mistreatment vs maltreatment

mistreatment maltreatment


  • 1) Improper treatment, abuse.
  • 2) Wrong treatment.
  • 3) the practice of treating (someone or something) badly
  • 4) Wrong or unkind treatment; abuse.


  • 1) Cruel or harmful treatment or abuse; mistreatment.
  • 2) Cruel or inhumane treatment; ill usage; abuse.
  • 3) cruel or inhumane treatment
  • 4) The act of maltreating, or the condition of being maltreated; ill treatment; ill usage; abuse.


  • 1) Those who managed to survive times of war were subjected to cruel mistreatment in mines.
  • 2) Yesterday he declined to talk further about his alleged mistreatment.
  • 3) British forces are not accused of direct involvement in the alleged mistreatment.
  • 4) It was the terms of those visas which made them particularly vulnerable to the mistreatment which they suffered.
  • 5) But he said he would not examine the alleged mistreatment of other female recruits within the chain of command.
  • 6) You don't get involved in the mistreatment of detainees as an individual.
  • 7) There are a further 36 cases of alleged abuse and mistreatment.
  • 8) The government and defence lawyers have refused to discuss the terms of the settlement, while denying any culpability in alleged mistreatment.
  • 9) ‘There is no reminiscing on evidence of any social mistreatment or racial abuse.’
  • 10) ‘Reports of mistreatment have surfaced recently from detainees, released after a year in custody without charge.’
  • 11) ‘She called on ministers to boost protection for women, after a report showed widespread mistreatment of pregnant staff by employers.’
  • 12) ‘If there are allegations of mistreatment made, then those allegations are investigated.’
  • 13) ‘He said that allegations of prisoner mistreatment are investigated.’


  • 1) ‘According to national newspapers he has claimed abuse and maltreatment by his captors and dismissed their claims as a fabrication.’
  • 2) ‘It includes domestic violence, child physical abuse, child sexual abuse and maltreatment of elders.’
  • 3) ‘We don't like thinking about child abuse and maltreatment.’
  • 4) ‘Child maltreatment, abuse and victimization refer to the intentional assault of a child by a caretaker.’
  • 5) ‘Specific chapters examine the effect of maltreatment on cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional development in children.’

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