got vs gotten

got gotten


  • 1) Past participles of get.
  • 2) Preterit of get.
  • 3) southern US must; have (to).
  • 4) UK, New Zealand Past participle of get
  • 5) southern US, UK, slang have
  • 6) Simple past of get.
  • 7) Expressing obligation.
  • 8) imp. & p. p. of get. See get.


  • 1) obtained, acquired
  • 2) North America, Ireland, Northern British Past participle of get
  • 3) p.p.ofget.
  • 4) p. p. of get.
  • 5) Obtained or acquired: usually with a qualifying adverb; won: as, ill-gotten gains; new-gotten territory; gotten battles.


  • 1) Once they got home there was no more procrastination.
  • 2) But we'd already got what we wanted.
  • 3) People would load up the trolley and then when they got home there was nowhere to store the stuff so it made homes cluttered.
  • 4) I tried calling the hospital but just got answering machines.
  • 5) I'd just got used to it.
  • 6) He'd already got the hang of it and didn't want to come up!
  • 7) When I got back there was a massive celebration, with all the cabinet ministers coming to the airport to meet me.


  • 1) He had to know where they had gotten that beautiful tree.

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