squirrel vs chipmunk

squirrel chipmunk


  • 1) Any of the rodents of the family Sciuridae distinguished by their large bushy tail.
  • 2) Scientology A person, usually a freezoner, who applies L. Ron Hubbard's technology in a heterodox manner.
  • 3) Any of various other rodents of the family Sciuridae, such as the ground squirrels and the flying squirrels.
  • 4) The fur of one of these rodents.
  • 5) Any of various arboreal rodents of the tribe Sciurini and especially of the genus Sciurus, characteristically having a long flexible bushy tail.
  • 6) (Zoöl.) the striped gopher. See Gopher, 2.
  • 7) (Zoöl.) the prairie dog.
  • 8) (Zoöl.) any rough-legged hawk; especially, the California species Archibuteo ferrugineus.
  • 9) (Zoöl.) A marmoset.
  • 10) (Zoöl.) a common American hake (Phycis tenuis); -- called also white hake.
  • 11) (Bot.) a grass (Hordeum jubatum) found in salt marshes and along the Great Lakes, having a dense spike beset with long awns.
  • 12) (Bot.) a North American herb (Dicentra Canadensis) bearing little yellow tubers.
  • 13) (Zoöl.) any one of several species of East Indian and Asiatic insectivores of the genus Tupaia. They are allied to the shrews, but have a bushy tail, like that of a squirrel.
  • 14) (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of small rodents belonging to the genus Sciurus and several allied genera of the family Sciuridæ. Squirrels generally have a bushy tail, large erect ears, and strong hind legs. They are commonly arboreal in their habits, but many species live in burrows.
  • 15) (Zoöl.) a flying phalanger of Australia. See Phalanger, Petaurist, and Flying phalanger under Flying.
  • 16) (Zoöl.) See Jelerang.
  • 17) (Zoöl.) A market fish of Bermuda (Holocentrum Ascensione).
  • 18) One of the small rollers of a carding machine which work with the large cylinder.
  • 19) (Bot.) a pestiferous grass (Hordeum murinum) related to barley. In California the stiffly awned spikelets work into the wool of sheep, and into the throat, flesh, and eyes of animals, sometimes even producing death.
  • 20) (Bot.) the blossom of the Hepatica triloba, a low perennial herb with cup-shaped flowers varying from purplish blue to pink or even white. It is one of the earliest flowers of spring.
  • 21) a kind of arboreal rodent having a long bushy tail
  • 22) the fur of a squirrel
  • 23) In cotton manufacturing, one of the small card-covered rollers used with the large roller of a carding-machine. Also called urchin.
  • 24) A rodent quadruped of the family Sciuridæ and genus Sciurus, originally and specifically Sciurus vulgaris of Europe.
  • 25) transitive To store in a secretive manner, to hide something for future use
  • 26) To hide or store.


  • 1) A squirrel-like rodent of the genus Tamias, native mainly to North America.
  • 2) Any of several small striped rodents of the genus Tamias, chiefly of North America.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) A squirrel-like animal of the genus Tamias, sometimes called the striped squirrel, chipping squirrel, ground squirrel, hackee. The common species of the United States is the Tamias striatus.
  • 4) a burrowing ground squirrel of western America and Asia; has cheek pouches and a light and dark stripe running down the body
  • 5) A name of the hackee or chipping-squirrel of the United States, Tamias striatus, and of other species of the genus Tamias (which see).
  • 6) To speed up an audio recording, especially a song, to make the voices high-pitched.


  • 1) For any company the temptation to squirrel away funds is powerful.
  • 2) Expect to see wildlife such as roe deer and red squirrels.
  • 3) The lack of human intervention makes it a practical solution in areas with high grey squirrel populations.
  • 4) You can see why squirrel language occurs so frequently in scientific writing.
  • 5) What would the few remaining red squirrels say about that?
  • 6) In the bag were two rabbits and a squirrel.
  • 7) Our little man enjoyed seeing the squirrels and birds on our various jaunts around the area.
  • 8) Red squirrels need protection from all sorts of things that impact on their survival.
  • 9) The grey squirrels are going to win.
  • 10) They are pests in the wild and are endangering the natural red squirrel.
  • 11) Red squirrels dashed from branch to branch.
  • 12) Research shows that the geographical spread of the virus and the grey squirrel are virtually identical.
