data vs datum

data datum


  • 1) Plural form of datum: pieces of information.
  • 2) uncountable, collectively information.
  • 3) A collection of object-units that are distinct from one another.
  • 4) Plural of datum.
  • 5) Statistics or other information represented in a form suitable for processing by computer.
  • 6) Facts that can be analyzed or used in an effort to gain knowledge or make decisions; information.
  • 7) See datum.
  • 8) a collection of facts, observations, or other information related to a particular question or problem.
  • 9) (Computers) information, most commonly in the form of a series of binary digits, stored on a physical storage medium for manipulation by a computer program. It is contrasted with the program which is a series of instructions used by the central processing unit of a computer to manipulate the data. In some conputers data and execuatble programs are stored in separate locations.


  • 1) (philosophy) A premise from which conclusions are drawn.
  • 2) A measurement of something on a scale understood by both the recorder (a person or device) and the reader (another person or device). The scale is arbitrarily defined, such as from 1 to 10 by ones, 1 to 100 by 0.1, or simply true or false, on or off, yes, no, or maybe, etc.
  • 3) (philosophy) A fact known from direct observation.
  • 4) (cartography, engineering) A fixed reference point.
  • 5) A fact or proposition used to draw a conclusion or make a decision.
  • 6) A point, line, or surface used as a reference, as in surveying, mapping, or geology.
  • 7) (Math.) The quantities or relations which are assumed to be given in any problem.
  • 8) (Surv.) the horizontal or base line, from which the heights of points are reckoned or measured, as in the plan of a railway, etc.
  • 9) a single piece of information; a fact; especially a piece of information obtained by observation or experiment; -- used mostly in the plural.
  • 10) (Surveying) a point, line, or level surface used as a reference in measuring elevations.
  • 11) Something given or admitted; a fact or principle granted; that upon which an inference or an argument is based; -- used chiefly in the plural.
  • 12) an item of factual information derived from measurement or research
  • 13) A position of reference, by which other positions are defined.
  • 14) A fact given; originally, one of the quantities stated, or one of the geometrical figures supposed constructed, in a mathematical problem, and from which the required magnitude or figure is to be determined.
  • 15) A fact either indubitably known or treated as such for the purposes of a particular discussion; a premise.


