whose vs who's

whose who's


  • 1) Seewhoandwhat.
  • 2) Of whom, belonging to whom; used as an interrogative .
  • 3) Of which, belonging to which; used as a relative .
  • 4) Of whom, belonging to whom; used as a relative .
  • 5) The possessive case of who or which. See who, and which.


  • 1) There was little doubt about whose side the public were on.
  • 2) And what about the ones whose applications fail?
  • 3) Praise from the one person whose opinion matters most gets important plans working.
  • 4) That's not to mention clauses whose parentage and application is a matter of legal dispute.
  • 5) There is one man who bears overwhelming responsibility for this disaster ; a man whose barbaric military tactics have caused the vast majority of those 400,000 deaths.
  • 6) Town halls across the UK have paid 12 million in compensation over four years to motorists whose cars were damaged by potholes.
  • 7) A PREGNANT woman whose car rolled backwards off a harbour wall blamed it on a faulty electronic handbrake.
  • 8) The person whose holidays you dread because of the six hours of sunset snaps that will follow.
  • 9) And the person whose opinion matters most to you will be impressed.
  • 10) You can tell who the leader is in advance by watching for the person whose movements set other people moving.
  • 11) This is to give us time fully to reflect on the life and work of the person whose memory we honour.
  • 12) For those whose car parks are accessible from the open street, clamping is the only answer.
  • 13) The benefits appear to be confined to women; men whose wives exercised did not experience the same improvement in mood.
  • 14) LAST month you sent 300 to a family making trips to hospital whose car needed repairs.
  • 15) Of course, this can lead to the selection of a person whose undisclosed background makes him or her a risk of harm to others.
  • 16) Critics say urban chargers are best suited to an early generation of electric cars whose maximum range of about 100 miles has failed to impress buyers.
  • 17) But this is a car whose faults you easily forgive, especially when you hear the V8 bark.
  • 18) The point is that it's a painting about temptation, whose opening gambit is to tempt you.
  • 19) MY heart goes out to the people in the Cumbrian towns whose property and belongings have been ruined by the floods.
  • 20) THE first heavy snow of the season is a timely reminder to millions of drivers whose cars are unprepared for the extra problems winter can bring.
  • 21) In the conjoint relation plain whose is always used, as in “whose hat is that?
  • 22) The horse in the light of an useful beast, fit for the plough, the road, the draft; in every social useful light, the horse has nothing sublime; but is it thus that we are affected with him, _whose neck is clothed with thunder, the glory of whose nostrils is terrible, who swalloweth the ground with fierceness and rage, neither believeth that it is the sound of the trumpet_?
  • 23) A nation whose ships are shut out from every port, and whose* envoys are exel uded from every Cabinet! — a StatQ which has lost all political influence, which has not a single ally, which is, in short, reduced to carry on a smuggling trade with great squa - drons, as the only means which remains for enabling its merchants to get rid of a part of their merchandizes!
  • 24) Money is trickling back to the labels: A label whose videos rack up 10 million streams on Vevo could collect around $70,000.
  • 25) No oracular revelations, though I did enjoy his definition of merchant banking, a term whose meaning had always eluded me.
  • 26) It was oversized and it was utilitarian as you would expect from Acne - after all this is a label whose heart lies in the wearable and thus the covetable.
  • 27) A label whose status rested on the genius of a designer who died in 2010 has been transformed, in a few days, into the house that owns event-dressing in 2011.
  • 28) If there's anyone you'd want running a radio station then it's Domino Records, the label whose roster boasts everyone from Austra and Arctic Monkeys to Tricky and Robert Wyatt.
  • 29) There are, it seems, still women prepared to pay €3,000 (£2,600) for a fox-trimmed suede skirt or €75 (£65) for a small milk jug, even from a label whose lustre could do with a polish.
  • 30) ‘It is time for Mr Wills to decide whose side he is on, the University of Bath or the people of Swindon.’
  • 31) ‘We also tried to follow it and knocked on doors to see whose it was, also to no avail.’
  • 32) ‘I knew a man whose idea of following fashion was to change his underwear once a season.’
  • 33) ‘This provoked outrage in the industry and among those whose branch line was set for the chop.’
  • 34) ‘It hopes to give people whose opinions are rarely heard the chance to tell their story.’
  • 35) ‘The idea is that you should want people whose opinions you share to have an robust stance.’
  • 36) ‘We were keen to play with any band whose fans might be persuaded to start following us, too.’
  • 37) ‘It belongs to Lucy Smooth, whose husband used to keep it under control until he died.’
  • 38) ‘Those of you whose grubby mitts have not reached for this shiny golden nugget yet, why not?’
  • 39) ‘Gasping for breath, they reached the row of houses whose gardens led onto the park.’
  • 40) ‘He followed the story of a widow whose ceremony took place in the sacred river of Pouktiou.’
  • 41) ‘Kyle, whose back was to her, turned around as he followed the gazes of his two friends.’
  • 42) ‘It featured two mothers whose daughters had been lured into relationships by the men.’
  • 43) ‘A mother whose son was shot dead led a march against guns in Leeds at the weekend.’
  • 44) ‘At the moment only the select few girls whose parents can afford to pay receive any education.’
  • 45) ‘The attacker, whose face was covered by a hood, grabbed her from behind in the dark alley.’
  • 46) ‘He's a workaholic whose goal is to be the first man to put hackers permanently out of business.’
  • 47) ‘In his place is a man who trades on trust but whose personality offers limited reassurance.’
  • 48) ‘It is their very irony that will appeal to precisely the people whose passions they parody.’
  • 49) ‘He was a street fighter whose attraction to violence bordered on the pathological.’
  • 50) ‘In fact, he is a mere boy whose life is so painful that it does not seem to him to be worth living.’
  • 51) ‘We need to remember we are talking about a guy whose best years may well be ahead of him.’