  • 13) Japanese deer and rare red squirrels roam the woodland.
  • 14) In my garden there is a bird feeder for the birds and a squirrel feeder for the squirrels.
  • 15) Can you spot a red squirrel?
  • 16) We haven't seen a squirrel in weeks.
  • 17) After all, why squirrel away money when there are holidays to pay for and designer shoes to buy?
  • 18) Plans to force banks to squirrel away more cash in the good times were already on the agenda in Brussels.
  • 19) The episode looks at unusual traits animals use to survive - including ground squirrels that eat the discarded skins of snakes to mask their scent.
  • 20) I can see squirrels outside my window and it makes me think a little bit of Wales is out there.
  • 21) On the trails or a three-mile circuit of the loch, you might see roe deer or red squirrels.
  • 22) ‘Tree-dwelling squirrels have lovely bushy tails, and we realised that the little ones, from the look of them, were also from one such splendid family line.’
  • 23) ‘Small rodents, such as hamsters, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and rabbits, do not typically carry rabies.’
  • 24) ‘The ability of squirrels to harvest seed crops before they fall to the ground may make them less sensitive to species interactions on the forest floor.’
  • 25) ‘Lynx feed on squirrels, birds and other small prey, but snowshoe hares are the mainstays of their diet.’
  • 26) ‘The squirrels fed out of her hands, the deer walked by her side, and every tree seemed to bow as she passed beneath it.’
  • 27) ‘If we don't finish off the pancakes I can feed them to the squirrels.’
  • 28) ‘Children keep trying to feed the squirrels, but have yet to learn that you should not go to them, let them come to you.’
  • 29) ‘There in the branches, also motionless, also fixed in attention, is a gray-brown squirrel with a tail so long and so absolutely pure pure white it's wonderful.’
  • 30) ‘I therefore abandoned my picnic lunch and watched birds and squirrels feeding on a slab of Christmas cake and lots of sandwiches.’
  • 31) ‘The raccoons made it through the long winter as their nightly raids on our bird feeders attest, and we all know that nothing gets the best of the squirrels and chipmunks!’
  • 32) ‘My upstairs neighbor in my fourplex apartment has started feeding a squirrel peanuts.’
  • 33) ‘Boreal Owls prey on small mammals, including voles, mice, and small squirrels.’
  • 34) ‘With its stained cedar siding and peeling paint, it remained standing for five decades as field mice and squirrels occasionally ran along the pipes in the corridors.’
  • 35) ‘There are many other bulbs you can plant to brighten your spring, but daffodils are simple, they multiply and the squirrels and other rodents don't seem to like the taste very well.’
  • 36) ‘There were squirrels everywhere in the park, with their bushy tails and all, nibbling on chestnuts fallen from the trees.’
  • 37) ‘The sweet nut within the acorns is coveted by songbirds, ground birds, small mammals like squirrels and chipmunks, and even deer.’
  • 38) ‘Through time, a variety of animals will burrow into it and use it for nesting - animals like skunks, squirrels and small rodents.’
  • 39) ‘The chestnuts nourished the locals and their livestock, provided cash from their sale to big cities by the box car, and fed such game species as bears, deer, squirrels, and turkeys.’
  • 40) ‘From North America came squirrels and raccoons, bears and bison, eagles and an elk.’
  • 41) ‘To keep squirrels, chipmunks and moles away, add human hair from your hairdresser or bloodmeal to the planting hole when planting.’
  • 42) ‘Alpine marmots are large ground-dwelling squirrels living in mountain open meadows.’
  • 43) ‘As in ground-dwelling squirrels, factors other than social complexity may determine complexity of communication.’
  • 44) ‘Numerous species of ground-dwelling squirrels have been described from the Blancan of the Great Plains.’
  • 45) ‘The new guidelines will provide better management for the northern flying squirrel in West Virginia and expedite its recovery.’
  • 46) ‘A total of 137 individual northern flying squirrels were captured during the study.’
  • 47) ‘Many ground squirrels hibernate and some store food in underground burrows.’
  • 48) ‘In late summer, ground squirrels move underground to escape the dry, hot environment.’
  • 49) ‘The deciduous woods and associated meadows support an abundant population of fox squirrels.’