  • 1) The data shows that high street visits dropped for the third month.
  • 2) The announcement sparked investigations by data protection groups in Europe.
  • 3) This data shows we're betraying them.
  • 4) A rising number of elderly patients are being hospitalised after going hungry, the data suggests.
  • 5) It may also be a breach of confidentiality obligations owed by the business, or a breach of statutory duties such as data protection obligations.
  • 6) The data suggests (again only suggests) that this intuition is incorrect.
  • 7) All you can say is good luck to them, because as any data provider knows, banks are past masters when it comes to gaming the system.
  • 8) Many now opt to rent capacity from AWS to store and crunch their information, as it is cheaper than building their own data centres.
  • 9) For which periods and places and aspects of the past is data readily available?
  • 10) We also invest to ensure the physical security of our data centres.
  • 11) This data suggests they really ought to pay attention.
  • 12) The data shows that drivers are five times more likely than a cyclist to kill a pedestrian.
  • 13) The agency fears a legal challenge under data protection laws if it does not remove the information.
  • 14) We deny breaching any data protection laws.
  • 15) But the data available allows the company to go further.
  • 16) The internet boom has led to huge growth in demand for the services of data centres.
  • 17) The data suggests that this would be a considerable task.
  • 18) The enlarged group now makes equipment including electrical systems for data centres and printing presses.
  • 19) The data suggests that flippers have begun to adjust their expectations downwards.
  • 20) But the data also shows that some areas have benefited more than others.
  • 21) Such practices are a breach of data protection law when carried out for commercial reasons.
  • 22) The energy efficiency of data centres has improved but a great deal more could be done.
  • 23) The data seems to suggest that this is indeed the case.
  • 24) All the data shows that they are buying fewer houses and spending less in the shops.
  • 25) The data is not considered personal information under data protection laws because the identity of patients is disguised.
  • 26) Two Cumbria police workers were arrested for data protection breaches and misconduct in a public office.
  • 27) It is understood that MPs have demanded that data protection laws are considered.
  • 28) A financial data provider has dropped out of the race to buy LCH.
  • 29) World government data• Search the world's government data with our gateway
  • 30) New data, now including AV+, shows how the election results would look different under proportional representation• Get the data• Full general election 2010 results
  • 31) Search the world's government data• Our world government data gateway
  • 32) ‘Police time will then be spent collecting together the data and providing statistics that indicate the ethnicity of those stopped.’
  • 33) ‘These programs are used to edit and prepare the collected data for analysis.’
  • 34) ‘Web surveys have reduced the cost of data collection and made data analysis more efficient.’
  • 35) ‘The IMF insists that the Department of Statistics gets economic data together in a timely fashion.’
  • 36) ‘She said the publication uses data from monthly opinion polls, statistical data, and an analysis of media reports.’
  • 37) ‘All interpretation of data and analysis of statistics will then be carried out in-house by the Chamber.’
  • 38) ‘He notes that the pair provide graphs but no statistical analysis of their data.’
  • 39) ‘Analysis of variance and Chi square tests were used for statistical analysis of data.’
  • 40) ‘He cited a recent analysis based on data collected by a software company that was funded by a CIA-connected firm.’
  • 41) ‘In time, more and more use will be made of statistical analysis of data to describe rocks that fall into a few named categories.’
  • 42) ‘The S Language is a powerful tool for the statistical and graphical analysis of data.’
  • 43) ‘In this section, we will discuss some details of our measurement software and the collected data.’
  • 44) ‘The solution rested with data collection and analysis by a number of SPC member companies.’
  • 45) ‘Using predominantly CPS files, I was able to collect statistical data on a number of variables.’
  • 46) ‘The structure of the database permits easy retrieval of specific mutation data for further analysis.’
  • 47) ‘We used grounded theory to guide sampling and collection and analysis of data.’
  • 48) ‘With this book we try to bridge this gap and present real data and facts together with concepts commonly used in economics.’
  • 49) ‘The reduction in violent crime is evident in the raw data, before any statistical analysis.’
  • 50) ‘RTW collected the data, carried out statistical analyses, and reviewed the manuscript.’
  • 51) ‘Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data to inform decision making.’
  • 52) ‘Argote gives the example of old recordings of film or data stored on magnetic tape.’
  • 53) ‘The transmitting modem translates digital computer data into analog signals that can be carried over a phone line.’
  • 54) ‘The coherent light beams could lead to ultrafast computer circuitry that transmits data optically.’
  • 55) ‘With a day's diving complete, the team recorded their data in laptop computers and’
  • 56) ‘HP's wireless keyboards can transmit data to other computers in faraway buildings.’
  • 57) ‘Some allow you to download stored data to your computer as a way of keeping track of your progress.’
  • 58) ‘The accumulated data is recorded and stored because the material flow must be traceable.’
  • 59) ‘Three playbacks are planned, to ensure that all recorded data are safely transmitted to Earth.’
  • 60) ‘While backing up data may be a minor chore for many, backing up vast quantities of data is a major operation.’
  • 61) ‘The data signal is stored in a first memory in response to the write clock signal.’
  • 62) ‘Spent the morning verifying health records and entering data in the computer; always a great joy.’
  • 63) ‘Radio signals send that data to a computer mounted on the handlebars for the cyclists to read.’
  • 64) ‘Internet 2 continues to break astounding records for transmitting data.’
  • 65) ‘An electronic tag containing an EPC on a microchip stores and transmits data to a reader.’
  • 66) ‘It can also monitor sales and store financial data on recording companies and rights-holders.’
  • 67) ‘It's primarily designed to prefetch large quantities of data to help prevent processor stalls.’
  • 68) ‘A query is executed in a computer to retrieve data from a database stored on a data storage device.’
  • 69) ‘From cassette tapes to disk drives, the most popular way to store data is with magnetic materials.’
  • 70) ‘WinBackup is designed to make it easy to perform regular backups of all or selected data on your computer.’
  • 71) ‘The audit trailing of data is likely to multiply the amount of transactional data we store by a factor of two or more.’
  • 72) ‘The roots of relativism lie not in empirical data but in certain epistemological and metaphysical preconceptions.’
  • 73) ‘The other is that he had come to make a virtue of the fact that the basic data of knowledge are never certain, but at best merely credible to some degree.’
  • 74) ‘How do sense-data differ from other data, e.g. from those of memory or introspection?’
  • 75) ‘These data consist of raw facts, as free as possible of confining hypotheses.’
  • 76) ‘These data can be accepted on the basis of the reliability of our natural faculties with respect to the natural world.’


