deer vs reindeer

deer reindeer


  • 1) The meat of such an animal
  • 2) zoology a ruminant mammal with antlers and hooves of the family Cervidae or one of several similar animals from related families of the order Artiodactyla
  • 3) archaic (Esp. in phrase small deer) Any animal, especially a mammal.
  • 4) obsolete A beast, usually a quadruped as opposed to birds, fish, etc.
  • 5) Any of various hoofed ruminant mammals of the family Cervidae, characteristically having deciduous antlers borne chiefly by the males. The deer family includes the white-tailed deer, elk, moose, and caribou.
  • 6) (Zoöl.) the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus, formerly Hesperomys leucopus) of America.
  • 7) (Zoöl.) A ruminant of the genus Cervus, of many species, and of related genera of the family Cervidæ. The males, and in some species the females, have solid antlers, often much branched, which are shed annually. Their flesh, for which they are hunted, is called venison.
  • 8) obsolete Any animal; especially, a wild animal.
  • 9) petty game, not worth pursuing; -- used metaphorically. (See citation from Shakespeare under the first definition, above.)
  • 10) distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
  • 11) Any wild quadruped.
  • 12) The general name of the solid-horned ruminants of the family Ccrvidœ, and especially of the genus Cervus. See these words.
  • 13) A term loosely applied to the chevrotains, of the family Tragulidæ (which see), from their resemblance to musk-deer.


  • 1) zoology An Arctic and Subarctic-dwelling deer with a number of subspecies. The North American subspecies are known as caribou.
  • 2) A large deer (Rangifer tarandus) of the Arctic tundra and northern boreal forests, having large hooves and long branched antlers in both sexes, and widely domesticated in Eurasia. Subspecies native to North America and Greenland are usually called caribou.
  • 3) (Zool.) Any ruminant of the genus Rangifer, of the Deer family, found in the colder parts of both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and having long irregularly branched antlers, with the brow tines palmate.
  • 4) (Geol.) a name sometimes given to a part of the Paleolithic era when the reindeer was common over Central Europe.
  • 5) (Bot.) a gray branching lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) which forms extensive patches on the ground in arctic and even in north temperature regions. It is the principal food of the Lapland reindeer in winter.
  • 6) Arctic deer with large antlers in both sexes; called `reindeer' in Eurasia and `caribou' in North America
  • 7) In heraldry, a stag having two sets of antlers, the one pair bending downward, and the other standing erect.
  • 8) A deer of the genus Rangifer or Tarandus, having horns in both sexes, and inhabiting arctic and cold temperate regions; the Cervus tarandus, Rangifer tarandus, or Tarandus rangifer.


  • 1) Wild boar and deer could eat his livelihood.
  • 2) We passed salmon rivers, grouse, wild deer and a eagle that took a shine to drone.
  • 3) Wild red deer have been hunted for both sport and food here for centuries.
  • 4) Look out for deer and wild boar.
  • 5) Look through the curved window and you can see deer roaming wild.
  • 6) Its two bedrooms sleep up to four people and there are wild deer in the surrounding countryside.
  • 7) It is as wild as a deer.
  • 8) Another reason for the increase is the growing number of wild deer.
  • 9) There were deer and elk in the forest, too.
  • 10) In the wild she would live in northern China and learn to hunt deer and wild boar.
  • 11) Suddenly a large buck deer leapt across the road in front of the car and I slammed on the brakes.
  • 12) Red deer are our largest land mammals, so it's quite a sight!
  • 13) There are 12,500 trees making up new woodland, in which roe deer can be spotted.
  • 14) Red squirrel, badger, mink and roe deer live in the reserve.
  • 15) The auctioneer's podium faced a wall hung with six sets of mounted antlers each side of a large red deer's head.
  • 16) In large numbers deer destroy land, forestry and natural habitats, and need to be culled to keep control of the numbers.
  • 17) There are a few other kinds of deer in America, but the funniest of them is called the _mule deer_, which lives along the Rocky Mountains.
  • 18) But in one thing the tiger is better off than the deer: _the tiger can see farther than the deer_.
  • 19) II. i.100 (161,5) [too unruly deer] The ambiguity of _deer_ and _dear_ is borrowed, poor as it is, by Waller, in his poem on the _Ladies
  • 20) III. i.91 (443,8) It was my deer] The play upon _deer_ and _dear_ has been used by Waller, who calls a lady's girdle, _The pale that held my lovely_ deer.
  • 21) What a buck some people have all the luck but i rather be lucky than good any day i just cant get over how big this deer is and all the points coming out every where congrads on a magnificent buck i dont think you can ever beat that in your life time if you do iam coming to ill. and hunting beside you.
  • 22) Sitting in a tree and waiting on a deer is one thing, being able to track and sneak up on a deer is another.
  • 23) Before season starts i just go to where the deer are and make a blind and I have killed all of my deer from a blind.
  • 24) ‘The land around the ranch is a protected wintering area for elk, deer and bighorn sheep.’
  • 25) ‘Looping back around, I got a closer look at the ears and realised that it was probably a muntjac deer.’
  • 26) ‘Police said it was standard advice to cover the head of an injured deer or other animal to help reduce its stress.’
  • 27) ‘Environmentalists argue that Pooley is of exceptional value to deer and wolves.’
  • 28) ‘The deer, sheep and feral goats obviously appreciated the route through the forest too.’
  • 29) ‘It should be said that the carted deer run for a much shorter distance than the deer on Exmoor.’
  • 30) ‘Now there is no way they could do that to a healthy deer so I removed the hounds and the deer ran off.’
  • 31) ‘There is no relationship between the numbers of foxes, deer or hares as far as we can see and levels of damage.’
  • 32) ‘It had not horns in the sense of a deer or a cow but it had bony protuberances above the eyes.’
  • 33) ‘Why are some so poisonous to us, but not to the deer or squirrels who eat them?’
  • 34) ‘Today, his son was young and strong, so he would ask Jason to hunt deer or elk.’
  • 35) ‘Quickly and silently, his warriors parted and one large man carried in a deer over his shoulders.’
  • 36) ‘The herald glanced at me, a look that was as nervous and as fleeting as the deer in the gardens.’
  • 37) ‘They found a baby deer and rescued it, thinking they had found the source of the noise.’
  • 38) ‘Workers are now desperately searching for the female deer, who they believe is still at large.’
  • 39) ‘For the past two years, members have tried to scare the deer off, to no avail.’
  • 40) ‘After a few hours of this, and no luck with the deer, we return home drenched.’
  • 41) ‘It took Han a full hour to find the deer and when he finally located it, it was standing between two large trees.’
  • 42) ‘The deer are so tame they will come and take food from your hand and when we were there they took food from your pocket.’
  • 43) ‘Every young sapling that pokes its head above the heather is chewed to death by hungry deer.’


