masterful vs masterly

masterful masterly


  • 1) Of or pertaining to the manner of a master of an art, technique, profession, or craft; masterly.
  • 2) In the manner of a master; very skillful.
  • 3) Having or showing the qualities of a master vis-a-vis a dependent or subordinate; authoritative; domineering.
  • 4) Acting or capable of acting as a master or leader, especially in being domineering or imperious.
  • 5) Having or showing mastery or skill; expert.
  • 6) Inclined to play the master; domineering; imperious; arbitrary.
  • 7) Having the skill or power of a master; indicating or expressing power or mastery.


  • 1) That has been executed in the manner of one who is a master; extremely competently.
  • 2) Having or showing the knowledge or skill of a master.
  • 3) Imperious; domineering; arbitrary.
  • 4) Suitable to, or characteristic of, a master; indicating thorough knowledge or superior skill and power; showing a master's hand
  • 5) In a masterful manner; competently.
  • 6) With the skill of a master.


  • 1) Yesterday he picked up all four wickets with a masterful display of swing bowling.
  • 2) It's a masterful study of gentle eccentricity.
  • 3) It was a masterful, controlled performance under the most intense pressure.
  • 4) His performance remains masterful for its integrity and sincerity: a gulp made his emotions evident yet kept them in check.
  • 5) Imagine is a masterful performance.
  • 6) Here is another masterful study of loneliness, desperation and inadequacy from the irreplaceable Storyville strand.
  • 7) It is a masterful naturalistic performance, combining anger and despair with humour, resilience and altruism.
  • 8) It's a paean to the beauty of the English countryside and a masterful study of gentle eccentricity.
  • 9) The other was a shrewd-looking, keen-faced, sparely-built man, with somewhat aquiline nose and straight narrow forehead, not at all bad-looking or evil-looking and with an air of strong determination; in short, what one calls a masterful man.
  • 10) He began making recordings under his own name in the mid-'80s - around the time he was diagnosed with HIV - and for the better part of the next two decades, became known as a masterful interpreter and accompanist in his own right.
  • 11) a stern and stubborn nature that those who liked him called masterful, and that those who disliked him -- a more numerous body -- termed tyrannical.
  • 12) All six of the Vol’s scoring drives covered more than 80 yards, with freshman QBs Brent Schaeffer and Erik Ainge directed the drives in masterful fashion.
  • 13) Though she did not graduate with a specific distinction, she was known as a masterful storyteller.
  • 14) Every feature was strong and rugged, which gave his countenance an expression masterful to the point of being almost surly when it was in repose; but it was a face which caused most men -- and women over thirty -- to turn for a second glance.
  • 15) 'Well, Wych?' he said, looking at her with the grey eyes full of love, and full of delight in her, and full of admiration of her; not the less, soft as they were, full also of that expression which is called masterful when people do not like it.
  • 16) Taylor Branch's three-volume biography of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is variously described as masterful, epic, a narrative tour-de-force -- the definitive story of the civil rights movement in America's past century.
  • 17) Permalink: Windows 7 Beta Drivers for Microsoft Hardware See all of FM Tech New York hails pilot who landed jetliner on river - NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York feted its latest hero, the pilot who landed a distressed US Airways jetliner on the Hudson River, saving all 155 on board in what experts called a masterful job under life-or-death pressure.
  • 18) Tonnie Bernhardson as Zuleika's old mother recalls her masterful performance as the mother in UCC's production of "Gypsy" a couple of years ago, although here in a smaller role.
  • 19) ‘This was Ireland in dominant mode, masterful and confident in their control as they turned on the style.’
  • 20) ‘She's very masterful, very domineering and would look great in leather.’
  • 21) ‘Very few teachers can feel masterful in such a classroom setting.’
  • 22) ‘Many have called Sonia's action, a masterful strategy, and even if this were to be true, it does not matter.’
  • 23) ‘He said a lot of other things that suggested what a masterful politician Bill can be.’
  • 24) ‘I loved the first one for its sophisticated camerawork, intricate plot and masterful performances.’
  • 25) ‘But it wasn't just the kids who loved his masterful two-hour solo performance.’
  • 26) ‘It's a masterful performance that is easily among his most bare and honest.’
  • 27) ‘It is a masterful performance spoken in a second language which has clearly improved over the years.’
  • 28) ‘Carroll's performance is masterful and has been deservedly acclaimed by local critics.’
  • 29) ‘It was a great, masterful performance and was all about the sweet science of boxing.’
  • 30) ‘The effort stands as an excellent example of the masterful execution of a joint special operation.’
  • 31) ‘In other words, we know nothing about our deft and masterful artist except for his name.’
  • 32) ‘Technically, it is quite masterful, but is at times distracting in its cleverness.’
  • 33) ‘This was a masterful combination of flavours and textures - and excellent value too.’
  • 34) ‘If I were able to play any instrument with masterful skill and grace it would be the cello.’
  • 35) ‘She has a masterful command of the language and a manner of speaking that is precise and confident.’
  • 36) ‘There are no shortcuts to masterful results; the students must control their efforts.’
  • 37) ‘It shows someone who had a masterful command of language that gave the facility to speak and write eloquently.’
  • 38) ‘With masterful technique and an unhinged mad scene, she commanded the first act.’
  • 39) ‘On one level it was masterful, but it was also riddled with amazing leaps of logic and agonizing moments of drama.’
  • 40) ‘Still, the masterful tone and astonishingly sophisticated writing in this novel redeem a lot of the awkwardness.’
  • 41) ‘Her masterful brush strokes and use of colour fired up many critics and curators and received immediate recognition.’
  • 42) ‘It is unquestionably masterful in its mellow execution, but ultimately it's background music for designer shopping.’
  • 43) ‘If India's batting was masterful, their bowling in truly testing conditions was even more creditable.’