  • 50) ‘Reds and greys mix in other parts of the midlands and the border counties, but Carey said the native Irish squirrel is ‘extremely rare’, particularly in the east.’
  • 51) ‘Red squirrels exhibited a similar breeding cycle to that of northern flying squirrels.’
  • 52) ‘Red squirrels scamper about, flicking their tails.’
  • 53) ‘Flickers and bluebirds seek them out for nesting cavities and red squirrels eagerly cache the high-energy pine cones.’
  • 54) ‘Eastern grey squirrels scurry up the Norway maple shading my bedroom window.’
  • 55) ‘Overhead, a fox squirrel chattered and nut tailings fell into my hair.’
  • 56) ‘Not only do red squirrels not hibernate but they are very active at this time.’
  • 57) ‘Grey squirrels don't eat native red ones, but they do drive them out of their native habitats.’
  • 58) ‘They have been found eating gray squirrels, possums, black rats, and house wrens.’
  • 59) ‘Burrowing owls prefer to remodel an existing burrow, often a ground squirrel's.’
  • 60) ‘Fox squirrels made a beeline for woodlands from almost 455 yards away.’
  • 61) ‘When I was growing up the gray squirrels had yet to displace the red ones.’
  • 62) ‘But why not consider doing what many of us do, and self insure by squirreling the money you save into a savings account?’
  • 63) ‘A new analysis of the scheme from the Revenue Commissioners shows the percentage of people on lower incomes squirrelling away money has increased compared with those on middle and higher incomes.’
  • 64) ‘I wouldn't like to die having squirrelled money away all my life without having enjoyed it.’
  • 65) ‘Most property owners would applaud any effort to squirrel money away for a rainy day but the sheer size of the city's reserve accounts would indicate a closer look.’
  • 66) ‘But why squirrel your money away when there is so little good news on the savings front?’
  • 67) ‘However, is all of the money being squirreled away earning as much interest as it could be?’
  • 68) ‘Regard your wreck finds as an achievement to be celebrated, not as a naughty secret to be squirrelled away.’
  • 69) ‘So bits of twine, a broken bread knife and half-empty bags of last year's mouldy bulb fibre are squirrelled away in my shed.’
  • 70) ‘People will still need to eat, and in the past there has been a short-term increase in shopping as people squirrel stuff away in case times get bad.’
  • 71) ‘The first is that Clarke's notes were squirreled away after the event.’
  • 72) ‘She'd compulsively acquire things - if she got a hold of anything she just squirreled it away.’
  • 73) ‘Then, when it's time to pay for your holiday, you'll have squirreled much of it away already.’
  • 74) ‘It is common knowledge that people save for homes, education, and other expensive items, not because they have some innate urge to squirrel some portion of their income away.’
  • 75) ‘We now need to have companies and all other New Zealanders following suit and beginning to squirrel funds away for their own retirement.’
  • 76) ‘All summer long, I was able to squirrel a little bit away here and there without Rick's knowledge.’
  • 77) ‘The scale of the sudden windfall has aroused suspicions that insurers had been busy in previous years squirreling away unnecessarily high reserves.’
  • 78) ‘He could smartly whip through my belongings before the inevitable descent of mad-eyed relatives, removing anything humiliating and safely squirrelling away anything of potential historical import.’
  • 79) ‘Bryson's travel books, such as A Walk in the Woods about his hiking the Appalachian Trail, led him to read about the Ice Age and for years he has been squirrelling away notes about natural history.’
  • 80) ‘Last June the Revenue Commissioners announced that they had taken in 650m from 11,000 people who had squirrelled away their savings in offshore locations, including the Isle of Man.’
  • 81) ‘So far this year we have squirrelled away at least 60% more of our hard cash than we did this time last year.’
  • 82) ‘And there's Lisa Wesley and Andrew Blackwood squirrelling away in the greenhouse creating a white-washed model landscape complete with animals, flyovers, factories and numbered points of interest.’
  • 83) ‘We should cherish these glimpses of her as it won't be long before she goes to ground again, squirrelling away in her Manhattan apartment or the Virginia bolt-hole she shares with two pugs and a Boston terrier.’
  • 84) ‘I woke up early and squirreled around the kitchen - glazing ham, making salads, chopping this and that, preparing for the evening.’
  • 85) ‘The cops would regularly gather in the parking lot to watch for people driving drunk or simply squirreling around.’