  • 1) Guests sleep on thick reindeer skins inside thermal sleeping bags.
  • 2) reindeer skins lined the interior.
  • 3) A couple of reindeer skins and a mattress do not disguise the fact that the bed is a block of ice.
  • 4) We recommend a reindeer jumper to serve.
  • 5) That reindeer jumper that your nephew rejected ten years ago?
  • 6) We made a fire and fried some reindeer meat.
  • 7) What is a male reindeer called?
  • 8) We sat on reindeer skins, wrapped up in red blankets.
  • 9) So what if they're selling reindeer meat?
  • 10) The question probably didn't nag those seeing in the year while wearing reindeer antlers.
  • 11) A hot tub adorned with reindeer skins is waiting on return.
  • 12) The rooms are little ice caves, where you snuggle up in a thermal sleeping bag on top of reindeer skins.
  • 13) Can you imagine, real reindeer?
  • 14) I land in a heap, on a heap of harnesses and reindeer skins.
  • 15) A reindeer ride in the dark, with reindeer skins tucked up to our chins.
  • 16) And I knew that reindeer steak was a bad idea.
  • 17) Must try: Sleeping on a bed carved from ice with reindeer skins to keep you warm.
  • 18) Usually there is one driver, who switches place halfway round the course with a passenger, who rests on a reindeer skin.
  • 19) ‘Because you are travelling so quietly, there's some great opportunities to spot elks/moose, reindeers or other Swedish wild animals.’
  • 20) ‘There will also be reindeers and sledge dogs, penguins and seals to give a ‘feel’ of Antartica.’
  • 21) ‘Female reindeer retain their antlers until after they give birth in the spring.’
  • 22) ‘Saami women had their own brands to mark their own reindeer, the power to decide how their reindeer were to be cared for, as well as the right to divide their own estate at death.’
  • 23) ‘Families all over the city and county have pulled out all the stops this Christmas transforming their homes into a winter wonderland, with giant Santa's and Snowmen, reindeers and miles of sparkling lights in an array of colours.’
  • 24) ‘Nowadays people fill their homes at Christmas with all kinds of decorations: tinsel, colour, lights, reindeers and a superfluity of Santa Clauses.’
  • 25) ‘Ask a child what Christmas means, and apart from the stories of magical reindeers, Santa, and the promise of presents, they will probably mention sweets, chocolate and other foods.’
  • 26) ‘But the pair forgot all their troubles when they met Father Christmas, had a sleigh ride pulled by husky dogs and another one pulled by Father Christmas's reindeers.’
  • 27) ‘As a Saami herder fed one plump animal, the Governor General wanted to know what reindeers usually eat.’
  • 28) ‘The Village Grotto is home to Rudolf, the reindeers and Santa's elves.’
  • 29) ‘He tells all the special children that he will visit them on Christmas Eve and gives them special pieces of hay for his reindeers.’
  • 30) ‘Santa asked him to leave out a carrot and some lettuce for the reindeers to give them energy to fly around the world.’
  • 31) ‘I always remember the one year I woke my mum up at some ungodly hour and was convinced I heard reindeers on the roof.’
  • 32) ‘Usually, my family went home after church to hang stockings and leave out carrots for the reindeer.’

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