each vs every

each every


  • 1) operations, philosophy An individual item: the least quantitative unit in a grouping.
  • 2) Every; -- sometimes used interchangeably with every.
  • 3) Every one of the two or more individuals composing a number of objects, considered separately from the rest. It is used either with or without a following noun.
  • 4) (used of count nouns) every one considered individually
  • 5) to or from every one of two or more (considered individually)
  • 6) Both.
  • 7) Being either or any unit of a numerical aggregate consisting of two or more, indefinitely: used in predicating the same thing of both or all the members of the pair, aggregate, or series mentioned or taken into account, considered individually or one by one: often followed by one, with of before a noun (partitive genitive): as, each sex; each side of the river; each stone in a building; each one of them has taken a different course from every other.
  • 8) Each the other; one another: now generally used when two persons or things are concerned, but also used more loosely like one another (which see, under another): as, they love each other (that is, each loves the other).
  • 9) Every one of any number or numerical aggregate, considered individually: equivalent to the adjectival phrase each one: as, each went his way; each had two; each of them was of a different size (that is, from all the others, or from every one else in the number).
  • 10) For one; per
  • 11) every one; every thing
  • 12) all; every; qualifying a singular noun, indicating all examples of the thing so named seen as individual or separate items (compare every)


  • 1) An obsolete form of ivory. Wright
  • 2) [Colloq.] at short intervals; occasionally; repeatedly; frequently.
  • 3) obsolete Every one. Cf. Each.
  • 4) [Obs.] every one.
  • 5) All the parts which compose a whole collection or aggregate number, considered in their individuality, all taken separately one by one, out of an indefinite number.
  • 6) (used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception
  • 7) each and all of a series of entities or intervals as specified
  • 8) each one (of the whole number); every person; everybody.
  • 9) Each, considered indefinitely as a unitary part of an aggregate; all, of a collective or aggregate number, taken one by one; any, as representing all of whom or of which the same thing is predicated.
  • 10) Each of any number of persons or things; every one.
  • 11) Used with ordinal numbers to denote those items whose position is divisible by the corresponding cardinal number, or a portion of equal size to that set.
  • 12) All of a countable group, without exception.


