entitled vs titled

entitled titled


  • 1) qualified for by right according to law
  • 2) Simple past tense and past participle of entitle.


  • 1) a person who has a title
  • 2) Having a title, especially a noble title.
  • 3) Having or bearing a title.
  • 4) belonging to the peerage
  • 5) Simple past tense and past participle of title.


  • 1) A free-team entrant is entitled to five tokens.
  • 2) The police said he was entitled to his opinion.
  • 3) You're entitled to love again but the timing must be right.
  • 4) No one's entitled to hang on to a nice presenting job indefinitely.
  • 5) Apparently he pinged off an irate memo to the catering department, entitled 'rogue biscuit'.
  • 6) As host nation, we are entitled to a slot in every team event.
  • 7) The first agency was not entitled to commission.
  • 8) He is entitled to be where he is.
  • 9) Both players are entitled to feel that 'one day' they will come good.
  • 10) He is entitled to a declaration to that effect from the courts.
  • 11) This school concedes that the Tamils the world over are by the standard definition of the term entitled to nationhood, but their land space for exercising that claim is Tamilnadu - not Sri Lanka.
  • 12) With a special video recording from New Zealand, Guillermo del Toro announced, moments ago, his partnership with Disney for a new label entitled "Disney Double Dare You", featuring "full family" films with horror bent.
  • 13) The letter said, "While there might be no desire to define Christianity in the case of those who claim that they are in any sense of the term entitled to be called Christians, for those persons who, like yourself, disavow the name, there seems to be no need of raising any question as to how broad a range of opinion the name may properly be stretched to cover." [
  • 14) The U.S. went on to positively affirm that "ensuring LGBT refugees receive the protection and assistance to which all refugees are entitled is a priority."
  • 15) I swear these flippin entitled Americans need to just shut the heck up and get what's taken 60 years to make happen and I'm including the public option.
  • 16) Is there really a manuscript by Stein entitled The Book of Salt?
  • 17) One thing which citizens want and, save perhaps in the extremes of a major war, to which they are entitled is a sober and accurate assessment of the prospects for our economy and general prospects so that they might make informed decisions on how to deploy their resources.
  • 18) In 1992 Alberstein recorded her first album in English, entitled The Man I Love.
  • 19) ‘Fame is no longer a special reward, but an emerging reality in which everyone feels entitled.’
  • 20) ‘Intellectuals feel entitled.’
  • 21) ‘She has a horrible entitled attitude.’
  • 22) ‘The self-esteem movement has certainly promoted such distorted, entitled attitudes.’
  • 23) ‘It seems like Nancy was very ungrateful and felt entitled.’
  • 24) ‘They're getting greedy and feeling entitled.’
  • 25) ‘Anyone who is actually involved will be well aware of his oafish and entitled behavior.’
  • 26) ‘It was because of those wealthy people and their entitled behaviors that we removed our oldest son from public education.’
  • 27) ‘My sweet, sweet daughter has become a very entitled, insecure young woman.’
  • 28) ‘A few very loud and very entitled parents have now made the school board their personal forum.’


  • 1) Every other titled lord from Duke to Squire in the area was at that table.
  • 2) ‘Such crude words from your lips is unforgivable in the daughter of a titled lord, is it not?’
  • 3) ‘He wasn't a titled man, or a man of property, like those who signed the Declaration.’
  • 4) ‘White markings probably denote his status as a titled member of the Peri warrior society.’
  • 5) ‘He was also a great hit among titled Australians and particularly, so it seems, among titled women.’
  • 6) ‘It's all very incongruous coming from the mouth of a titled man whose toffee vowels are drawn out like a penny chew.’
  • 7) ‘With the death of her titled father in 1934, the barony passed to her eldest brother.’
  • 8) ‘The wives of titled men have been joined or replaced by women who are successful in their own right.’
  • 9) ‘Three weeks after he beat his most titled rivals to become the national champion.’
  • 10) ‘Norma Reeve, from a lowly background in the East End, was taken in by a titled lady with servants and a butler who served Norma her meals.’
  • 11) ‘This is great for titled players, who want all that information at their fingertips.’
  • 12) ‘She was a titled lady and her daughter worked for the Queen, as she was then, who recently died.’

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