  • 1) ‘What's interesting about The Apprentice is that there's no way of knowing who's going to win.’
  • 2) ‘Then there's the blogger who's only blogging because he has no one else to turn to.’
  • 3) ‘God bless the occasional generous law firm partner who's at home to take the call.’
  • 4) ‘It's not necessarily who turns up, but it's who's there for you when you really need them that counts.’
  • 5) ‘So my Dad calls in after a trip to visit Aunty Wilma, who's recovering from a stroke.’
  • 6) ‘A cynic may say it's the feeling of acceptance that comes over a condemned man who's resigned to his fate.’
  • 7) ‘It's about a nomadic storyteller in India named Bram who's preoccupied with Dracula.’
  • 8) ‘Oh yeah, and Catherine Deneuve, who's wonderful in pretty much everything she does.’
  • 9) ‘The film doesn't necessarily need Jason Mewes, but it needs someone who's funny.’
  • 10) ‘Time's up and he turns to the task of waking a nephew who's now snoring into his New York Yankees baseball cap.’
  • 11) ‘After all - who's to say that any two people hear sound in exactly the same way?’
  • 12) ‘My partner, who's a chef too, also takes food home, so there's a lot of variety.’
  • 13) ‘It had a fantastic chef, Kam Po But, who's still there and still producing marvellous food.’
  • 14) ‘I have breakfast with Eric and Elizabeth, who's still at school, then get ready for work.’
  • 15) ‘It's all very well saying that youngsters should have free education, but who's going to pay for it?’
  • 16) ‘I'd be very interested to hear from anyone else who's involved in this project.’
  • 17) ‘Much of Saturday night was spent chatting to Cath, who's heading off to India for a few weeks.’
  • 18) ‘It's a new experience, living with someone who's a better cook than me, but one I could get used to.’
  • 19) ‘No-one wants to give a chance to somebody who's not guaranteed to be perfect.’
  • 20) ‘Women don't mind a man fussing with his hair, but they do mind a man who's too vain to get his hands dirty’
  • 21) ‘I join the end of the queue, nodding at a former stranger who's almost become a friend over recent months.’
  • 22) ‘He looks like an Essex car dealer who's just become an African tribal king.’
  • 23) ‘This is all the theory anyway, anyone who's frequented a pub knows that it doesn't really work that way.’
  • 24) ‘This is a man who's either performed with, or written songs for, everyone in the Soul and Blues world.’
  • 25) ‘Surely no one who's actually read Watchmen wants to see this on the screen?’
  • 26) ‘He laughs as he says it, but he actually does have the air of a kid who's gotten away with something.’
  • 27) ‘For anyone who's ever had a dispute with a neighbour over property, the law could be a boon.’
  • 28) ‘Every player who's ever had a cruciate injury, including myself, had done exactly the same.’
  • 29) ‘I've not been one of the fortunate guys who's made a fortune out of the game.’
  • 30) ‘Anyone who's known me for any length of time will remember that I have trouble with my right ear from time to time.’
  • 31) ‘Not much to ask, not least by anyone who's had to sit through The Quick and the Dead.’
  • 32) ‘All that is by the by, as anyone who's been watching the news lately will tell you.’
  • 33) ‘It's bloody cold and I get stuck holding Lucy who's already been celebrating quite hard.’
  • 34) ‘Anyone who's grown up with an alcoholic parent learns to dread celebrations.’
  • 35) ‘I've met an awful lot of drug dealers but I've never met one who's retired to Devon.’
  • 36) ‘This alone is insulting to anyone who's lived both in Montreal proper and in a suburb.’
  • 37) ‘As anyone who's done it will tell you, backpacking is a great way to travel.’
  • 38) ‘Anyway, I'd better get back to annoying someone who's just bought a digital camera.’
  • 39) ‘I feel like the naughty schoolboy who's been called to the headmistress's office.’

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