stank vs stunk

stank stunk


  • 1) UK, dialect Water retained by an embankment; a pool of water.
  • 2) UK, dialect A dam or mound to stop water.
  • 3) Prov. Eng. A dam or mound to stop water.
  • 4) Prov. Eng. & Scot. Water retained by an embankment; a pool of water.
  • 5) (Zoöl.), [Prov. Eng.] the moor hen; -- called also stankie.
  • 6) A body of standing water; a pool; a pond.
  • 7) A tank; a ditch.
  • 8) African American Vernacular, slang, derogatory Foul-smelling, stinking, unclean.
  • 9) obsolete Weak; worn out.
  • 10) Simple past of stink.
  • 11) Oldpreteritofstink.
  • 12) Todamup.
  • 13) Exhausted;weary.
  • 14) Obs. or Prov. Eng. To sigh.
  • 15) Stunk.


  • 1) Preterit and past participle of stink.
  • 2) Past participle of stink
  • 3) imp.&p.p.ofstink.


  • 1) The whole thing stank of rotting fish.
  • 2) His manners, outlook and attitude stank.
  • 3) The next morning the whole place stank, so we threw it out of the window and left rather hastily.
  • 4) They encouraged one another to positive hatred of the working man who had suddenly become wealthy; his name stank in their nostrils.
  • 5) Y’all know what a sceptic stank is full of, doncha?
  • 6) I ended up walking around for more than ten years with the assumption that men in turbans stank, which is ridiculous, because my male neighbours both across the street and next door wore turbans, and they were perfectly decent, non-smelly people that I saw all the time.
  • 7) For even as Andersonville was a name that stank in the North, so was Rock Island one to bring terror to the heart of any Southerner who had relatives imprisoned there.
  • 8) Now Mr Paul's name stank in the nostrils of Mrs Stumfold.
  • 9) Beverley Nichols claimed he was a sex-crazed cad who "stank" and bragged of seducing a 12-year-old girl in Thailand.


  • 1) Why then had he allowed a man like Jaff, who must have stunk of ambition from the outset, access to his Loop?
  • 2) Some huge white mess bustin' out from under her... It stunk.
  • 3) I drank some of it, but then I realized it stunk and I spit it out and didn't drink any more.
  • 4) He did not use the word "stunk"; he used a vulgar expression that cannot be repeated on the blog of a family newspaper.
  • 5) The arguments for government sponsored bailouts stunk from the beginning; and the results we are getting haven't changed that.
  • 6) We stunk from the start of the game to the end of the game.
  • 7) Kat was my kitten whose name stunk in our nostrils? '
  • 8) The reality is that, despite the fact that you thought it was a great idea, the idea stunk!
  • 9) Second, you are a meanie...well sort of, I know that I have looked ahead in a race and just thought "Oh I can pick it up just a little to beat the man in the blue shirt" and it feels so good to have that small victory even if you kind of stunk up the whole race.
  • 10) And for the most part, I kind of stunk up the joint.
  • 11) Lester said his start "stunk," which is fair enough.
  • 12) "The first inning kind of stunk," Sheets admitted.
  • 13) "From the beginning, I've thought that the deal Goldman Sachs got via Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on their bad bets through AIG kind of stunk," DeFazio says.

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