underway vs under way

underway under way


  • 1) computer science subroutine
  • 2) an underground passage, tunnel
  • 3) a road, track, path, or street for going under another way or obstacle
  • 4) a voyage, especially underwater
  • 5) Already commenced or initiated; in progress.
  • 6) Nautical Neither anchored nor moored to a fixed object.
  • 7) In motion or operation.
  • 8) currently in progress
  • 9) in motion, in progress; being done or carried out


  • 1) in motion; set in motion
  • 2) idiomatic In operation, in progress, commenced.
  • 3) Into motion, into its course.


  • 1) I was so nervous I stalled the car several times before I finally got underway.
  • 2) ‘The project is already underway, with work due to be completed by early next year.’
  • 3) ‘At one end of this area, a massive building project has been underway for the best part of 20 years.’
  • 4) ‘The doctors' surgery will house five GPs, and moves are underway to recruit a sixth.’
  • 5) ‘The final phase in the development of the historic Gravesend town pier is underway.’
  • 6) ‘An FBI investigation into the security breach is underway, but has yet to result in any arrests.’
  • 7) ‘Discussions are still underway between the unions and those two employers.’
  • 8) ‘Work on the realization of the project is under way.’
  • 9) ‘By October 1766, the work was well under way.’
  • 10) ‘Planning is already under way for next year's Summer Exhibition.’
  • 11) ‘Last year, his diocese had $50 million worth of projects under way.’
  • 12) ‘A turnaround now seems to be well under way.’
  • 13) ‘An influx of gold miners to Omeo was under way in 1852.’
  • 14) ‘Final preparations for the evening's festivities were under way.’
  • 15) ‘With the Cold War now well under way, nuclear-weapons development became a high national priority.’
  • 16) ‘An effort is now under way to establish a methodical breeding program in the hope of creating a healthy captive population.’
  • 17) ‘At the time of this writing, the DNA analysis of the hairs we collected is still under way.’
  • 18) ‘Congress initially provided $500,000, and work slowly got under way.’
  • 19) ‘In California, there's an initiative under way to amend the state constitution.’
  • 20) ‘Tonight, a manhunt is under way in West Virginia.’
  • 21) ‘A massive cleanup effort is under way along much of the East Coast.’
  • 22) ‘It feels great to get under a hot shower and snuggle in my cozy cabin as the large vessel gets underway.’
  • 23) ‘There were no guard rails, so working on the decks while underway must have been hazardous.’
  • 24) ‘One of the most dangerous operations is to board a ship underway.’
  • 25) ‘By the time the ship got underway at midnight, the cruise had been canceled entirely.’
  • 26) ‘This ship sank while underway, and now rests on its starboard side.’
  • 27) ‘You'll have plenty of time to prove yourself to the crew once we get under way.’


  • 1) I was so nervous I stalled the car several times before I finally got underway.

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