fiancée vs fiancé

fiancée fiancé


  • 1) a woman who is engaged to be married.
  • 2) A woman to whom one is engaged to be married.
  • 3) A betrothed woman.
  • 4) a woman who is engaged to be married


  • 1) A man who is engaged to be married.
  • 2) A person engaged to be married.
  • 3) A man to whom one is engaged to be married.
  • 4) A betrothed man.
  • 5) An affianced or betrothed person, male (fiancé) or female (fiancée).


  • 1) He was due to wed fiancee Hayley.
  • 2) It would be unfair to marry your fiancée without being honest with her.
  • 3) You say your fiancée is gorgeous yet you have found it so easy to cheat on her.
  • 4) My fiancée says that it would be immoral for me to claim the dole for this month.
  • 5) My fiancée says it would be immoral for me to claim the dole for this period.
  • 6) It's unfair to get married without your fiancée knowing about this side of your life.
  • 7) Now my fiancée says the wedding is off and won't have any more to do with me.
  • 8) Think carefully about whether you love your fiancée enough to marry her or whether this has in part been a symptom of problems between you.
  • 9) He and his fiancée are marrying in a civil ceremony followed by a reception then a party, all at his old prep school.
  • 10) My fiancée says I should always wear a belt with trousers.
  • 11) It turned out to be his pregnant fiancée, who is English.
  • 12) He will marry his fiancée next summer at their old college chapel in Oxford, but the planning began months ago.
  • 13) We split up two years ago and I'm marrying my fiancée this weekend.


  • 1) Suggest to your daughter and her fiancé that a different tack may help.
  • 2) If my fiancé heard you say that!
  • 3) First her fiancé rang to say there was trouble on the streets.
  • 4) My daughter 's fiancé tried to restrain her and she mouthed off at him.
  • 5) It must be most painful for your fiancé's daughter.
  • 6) My fiancé says he will cut them off, but it seems a lot to ask.
  • 7) My fiancé says he doesn't have the time or energy to entertain her need for drama.
  • 8) I stumbled through the arrangements with the help of my daughter and her fiancé.
  • 9) Earlier, she had learnt from a magazine that her fiancé had a daughter he had neglected to tell her about.
  • 10) My fiancé has two daughters.
  • 11) MY fiancé died two months ago.
  • 12) We drove to our pastor's house where my new fiancé had lots of people waiting to surprise me with an engagement party.
  • 13) A young mother has won her fight to prove that her fiancé fathered her daughter before he was killed in Afghanistan.
  • 14) She has managed to get all our mutual friends on her side and also turned my fiancé's 15-year-old daughter against us.
  • 15) My fiancé says it is better if he looks after them but I don't want all that responsibility.

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