canceled vs cancelled

canceled cancelled


  • 1) American Alternative spelling of cancelled.
  • 2) American Simple past tense and past participle of cancel.


  • 1) Similar technology is already used to cancel out engine noise.
  • 2) Remember that cancelling a direct debt just cancels the payment.
  • 3) So be sure before cancelling your pet insurance.
  • 4) In a large group of people, ignorance in one direction cancels out ignorance in another.
  • 5) She cancelled a show in August due to illness then complained of a mosquito allergy.
  • 6) Americans are already cancelling winter trips to Florida over zika fears.
  • 7) The trip has been cancelled.
  • 8) Can I legally cancel booked annual leave?
  • 9) The plan was cancelled when the Cold War ended.
  • 10) We've had to cancel the trip and can't afford to lose this money.
  • 11) The most common reason for cancelling insurance was to cut spending.
  • 12) Two of those six have already been cancelled.
  • 13) That the show was cancelled is still clearly a source of anguish.
  • 14) It received terrible ratings and was cancelled after just one series.
  • 15) They would therefore cancel any plans to add to their already excessively large capital stock.
  • 16) The staff took more than an hour to work out how to cancel the debt.
  • 17) The warrant was withdrawn when she cancelled her trip.
  • 18) The couple decided to cancel life insurance when they retired.
  • 19) School coach parties have already cancelled visits.
  • 20) He seems convinced that one cancels out the other.
  • 21) But a number of ministers are thought to have cancelled plans so they could attend.
  • 22) Some people may conclude that this is as good as saying that the debt has been cancelled.
  • 23) Residential property deals are already being cancelled.
  • 24) Does the one effect entirely cancel out the other?
  • 25) The great thing about knowing when your favourite show is cancelled is having the time to make your farewells properly.
  • 26) Had to cancel book signing today.
  • 27) Victims of the blunders usually have their buildings and contents insurance cancelled and often struggle to renew cover at a reasonable price.
  • 28) The firm wants up to 7million in compensation for lost profits on the cancelled shows.
  • 29) A really rotten book tends to cancel out the less rotten ones that went before.
  • 30) I quickly cancelled the trip and sped there.
  • 31) Saying he was "sad" and "sorry," NBA commissioner David Stern specifically used the word "canceled" -- and not postponed -- and yes, he says that means there won't be an 82-game season this time around.
  • 32) While the government cannot stop people from traveling there or force them to return home, a formal travel warning could result in canceled airline and hotel bookings as well as deter non-U.S. travelers from going to Europe.
  • 33) Some are saying it has cost the state "at least" $10 million in canceled or lost convention and related business.
  • 34) Well, part of the Issue with CxP and they very reason it maybe canceled is the process never really did get stakeholder buyin or tried to do so.
  • 35) This unfortunately has once again canceled my Readathon aspirations.
  • 36) We drove to church for the Altar Guild cleanup day, but the Lessons and Carols services were canceled from the snow.
  • 37) The Ottawa citizen has a few ideas, namely to do with the elimination of bureaucratic wastes like $5 million cuts from the administration funding of Status of Women Canada, and the recent cancellation of the Court Challenges Program [which should remain canceled until the Liberals get back in].
  • 38) So when it was announced almost a year and a half ago that there would be two SG-1 films I was elated especially with the news that they were being canceled from the Sci-fi channel brewing.


  • 1) The only thing I can think of is to phone in a bomb threat so the party will be cancelled.
  • 2) He had neither paid Sandella in advance nor cancelled his lease.
  • 3) `Anyway," Daphne pointed out, `we don't want the party cancelled.
  • 4) the wedding is definitely cancelled

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