totalled vs totaled

totalled totaled


  • 1) Destroyed
  • 2) UK Simple past tense and past participle of total.


  • 1) especially of a vehicle destroyed
  • 2) used of automobiles; completely demolished
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of total. (US spelling)


  • 1) He scratched a few numbers in his ledger and totalled them up.


  • 1) Vast sums have been paid with an almost total lack of checks and balances.
  • 2) Yet this shows a total failure to grasp who picks up the pieces.
  • 3) Also keeps a running total of your bill to avoid a shock at the end of the night.
  • 4) This means the total number of victims and offences could be much higher than the figures on the charge sheet.
  • 5) Across the country the total figure is likely to be around 1billion.
  • 6) By the time he died this week, it felt like he was a total stranger.
  • 7) Trade business accounted for 52 per cent of its total sales last year.
  • 8) Now I feel that our life together was a total lie.
  • 9) I didn't want to be just another man who added to the sum total of her sadness.
  • 10) In total, 38 million were hit.
  • 11) Eight of these journeys totals about twenty hours.
  • 12) It was one of complete and total intent.
  • 13) There is no official government figure for the total.
  • 14) The sum total of our collective sin speaks volumes to the world.
  • 15) The six guests in total that would have been there.
  • 16) The costs of all operations added together give total cost burden.
  • 17) To lose in the first round would be a total failure.
  • 18) The proceeds totalled nearly half a million pounds.
  • 19) Total strangers used to call me fat in the street.
  • 20) He was a total and complete stranger.
  • 21) There are no official figures about the total number of sufferers.
  • 22) The total cost structure of any business is likely to be scaled to the size of its largest resource.
  • 23) When completed, a total of nine million square metres will have been reclaimed.
  • 24) Currently these accounted for less than 5 per cent of total group sales.
  • 25) The total amount is understood to be about 850,000 when interest is included.
  • 26) The money recouped from their potential sales could total in excess of 15 million.
  • 27) The total legal bill is said to be around 100million.
  • 28) The total journey takes about 17 hours in each direction.
  • 29) Gone is the instinctive forward who needed just half a yard to inflict total damage while at Liverpool.
  • 30) In total the group said 2.2 million current borrowers would be unable to get mortgages under the proposals.
  • 31) A total of 10 million will be spent on this pilot programme.
  • 32) For individual muscle group activities, the total time of exercise will depend upon the number of repetitions performed and the total number of exercises completed.
  • 33) The total for the whole of England and Wales will naturally be far higher.

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