  • 1) They have also failed in each of the last three seasons.
  • 2) Slice off one end of each potato so they can stand up.
  • 3) each hospital is also appointing local whistleblowing guardians.
  • 4) each decoy also has its own anchor and weight attached.
  • 5) Cut a small hole in each one and stuff with half an olive for the pupil.
  • 6) each cheetah is also fed a whole rabbit once each week.
  • 7) Some spouses tend to nag or criticise each other ; others may be jealous or possessive.
  • 8) He spends an average of two minutes talking with each recipient ; longer than other royals.
  • 9) This applies not only to your career expectations but also to each gig.
  • 10) But it is the right pronoun in each of these sentences.
  • 11) Score four or five times on the skin side of each one.
  • 12) Luckily each new revival also gives rising stars the chance to shine.
  • 13) It was also lower than each month in the final quarter of last year.
  • 14) He has to give me one phrase in each week for a point on his chart.
  • 15) It also enables each side to gamble over the outcome of a final hearing.
  • 16) each would elect one member for five years.
  • 17) each group would also like to grab a larger proportion of that value for itself.
  • 18) Another way to view the relationship between explanation and application is to look at the pronouns each calls for.
  • 19) You will need one voucher for each night you book and you will need to present them on arrival at your park.
  • 20) No war is like any other; each victim is distinctive.
  • 21) Both finished the season on 76 points with one win apiece against each other in the league.
  • 22) each one of the treats has around 250 calories.
  • 23) At night he puts a sentence or theme into each room; in the morning he pulls the contents out again.
  • 24) Location Nine campuses; each with its own unique feel.
  • 25) Notice how each indefinite pronoun is used in the following sentences: each of the band members has two free tickets.
  • 26) Hold weight in each hand; rest left hand on left thigh and hang right hand by side, palm back.
  • 27) THE last four league meetings between these sides have ended 1-0 - two wins apiece for each team.
  • 28) The first seven structure to be placed around each for the wellness and betterment of everyone. ..each person, each community, each nation.
  • 29) It appears to me that, given a differentiation of a species into two forms, each of which was adapted to a special sphere of existence, every slight degree of sterility would be a positive advantage, not to the _individuals_ who were sterile, but to _each form_.
  • 30) "In whatever light we consider their invention, as parts of _one whole_, relative to each other, or independent _each of the rest_, and as single subjects, there can be scarcely named a beauty or a mystery, of which the Cartoons furnish not an instance or a clue; _they are poised between perspicuity and pregnancy of moment_."
  • 31) On the first day he opened, he said to the assembled school that he wanted each scholar to consider him as _a friend_; that he desired nothing but their good; and that it was for the interest of _each one_ of them that _all_ should be careful to observe the few and simple rules which he should lay down for the government of the school.
  • 32) I find “I can tell each one what they make, ” “each fellow put their foot on the line, ” “nobody can do what they like” and “she was one of these kind89 of people” in Charters, and “I am not the kind of man that is always thinking about their record, ” “if he was to hit a man in the head… they would think their nose tickled” in Lardner.
  • 33) Where the valley is a flat one, with rising ground at each side, there should be a sub-main, to receive the laterals from _each_ hill side.
  • 34) _Every_ denotes each without exception, and can now only be used with reference to more than two objects; _each_ may refer to two or more.
  • 35) The difference between each () and a manual JavaScript loop is that each () automatically maps the "this" object to the element in the collection being processed.
  • 36) P £, D F I homologous to the fides B C» A B, A C9 each to each» becaufe the one & the other of thofe V are equal each to each to the V P* f.
  • 37) But in my Method the aim is _to repeat as much of the sentence as is possible informing the question and the whole of it in each reply_; and in _question and reply_ the _word_ that _constitutes the point of both_ is to be especially _emphasized_, and in this way _the mind is exercised on each word of the sentence twice_ (once in question and once in answer), and _each word of the sentence is emphasized in reference to the whole of the sentence_.
  • 38) ‘Fawcett's team won the last three ends but managed only a single shot on each of them.’
  • 39) ‘He has a growing collection of plastic dinosaurs and he can pretty much name each one.’
  • 40) ‘It is so heavy that it can only be pulled at a walk by eight horses, each of which has to give full effort.’
  • 41) ‘Since then she has read each of the first three books three times and the fourth one twice.’
  • 42) ‘When the buns have risen, use the back of a knife to make a cross indentation on the top of each one.’
  • 43) ‘Place the pears in the bowl of water and lemon juice while you are preparing each one in turn.’
  • 44) ‘All of them have been so varied and each one is always totally different form the last.’
  • 45) ‘There will be three sessions on each of the first two days and then two sessions each day.’
  • 46) ‘Staff manned a picket line on each of the three gates at the approaches to the factory.’
  • 47) ‘The activities or thoughts that bring on a state of flow are different for each of us.’
  • 48) ‘Responses to each of the items on the scale are given a score of between zero and three.’
  • 49) ‘He eyed each one carefully and wondered if any could guess what he was about to say.’
  • 50) ‘Every week there is a new rail scare and each one ebbs away at my confidence in the rail system.’
  • 51) ‘each card is from a red suit but we do not know this: each of us sees only the suit of his own card.’
  • 52) ‘Place two small frying pans on a gentle heat and pour a little olive oil in each one.’
  • 53) ‘Rub each of the boned chicken legs all over with a little olive oil and the thyme leaves.’
  • 54) ‘The names went on and with each one some lucky man let out a yelp and snatched his letter up.’
  • 55) ‘Klara had made each of us a pair of mittens to wear in the back room when it was cold.’
  • 56) ‘At last we came upon a set of double doors that had a rectangular window on each of them.’
  • 57) ‘So if two people are to be given a slice of cake, each of them ought to get a piece the same size.’
  • 58) ‘Four seminars were held in July, one each for trustees, presidents, deans, and school heads.’
  • 59) ‘The glasses only cost $0.85 each, but the minimum order is for 25 pairs.’
  • 60) ‘Cinema-goers paid 20p each to become the inaugural customers at the 10-screen multiplex.’
  • 61) ‘When we got married I think we maybe had 10 books each, including novels by Sir Walter Scott.’
  • 62) ‘German women are having less than 1.4 children each - only two thirds the level needed to maintain zero population growth.’
  • 63) ‘I divided the specimens into three groups of about twenty each and handed out the first group after my talk.’