  • 1) This is a work of chilling, masterly control.
  • 2) It was a masterly performance.
  • 3) Ireland's masterly tactical performance was a shock but they were the better team, with more attacking invention.
  • 4) It was the usual beguiling mixture of flight, changes of pace and masterly control of the wrist spinner's art.
  • 5) Christ in masterly fashion drew a distinction between God and emperor while at the same time decreeing obedience to both God and emperor [1] – a fact that did not prevent the imperial procurator's condemnation of Christ to death on the cross.
  • 6) The painters, hearing these words, applied themselves with all diligence to do what he required of them and wrought it out in masterly style; and when they had made an end of the work, they showed it to the Wazir who, seeing his so-called dream set forth as it was280 was pleased and thanked them and rewarded them munificently.
  • 7) ‘With pleasure,’ said I, and playing another measure in masterly fashion, sang thereto these couplets,
  • 8) One of the many charms of The Letters of Kingsley Amis (2000), which has been edited in masterly fashion by Zachary Leader, is the way in which the collection demonstrates the slow transformation of this symbiotic relationship, whereby each man took on some of the qualities of the other and mutated rather nicely into a counterpart rather than an opposite.
  • 9) The superiority of his picture over Falconer's, lies in the simplicity and strength of the style, in the ease of the narrative, in the variety of the incidents and characters, and in certain short masterly touches, now of pathos, now of infernal humour, and now of description, competent only to Byron and to
  • 10) He says that paper plus water, plus emotion will give a result in themselves and proceeds with the idea at hand in what may without the least temerity be called a masterly fashion; he has run the gamut of experience with his materials from the earliest
  • 11) Parker, indeed, they could not easily turn away, but Lord Peter found himself confronted with a surly manner and what Lord Beaconsfield described as a masterly inactivity.
  • 12) ‘This is a masterly account: detailed but always readable, authoritative but strenuously objective.’
  • 13) ‘Apart from these two errors, the book is a masterly and worthy account of a crucial period in our history with excellent maps.’
  • 14) ‘He gave a masterly account of the solo role in this work which makes huge demands on the soloist.’
  • 15) ‘And by 2001, he was back on his political throne, having waged a masterly election campaign.’
  • 16) ‘Even a casual glance reveals masterly mark-making which, while it appears so deliberate, is also clearly spontaneous.’
  • 17) ‘The sheer density of colour and brushstrokes are of an artistic labour that is almost too difficult and masterly to comprehend.’
  • 18) ‘It was a masterly strategy in which they re-wrote the rulebook by campaigning as an independent party in government.’
  • 19) ‘The opening chapters are masterly, moving at a rapid pace.’
  • 20) ‘No more beautiful film was released last year, each frame a masterly composition that looks as if it has been hand-tinted by Zen artists.’
  • 21) ‘The fact that he brought that coalition together was a masterly performance.’
  • 22) ‘He transcends his screen persona and ensures a masterly performance.’
  • 23) ‘In masterly understated fashion he talks of what a ‘lovely time’ his stint with Celtic has provided him.’
  • 24) ‘Colours, space, light, and composition are used to masterly, painterly effect.’
  • 25) ‘His designs rework colors, patterns and textures in masterly permutations.’
  • 26) ‘His hallmark full, burnished tone and his strong technique have developed into something masterly.’
  • 27) ‘Leonardo is famous for his masterly paintings, such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.’
  • 28) ‘His work is discussed, interpreted and evoked with masterly succinctness.’
  • 29) ‘Her masterly voice has a magnetic quality, a dose of which has floored crowds across Europe.’
  • 30) ‘It is a masterly physical performance, because of the nature of the film.’
  • 31) ‘It is also as masterly an example of the etcher's art as you will ever see.’

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