  • 86) ‘For my test I loaded the bags, added a large duffel on the back seat and swept off with my good buddies, squirreling around California’s back roads playing Stupid Old Guys Trying To Go Fast.’


  • 1) Gerhard's jaw muscles were as bunched as a chipmunk 's cheeks.
  • 2) In the second-class picture, her hair was a mess and her new front teeth made her look like a chipmunk.
  • 3) ) There was the time I rushed outside just in time to stop Pooch from catching a chipmunk he was about to pounce on.
  • 4) `There was once a chipmunk named Terry who was having trouble getting his library card renewed--- '
  • 5) "I think a chipmunk is the happiest, cheerfulest thing I know."
  • 6) This little bucktoothed chipmunk is still pissed because his team lost the cold war.
  • 7) Another reason owners go the testing route is to uncover possible explanations for behaviors that might be inherited, such as herding people and other pets or rooting around in chipmunk or mole holes.
  • 8) When I see a headline about “designer mice “, I stop reading and amuse myself picturing mice with top hats and canes perfoming “Puttin’ on the Ritz” in chipmunk-like falsettos.
  • 9) Near the window where Spirit stood watching out, Kahlan called the chipmunk again.
  • 10) In between, I check on the chipmunk, which is now expiring sadly on the downstairs rug, "Ms. Spar wrote, later adding:" The chipmunk has died.
  • 11) In between, I check back on the chipmunk, which is now expiring sadly on the downstairs rug.
  • 12) Alex was leaning forward into the window in front of him like a cat watching a chipmunk, except that the chipmunk was the size of a city block.
  • 13) So, if one wants to avoid a (potentially) awkward social interaction (to say nothing of a spoken cliche), one should avoid the expression — or develop a quaint alternative, such as, "Let's just call a chipmunk a chipmunk, shall we?"
  • 14) ‘Small mammals, rats, field and house mice, rabbits, pocket gophers, chipmunks and squirrels make up 80-85 percent of their diet.’
  • 15) ‘No subject was ever used more than once in the experiments; the total number of subjects involved was 30 chipmunks and 30 deer mice.’
  • 16) ‘For example, yellow pine chipmunks and deer mice pilfer each other's cached seeds under wet conditions.’
  • 17) ‘Small rodents, such as hamsters, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and rabbits, do not typically carry rabies.’
  • 18) ‘He personally has freeze-dried weasels, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, and more.’
  • 19) ‘Many chipmunks and tree squirrels also exhibit a mating chase during breeding.’
  • 20) ‘This last includes chipmunks, gophers, marmots, and prairie dogs.’
  • 21) ‘In chipmunks, with internal cheek pouches, losses can amount to 60% of the preformed and metabolic water available from the seeds harvested.’
  • 22) ‘That chosen for chipmunks is a compromise between the speeds reported for foraging chipmunks and migrating lemmings.’
  • 23) ‘They prey chiefly on chipmunks and other rodents.’
  • 24) ‘He caught chipmunks whose cheek pouches were so stuffed with lodgepole pine seeds that not one more would fit.’
  • 25) ‘There are lots of birds, chipmunks, red squirrels, snakes and there was even a tree frog at our site.’
  • 26) ‘Hawks circle above in search of mice, chipmunks, voles, and rabbits, which have less cover in which to hide.’
  • 27) ‘At the small animal shed, which is home to lambs, goats, rabbits, chinchillas, as well as chipmunks, rats, mice and polecats, youngsters are encouraged to stroke and pet the animals.’
  • 28) ‘The sweet nut within the acorns is coveted by songbirds, ground birds, small mammals like squirrels and chipmunks, and even deer.’
  • 29) ‘Even though we're on the edge of a major city, our yard is populated by a variety of mice, moles, squirrels, chipmunks and opossums.’
  • 30) ‘I've seen squirrels without ears, and chipmunks with very short tails, and mice with beaky wee stabmarks in their chests!’
  • 31) ‘By sheer luck, no chipmunks or groundhogs have yet found it.’
  • 32) ‘The raccoons made it through the long winter as their nightly raids on our bird feeders attest, and we all know that nothing gets the best of the squirrels and chipmunks!’
  • 33) ‘Squirrels and chipmunks move through the forest in a similar fashion.’

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