chose vs choose

chose choose


  • 1) An item of personal property; a chattel.
  • 2) a thing annexed to a place, as a mill.
  • 3) a thing in possession, as distinguished from a thing in action.
  • 4) a thing which is movable.
  • 5) (Law) A thing; personal property.
  • 6) a thing of which one has not possession or actual enjoyment, but only a right to it, or a right to demand it by action at law, and which does not exist at the time in specie; a personal right to a thing not reduced to possession, but recoverable by suit at law; as a right to recover money due on a contract, or damages for a tort, which can not be enforced against a reluctant party without suit.
  • 7) In law, an article of personal property, or a personal right; a thing.
  • 8) Preterit and old past participle of choose.
  • 9) Simple past of choose.
  • 10) imp.&p.p.ofchoose.
  • 11) imp. & p. p. of choose.


  • 1) The power, right, or privilege of choosing; election.
  • 2) Scope for choice.
  • 3) The act of choosing; selection.
  • 4) To elect.
  • 5) To pick.
  • 6) To decide to act in a certain way.
  • 7) see fit or proper to act in a certain way; decide to act in a certain way
  • 8) To elect; make a choice; decide.
  • 9) Synonyms Choose, Prefer, Elect, Select, fix upon, pitch upon, adopt. Choose is the most general of these words, but always represents an act of the will; it is the taking of one or some where all are not wanted or cannot be had. Choice may be founded upon preference or modified by necessity. Prefer represents a verdict of the judgment or a state of the inclination; it emphasizes more than does choose the leaving of the rest: he who prefers apples to oranges will choose apples when he has the opportunity of choice; one may by inclination prefer to work at night, but, on grounds of health, choose to work only by day. Elect has an exact use in theology; its principal use otherwise is to express the choice of persons, by ballot or otherwise, for office, membership in societies, etc.: as, to be elected alderman or treasurer; to elect certain studies in a college is to choose them formally. Select represents a careful, discriminating choice.
  • 10) To prefer to have; be inclined or have a preference for.
  • 11) To prefer and decide: with an infinitive as object: as, he chose to make the attack.
  • 12) To select from two or more; make a choice of in preference to another or others, or to something else.
  • 13) To prefer; desire; wish.— To have one's choice; do as one pleases.
  • 14) To direct one's steps; choose one's way.
  • 15) To prefer above others.
  • 16) To select from a number of possible alternatives; decide on and pick out.
  • 17) To determine or decide.
  • 18) To make a choice; make a selection.
  • 19) To do otherwise.
  • 20) must necessarily.
  • 21) To make a selection; to decide.
  • 22) See under Side.
  • 23) To make choice of; to select; to take by way of preference from two or more objects offered; to elect.
  • 24) colloq. To wish; to desire; to prefer.
  • 25) mathematics The binomial coefficient of the previous and following number.
  • 26) (cannot choose but) Can only do; cannot do otherwise.


  • 1) On both occasions he chose the wrong movies, for he was not a regular moviegoer.
  • 2) And with Sethos's skill in the art of disguise he could assume any identity he chose.
  • 3) So it was probably with no small effort that the label chose its newest public “face” — the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly.
  • 4) The label chose a winner from over a hundred entries, and posted it, along with three runners-up and seven short-listed entrants.
  • 5) Sharpe is reported to have criticised the singer's album of hymns, Praise & Blame, saying it's not why the label chose to "invest a fortune" in Jones.
  • 6) Luiz Felipe Scolari betrayed, in his endearingly mangled English, some of Heston's flawed thought process when asked why, after Clint Dempsey's last-minute header had deprived Chelsea of two vital points in the title chose, he had chosen not to station a defender at the far post of Fulham's goal.
  • 7) Enough already it's over time to move on either you choose to support Obama or you don't the chose is yours, but please understand this we all have been through a lot these past months we all have had our hopes tested, but in every fight there is an winner and a loser.
  • 8) "I am saddened and disappointed that my label chose to put out another hits album instead of new music," he said in a statement.
  • 9) Sarah Palin chose to use her children as political props.
  • 10) Sarah Palin chose to deliver her farewell address was eerily silent Sunday afternoon as the predominantly supportive crowd hung on her every word, waiting for any clue to what her future plans may be.
  • 11) And CNN considers this 'breaking news'? .... we ALL already knew she was unfit when McCain chose her as his VP ....


