you’re vs your

you’re your


  • 1) Informal Used with little or no sense of possession to indicate a type familiar to the listener.
  • 2) A person's; one's.
  • 3) Used as a modifier before a noun.
  • 4) The form of the possessive case of the personal pronoun you.
  • 5) A determiner that conveys familiarity and mutual knowledge of the modified noun.
  • 6) Belonging to you; of you; related to you (singular; one owner).
  • 7) Belonging to you; of you; related to you (plural; more owners).


  • 1) He points out that by committing to storing your belongings you are forced to sort things out.
  • 2) You have much to say and many plans to share with the key people in your life.
  • 3) The only thing you can alter is your food and people eat less to keep warm.
  • 4) Some people may doubt your choices but let time prove you right.
  • 5) People love your ideas and your success can go from local to global.
  • 6) If your people need anything then you must ask my government.
  • 7) Are all the people in your place good people?
  • 8) You bring people to your home.
  • 9) your success surprises people - including you.
  • 10) The solstice makes this the shortest day but it could also be the one that brings so many interesting people into your life.
  • 11) You are advised to take extra care of your belongings in busy locations fco.
  • 12) Who have been the most influential people in your life and why?
  • 13) Watch what happens in your relationships with people around you.
  • 14) Take photographs of your home and belongings to help with any claim.
  • 15) To pursue a certain kind of fame is to invite people into your life.
  • 16) Insurers will insist that you take care of your personal belongings and keep them secure.
  • 17) The moon moves in to your sign and sparks new understanding with key people in your life.
  • 18) Especially when they take a load of your belongings.
  • 19) The moon is in your sign so people are receptive to your ideas.
  • 20) Do you only really relax in your own space with your own belongings around?
  • 21) The moon in your sign makes people more receptive to your plans.
  • 22) The moon in your sign ensures people like your ideas.
  • 23) You write off the English at your peril.
  • 24) Something memorably structure to your English taste.
  • 25) Some of his ideas are slightly different to your typical English coach.
  • 26) HAVE you left your English blood behind?
  • 27) And when you touch something with your true heart and spirit like you obviously do..your essence is truly are forever immortal in that garden or space..your spirit embodies the land and the land embodies you!
  • 28) To take just one example that comes immediately to mind, if your family coverage is through a local HMO, what happens when your  son graduates from college and moves halfway across the country, thousands of miles away from your in-network doctors and hospitals?
  • 29) But your calling me a bitch - and every other radical feminist too - does say something about *your* character, I'm afraid.
  • 30) Greg, I love how your big excuse for why your reporting was inaccurate was that you failed to follow ABC's link to the video, and yet you now apparently presume that all of TPM-EC's readers will follow * your* link to read your apology and pseudo-retraction (even when your link itself makes * no* reference to the fact that you will be apologizing).
  • 31) For all your jury-rigging..your cake actually looks better than the Bon Appetite picture.
  • 32) I was mad when I read about your testing, and... sometimes I back off from saying stuff because as Lene so eloquently put, it is *your* life and I don't want to feel the right to barge in just because I care.
  • 33) People, this is your net income…..your taxes will not increase if you are below this level.
  • 34) Sure, she can make one that resembles your piece, but no one will ever have *your* piece of jewelry.
  • 35) The major stumbling block will always be this: You can be the smartest person in the world (or even in your little part of the world), but if the person you want justice -- or even plain fairness -- from is the dumbest person in the wall (or just the dumbest about *your* part of the world), you are limited by *his* lack of intelligence, *his* lack of fairness, *his* lack of wisdom.
  • 36) ‘We can buy the list that has your name and address on it to mail things out to you.’
  • 37) ‘All you have to do is find a user name, decide on a password and give them your email address.’
  • 38) ‘So just leave your email address in your review if you want me to email you when I post.’
  • 39) ‘If you feel isolated from his friends, bring out some of your own friends to join you.’
  • 40) ‘If you and your partner have joint cards, make sure you have a card in one of your names only.’
  • 41) ‘How powerful do you have to be to mispronounce your own name and not have anyone tell you?’
  • 42) ‘You want the governments of the free world to shake at the very mention of your name?’
  • 43) ‘If you do not put your name forward to be leader of the party it will be a travesty.’
  • 44) ‘I hope you will be able to take a few moments to read the following and to add your name to it.’
  • 45) ‘It would just be your name in written form and if anyone else wrote it, it would look the same.’
  • 46) ‘Take the children to a corner and do not allow them to see your husband when they bring him back.’
  • 47) ‘It would help to know your names in case we get ambushed, and I need to call you in a hurry.’
  • 48) ‘The only thing you ever had at eight in the morning was the tea your mum brought you.’
  • 49) ‘Do you want to see your name on the cover of a paperback in the occult section of Borders?’
  • 50) ‘We also need your name and a phone number so we can contact you as you might be needed to be a witness.’
  • 51) ‘Carefully lower your eyes to look directly at the center dot and bring it into focus.’
  • 52) ‘I brought you to my house and took you home when your mom got back from searching for you.’
  • 53) ‘Gently blow on it for a second, bring the cup up to your lips, drink and then put it back down.’
  • 54) ‘On the inside of your right foot is the dark varicose patch which came up after the third baby.’
  • 55) ‘It was a bit like watching one of your best friends being slowly beaten up by the school bully.’
  • 56) ‘In any event, if you can find it in your hearts to help us out, we will be eternally grateful.’
  • 57) ‘Some people say if a burglar wants to break into your house, he will get in no matter what you do.’
  • 58) ‘To wear your heart on your sleeve now means it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling.’
  • 59) ‘You are pouring your heart out and afraid of saying something that sounds a bit naff.’
  • 60) ‘If need be, he or she will arrange a tracing of your heart, which can be done in the surgery.’
  • 61) ‘There is nothing as beautiful as such a simple joy and it truly makes your heart ache.’
  • 62) ‘Apparently letting your sister know the address of your blog is not such a good idea.’
  • 63) ‘Calls to Crimestoppers are not traced or taped and you do not have to give your name.’
  • 64) ‘When it comes to who stays and who goes, only your name and your accent are giveaways.’
  • 65) ‘Its rhythm, meaning and flow is fantastic and if it brings a tear to your cheek, so be it.’
  • 66) ‘One way to make lots of people see your weird movies is to get big names in your films.’
  • 67) ‘You've got to be buying a lot of shoes for the people at the shoe store to know your name.’
  • 68) ‘If you store your wine in a cold cellar or garage, bring it inside in plenty of time.’
  • 69) ‘What if it is your son or daughter who has been instrumental in bringing about the split?’
  • 70) ‘You have got to take it in your stride, make sure you handle it properly and move forward.’
  • 71) ‘Only when your whole body is strong can you become a better and more efficient runner.’
  • 72) ‘You could therefore make a big dent in your repayments by switching to a cheaper deal.’
  • 73) ‘From the earliest age, life can throw things at you that shape you for the rest of your life.’
  • 74) ‘If you're a winner and your outspoken then the British thing is not to like you for that.’
  • 75) ‘You can feel on top of the world by setting your own goal and really going for it.’
  • 76) ‘To your average punter, dance is to the dramatic arts what free jazz is to the musical.’
  • 77) ‘Can you imagine what your average bar or pub would be like if men had a time of the month?’
  • 78) ‘When the time comes to say goodbye, you should once again address the Queen as your Majesty.’

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