  • 1) He's had every man in Talabar who even thinks he knows how to make gunpowder taken into custody.
  • 2) Korandellan used to bring Sanctuary back every spring to allow time to catch up.
  • 3) She'd stood in front of them every day of the trial, memorizing their features, their reactions, their quirks.
  • 4) ‘He had no issue with that at all and that made it easier for every member of the family.’
  • 5) ‘After a decade the group still have a few original members and gain new members every year.’
  • 6) ‘We all agree that every society and every individual has the right to self defence.’
  • 7) ‘It would appear that people are believing every twisted word printed in the media.’
  • 8) ‘There is rarely a brand that offers exactly what every individual buyer is looking for.’
  • 9) ‘For every member of the burn team, rehabilitation must start from the time of injury.’
  • 10) ‘I want every member who wants to speak to be able to have his or her say, and to be heard.’
  • 11) ‘It is also as intelligently written as it is expertly performed by every member of the cast.’
  • 12) ‘It is our task to ensure that every trade union member and every local union branch signs up as well.’
  • 13) ‘Jamie has a great post that I was going to excerpt, but every word is on the money.’
  • 14) ‘Ken sat in the middle of the dance floor on a chair as his father and every guest had a snip.’
  • 15) ‘Ideally everybody would read every word of every page as you might read a Trollope novel.’
  • 16) ‘She is loving every minute of being back on court and she cannot get enough of the buzz of being at a grand slam.’
  • 17) ‘You can spend every minute glued to the news on the internet but it doesn't update.’
  • 18) ‘Win or lose, it will be a great experience and I intend to make the most of every minute.’
  • 19) ‘For us it was just a great race and I enjoyed every minute because I could push the car all the way.’
  • 20) ‘It is not possible to buy every fund though a discount broker or fund supermarket.’
  • 21) ‘The key is to throw the net as widely as possible and organise in every locality.’
  • 22) ‘The physical effort of having to be at the theatre every night became too much to handle.’
  • 23) ‘He has to know the rules of every game and make sure staff are following the correct procedures.’
  • 24) ‘The camp will run from Friday to Sunday and will return on the third weekend of every month.’
  • 25) ‘On every third opening of the pages, there is a medallist now known to have cheated.’
  • 26) ‘In some swims, on every third cast the weight would jam up on a hidden snag and we'd have to pull for a break.’
  • 27) ‘There was a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards and at each turn a novel effect.’
  • 28) ‘I no longer check my in box every five minutes for messages from the someone else.’
  • 29) ‘When they are arriving at the rate of one or two every minute, it becomes more than you can cope with.’
  • 30) ‘Stansted airport used a manual system to allow planes to take off every ten minutes.’
  • 31) ‘Less evident is a web cam running in the background and updating every ten minutes.’
  • 32) ‘These buses will run at least every ten minutes, offering a quick way in and out of York.’
  • 33) ‘We have one every three minutes or so, whereas Albert Square is lucky to see one a year.’
  • 34) ‘Shake pan gently every couple of minutes to ensure chips do not stick to the bottom.’
  • 35) ‘I look at it for a couple of minutes every hour or so now, in the hope of some inspiration.’
  • 36) ‘Trains run every two or three minutes and take about an hour to do a complete lap of the city.’
  • 37) ‘He was supposed to laugh and then bring it up every five minutes with the sole purpose to tease me about it.’
  • 38) ‘Turn the rod a quarter turn every ten minutes for an hour to avoid any dripping.’
  • 39) ‘Taylor is in favour of a regular return of the Auld Enemy game, possibly every two years.’
  • 40) ‘He said staff were now making every effort to encourage new applications for grants.’
  • 41) ‘These children are our future and should be given every chance possible to succeed.’
  • 42) ‘The Rotarians have agreed that every possible step should be taken to stop the work.’
  • 43) ‘Staff at the Magpie Cafe said every effort is being made to minimise the impact of the queues.’
  • 44) ‘We must make our contribution to eliminate stigma and fight it in every way possible.’
  • 45) ‘I made every effort to avoid the eyes of the medical staff and left with my head held low.’
  • 46) ‘Their explorations into concrete as a material created every reason to try it out.’
  • 47) ‘There is every reason to think that you would come across problems cloning humans.’
  • 48) ‘He is clearly a hard working and sincere musician, who puts every effort into his craft.’
  • 49) ‘When the Doctor regenerates every effort is made to literally bring new life to the part.’
  • 50) ‘The material is brightly presented and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy.’
  • 51) ‘Two of them, with young families of their own, appeared to have every reason to live.’
  • 52) ‘If this is the case, and there's every reason to believe it is, then what is going on?’
  • 53) ‘Certainly, every effort has been made to give an idea what is happening in our area.’
  • 54) ‘England are still in the tournament so there is every reason for more pubs to enter.’
  • 55) ‘She said the family made every effort to console Joyce but had been let down by his lies.’
  • 56) ‘The rehab house had a habit of throwing parties for any and every reason available.’
  • 57) ‘With his defenders failing to cut out the simplest of crosses, he had every reason to be.’
  • 58) ‘There was every possibility he may have collapsed and been in need of urgent medical help.’
  • 59) ‘We will certainly be looking at every possibility of making it reach into new spheres.’

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