  • 1) On past behaviour he is unlikely to choose either course.
  • 2) But my role in her life is to give her the chance to choose what she wants to do.
  • 3) The clips chosen were available online.
  • 4) If you left the cup alone, this means you chose to ignore a reward.
  • 5) choose from 19 courses including beauty and sports nutrition.
  • 6) I have chosen to ignore this and focus on the job.
  • 7) Throughout the referendum campaign, the leaders of universities either did not know or chose to ignore these facts.
  • 8) The chosen ten books will be shown to British publishers at a book fair in Italy in the spring.
  • 9) But we can only choose from those available.
  • 10) Your brain just chooses to ignore it.
  • 11) You also need to choose a course with a higher than average chance of a place.
  • 12) We want families and shoppers to stop by for a coffee while choosing their library books.
  • 13) They now know about each other and want me to choose.
  • 14) Those who deny the science or choose excuses over action are playing with fire.
  • 15) All the books chosen are available as complete books from audible.
  • 16) She has chosen to ignore the facts.
  • 17) They choose when they want to go autonomous.
  • 18) The scale of the action is chosen rather than given by circumstance.
  • 19) He chooses to ignore the health dangers.
  • 20) My book was chosen in part because it deals with issues familiar to many prisoners.
  • 21) The woman chooses who she wants at the birth.
  • 22) How management answers them determines what course of action it will choose.
  • 23) Choosing a new book for your reading group can be frustratingly hit and miss.
  • 24) He wanted us to choose careers that fired our imaginations.
  • 25) For example it could include a chose in action.
  • 26) She could not understand the concept of popular will and therefore chose to ignore an increasingly strident voice.
  • 27) Do lots of research before you choose your course and visit the places you are selecting if you can.
  • 28) They clearly chose the former course.
  • 29) But they choose to ignore you.
  • 30) If balsamic vinegar is available, choose this instead.
  • 31) You have to choose the course, counting on yourself.
  • 32) It matters which man it chooses, of course it does.
  • 33) I actually consider these games more interesting than those that only allow the player to do “good”, and while I typically choose to follow the “good” path, I like that I had to actually *choose* to follow it.
  • 34) It may be true that we can act as we choose, but can we _choose_?
  • 35) Thus, in "I may write if I choose," "may write" is by some classified as in the potential mood, but in reality the phrase _I may write_ is an indicative one while the second clause, _if I choose_, is the expression of a condition upon which, not my liberty to write, depends, but my actual writing.
  • 36) For superdelegates, most of whom are active politicians, to choose is to lose the support of either the Obamaniacs or the Hillary-ites in their state or district.
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  • 39) Beautiful wreathes made of fragrant greens, lights twinkling in a multitude of colors, ornaments glittering, Christmas stockings … you can choose from a variety of unique designs.
  • 40) Customers can choose from a selection of products including olives, cheeses, cold meats and fish.
  • 41) These being said, you can choose from a variety of upholstery fabrics and acrylic, wood, or steel legs.
  • 42) ‘Everyone seems to have chosen the person they are supporting for the job.’
  • 43) ‘Our waitress helped us choose all our dishes and we were pleased we took her advice.’
  • 44) ‘You are not simply choosing a new leader for the party, you are picking the next prime minister.’
  • 45) ‘In the event of a tied election the President is chosen by a vote in the House of Representatives.’
  • 46) ‘Ilkley Parish Council has chosen its new leader elect for the coming year.’
  • 47) ‘The judges whittled down the entries to nine finalists, and the winner was then chosen by an online vote.’
  • 48) ‘Alternatively, you can just choose a good fund and have the manager do it for you.’
  • 49) ‘She was chosen by random selection to take the drug rather than join the observation group.’
  • 50) ‘He says he has no idea why the selectors chose him as the team's captain in the first place.’
  • 51) ‘Gloria was surprised to have won the award and is still trying to decide what prize to choose.’
  • 52) ‘Do parents think that when they choose a name for their child they are choosing a personality?’
  • 53) ‘This is an issue of the right of consumers to choose what sort of product they wish to buy.’
  • 54) ‘A selection process will now take place to chose the three who will sit on the committee.’
  • 55) ‘But the people who have chosen that path probably don't see it as a problem at all.’
  • 56) ‘The first dealer is chosen at random, and thereafter the turn to deal alternates, after each hand.’
  • 57) ‘Neither will they inspire our most talented people to choose a career in politics.’
  • 58) ‘There must be something seriously wrong with a nation that chooses serendipity as its favourite word.’
  • 59) ‘I personally would not have chosen it, but it was his choice to make, not anyone else's.’
  • 60) ‘Everywhere was so different that it would be difficult to choose my favourite place.’
  • 61) ‘Each hymn at the funeral service was chosen because it was a favourite which Mr Ryder would play on his trumpet.’
  • 62) ‘Nations have always been able to choose to what degree they wish to open up to globalisation.’
  • 63) ‘Feel free to choose more or less as you see fit, but please explain why you picked them.’
  • 64) ‘Sometimes I wish I had chosen to be one of those who mend lives but it is too late for regrets.’
  • 65) ‘When we are selfish, we are choosing to place our desires above those of other people.’
  • 66) ‘If only one defender wishes to play then he can choose to invite his partner to defend with him.’
  • 67) ‘He chose not to attend the Open championship, not wishing to distract his players.’
  • 68) ‘He or she may decide afterwards that the marriage cannot work, and choose to leave it.’
  • 69) ‘He wasn't a golfer himself and he often wondered why he had chosen to live in the middle of a golf course.’
  • 70) ‘When a government is elected on the basis of a manifesto which it then chooses to ignore, what is the point of voting?’
  • 71) ‘What was even more pleasing, was the number of those pictured who chose to give themselves up.’
  • 72) ‘The scheme was designed to be open plan, although some residents have chosen to have small garden fences.’
  • 73) ‘It does of course but she chooses to blot it out as if by doing that it doesn't really happen.’
  • 74) ‘They were simply pleased that the budget airline had chosen to use their local airport.’
  • 75) ‘So, anyway the beauty is of course that I am voluntarily choosing to do this to myself.’
  • 76) ‘To say we could have done otherwise implies only that we would have done otherwise if we had decided or chosen to.’
  • 77) ‘Of course, we also might never know whether any company chooses to leave Scotland because of high rates.’
  • 78) ‘In the course of this article I have chosen to focus upon ideas of the self and identity.’
  • 79) ‘This option is of course not available if you have chosen not to join the new London General Pension Fund.’
  • 80) ‘That was a course that was open to them; that was a course they chose not to take.’
  • 81) ‘The defendants could have taken the course of proving it if they wished, but they have chosen not to.’

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