that I was right, because I was growing restless from the two long days.’
  • 40) ‘She knew her crew was getting tired and restless, and the supplies wouldn't hold out forever.’
  • 41) ‘Abdul had been there for less then three hours and already he was restless.’
  • 42) ‘I could tell you what time Ms. Craven had her tea, and when the boys would get restless and want to go home.’
  • 43) ‘He would occasionally fidget around in his chair restless from his captivity.’
  • 44) ‘It was still early but I was feeling restless so I grabbed my keys and let myself out of the house quietly.’
  • 45) ‘Before they got restless and left the table, I cleared my throat and made an announcement.’
  • 46) ‘Fans were becoming restless, and the aggressive Phillies wanted to please the crowd.’
  • 47) ‘Josh, feeling restless, read a book he'd checked out from the library in his bed.’
  • 48) ‘And then, sometimes I was just restless and bored, though the film was consistently watchable.’
  • 49) ‘Jonah spent several restless hours pacing in circles around his room, waiting for Yap to wake up.’
  • 50) ‘He ploughed on for 35 minutes and his audience grew increasingly restless.’
  • 51) ‘I grew increasingly restless with each passing day, until I finally could stand it no longer.’
  • 52) ‘There was a near record league game crowd growing increasingly restless at their teams' paucity of decent play.’
  • 53) ‘It was a hard night for him, with a full but restless and unresponsive audience.’
  • 54) ‘I fell into a fitful, restless sleep, one that was preoccupied with thoughts of him.’
  • 55) ‘She splashed from one thing to another, an unruly girl, now a restless, impetuous woman.’
  • 56) ‘He was as fussy and fastidious as many great writers, prone to restless and often tiny adjustments.’
  • 57) ‘She is 67 now, but sprightly with a fierce, restless energy.’
  • 58) ‘I'm a restless sleeper, so I ended up waking up a lot.’
  • 59) ‘Texas beckoned not only their restless, adventurous spirits but evoked family heritage as well.’
  • 60) ‘Her infant son sat next to her and was fidgeting, restless and unable to sleep.’
  • 61) ‘Glass may have been the material that best expressed the restless spirit of art nouveau.’
  • 62) ‘I got very little sleep, but I was a powerhouse of restless energy.’
  • 63) ‘Some people with restless legs syndrome also have periodic limb movements during sleep.’
  • 64) ‘To be rid of these restless feelings and emotions, he need only take a few steps to the recreation room.’
  • 65) ‘She rocked me back and forth in her arms, much like quieting a restless babe.’
  • 66) ‘She knew she shouldn't be lying in her bed, moaning and complaining of her troubled mind and restless heart.’
  • 67) ‘As I left the meeting room to get ready for training, my body was restless with anticipation.’
  • 68) ‘He was tired from a restless night of thinking and practicing his diplomatic procedures.’
  • 69) ‘I was restless and unable to drop off, my mind going one hundred miles an hour and flitting from one topic to the next.’
  • 70) ‘Unfortunately, I was a restless sleeper and had my legs twisted in my sheets.’
  • 71) ‘I needed something to quiet my thoughts, but my mind was too restless for sleep.’
  • 72) ‘I'd woken up almost every half hour through out the night feeling queasy before falling back into a restless doze.’
  • 73) ‘She spent all night with her eyes shut but her restless mind wouldn't settle.’

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