borne vs born

borne born


  • 1) Same as bourn.
  • 2) carried, supported.
  • 3) Carried or transported by. Often used in combination.
  • 4) Transmitted by. Often used in combination.
  • 5) Past participle of bear
  • 6) Past participle of bear.
  • 7) Bounded; limited; narrow-minded; of restricted intelligence.
  • 8) Carried; conveyed; supported; defrayed. See bear, v. t.


  • 1) Her face is drenched in sweat, the heat is not to be borne.
  • 2) There was a German proverb he had heard somewhere about the truth sometimes being too sad to be borne.
  • 3) And the cost of dismantling and transportation, together with insurance, will be borne by the Crown Agents.
  • 4) Lunch and supper came and went on trays, borne by the same, silent woman.
  • 5) The label borne by the new Mixture is "_Fernande_," but as
  • 6) Opposed to it Gregory assumed the title borne ever since by his successors.
  • 7) This observation led Professor Thomson to his doctrine of the dissipation of energy, which he formulated before the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1852, and published also in the Philosophical Magazine the same year, the title borne being, "On a Universal Tendency in Nature to the Dissipation of Mechanical Energy."
  • 8) In the middle of the fourth century B.C. all six powers began to style themselves _wang_, or "king," which, as explained before, was the title borne by the Emperors of the Chou dynasty.
  • 9) As we were steaming out of the Gambia I saw the commander of the Galibi on his bridge, in a state of violent excitement, with all his crew mustered before him, and appealing in the most vehement manner to his capitaine de riviere (river captain), the title borne by the chief of the negro crew.
  • 10) Theo, president is capitalized before a name, as a title borne by a specific person: President Bush.
  • 11) On shelves opposite Lapham's desk were tin cans of various sizes, arranged in tapering cylinders, and showing, in a pattern diminishing toward the top, the same label borne by the casks and barrels in the wareroom.
  • 12) (Jeremiah 39: 3,13) a title borne by Nergal-sharezer, probably identical with the king called by the Greeks Neriglissar.
  • 13) Barlow was led up to the king, who hailed him "King of Shoreditch," a title borne by the champion archer ever after, so long as bowmanship in earnest lasted.

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