  • 1) He denies misconduct while on duty and obtaining personal data or information.
  • 2) This comes as initial data shows a continuing positive picture for both employment and economic output.
  • 3) Companies that collect credit card data are obvious targets.
  • 4) The message from sterling has been reflected in the wider economic data.
  • 5) The data also showed that some more ambitious renters had made off with a beehive.
  • 6) The table is based on historical data and the information is not necessarily an indicator of present or future performance.
  • 7) The idea proposed would see the department working with credit reference agencies and other organisations that collect data around spending habits.
  • 8) Other sites and apps have to find their data elsewhere, often from academic images.
  • 9) It follows official data showing continuous economic growth in the three months to September.
  • 10) It is the leader because it excels in the management of data and information for business needs.
  • 11) Often such data are the only information available.
  • 12) Why do the surveys often appear to present a more realistic picture than official data?
  • 13) The speed at which they can collect and process data means fewer people working at the track.
  • 14) You should also get details of key economic data and company announcements that might affect prices.
  • 15) So too did the bad economic data.
  • 16) Gilts steadied after data showed consumer credit rising more strongly than expected but mortgage approvals remained near decade lows.
  • 17) The table is based on historical data and the information may not be an indicator of present or future performance.
  • 18) But too often the data from surveys are presented as if preferences lead policy and are formed in a vacuum.
  • 19) Data were collected by three methods.
  • 20) Media simply means information or data.
  • 21) There is often poor data on organisational performance, and that makes this task harder.
  • 22) The data was collected from road tests carried out over the last 18 months.
  • 23) Metals prices firmed on the better economic data from America.
  • 24) It is difficult to predict second-hand prices but historic data are often a useful indicator.
  • 25) A batch of gloomy economic data damaged confidence and dampened consumer spending.
  • 26) Industry data shows that the number of train journeys has risen by 15 per cent during the past five years.
  • 27) At first sight the official position on data on international movements is more promising, particularly for the recent past.
  • 28) This has some important potential benefit, but the ways in which data is collected and used are evolving rapidly.
  • 29) Official data shows that lending is still fairly stagnant, although mortgage lending has picked up from record lows last year.
  • 30) Official data suggests that growth is near 7 per cent; the reality is weaker.
  • 31) The news was not all positive, as fresh prices data showed that the bloc was back in deflation in April.
  • 32) Mr. Smith's method of proving that every circle is 3-1/8 diameters is to assume that it is so, -- "if you dislike the term datum, then, by hypothesis, let 8 circumferences be exactly equal to 25 diameters," -- and then to show that every other supposition is thereby made absurd.
  • 33) Because, according to our assumptions, the average value of a single datum is greater than the marginal value of that datum (remember, aggregation adds value), a consumer will always be willing to sell data at a price a merchant is willing to pay.
  • 34) Your name will be just a datum until that datum is lost, at which point you will be nothing.
  • 35) Unfortunately, if the marginal value175 to the consumer of a given datum is small, then the value of not disclosing that datum will in most cases be lower than either the cost of negotiating a confidentiality clause (if that option even exists), or the cost of forgoing the entire transaction.
  • 36) The key datum is marked by the arrow - the concrete rendering of the closed-up opening - which we can see in another picture.
  • 37) The “Greek” word data is the plural of the Latin word datum – a given….
  • 38) Gee, I wonder which datum is a more relevant measure of the insurance companies’ position on the bill.
  • 39) The biggest stone ball, according to the UDG, is right in this area at 13 Q 598163 2284135 (if they were using WGS84 as a datum, which is not mentioned).
  • 40) ‘As noted above, multiple lines of evidence (‘total’ evidence) are preferable to dependence upon a single datum or technique.’
  • 41) ‘Statistics are used naively at best: the datum that gunpoint robberies rose 53 percent between April and November of 2001 is almost certainly a random fluctuation and not by itself useful to the argument.’
  • 42) ‘A key datum for safe operation of on-track equipment and locomotives on railroad tracks is knowledge of which track a vehicle or locomotive is on.’
  • 43) ‘The time to resume operations is a key datum in probabilistic risk assessment.’
  • 44) ‘Once overboard, the buoyant mine and its sinker separated but were held together by a chain set to the requisite length (for which accurate chart datum was required).’
  • 45) ‘The claim that there is no analytic entailment from any natural property to any moral property is simply Hume's Law - a datum often supported through use of the open question argument.’
  • 46) ‘Nietzsche's datum is very unlike that found in any other philosopher, since it gives primacy to our aesthetic experience, normally low on the list of philosophical priorities, when it figures at all.’
  • 47) ‘Rather, Quine and Putnam take application as a fact - a sort of philosophical datum - and draw ontological and semantic conclusions about mathematics.’
  • 48) ‘The deterministic aspect of divine rule in Daniel is of one piece with divine determinism that permeates the Bible - and that appears to be a theological datum.’
  • 49) ‘Religious experience is the starting-place of all theology, the most basic datum with which the theologian has to work.’
  • 50) ‘Where multiple samples have been taken from a given site, the stratigraphic position of samples is recorded relative to a fixed datum (marker bed, core depth, etc.).’
  • 51) ‘Thus, an object's provenience can be stated as being 30m north, 22m east, and 3.5m down from an arbitrary fixed point on the site (called the datum point).’
  • 52) ‘The dimensions of the proposed carport are 5.5m long by 3.5m wide. The exact height of the carport is unknown as the plans provided do not indicate any levels based on a fixed datum, however is dimensioned to be 2.4m to the ceiling and 3.036m overall.’
  • 53) ‘Eustasy is defined as a global sea level change when referenced to a fixed datum, for instance the center of the earth.’
  • 54) ‘This collapse is associated with a vertical negative relief of c.180 m, defined as the maximum downwards deflection below the regional datum.’
  • 55) ‘Such locations consist of a position defined in some horizontal coordinate system and depth with respect to a datum, usually the Earth's surface.’

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