suppression vs repression

suppression repression


  • 1) A process in which a person consciously excludes anxiety-producing thoughts, feelings, or memories.
  • 2) The state of being suppressed.
  • 3) The act or instance of suppressing.
  • 4) Genetics The inhibition of gene expression.
  • 5) Botany The failure of an organ or part to develop.
  • 6) Psychiatry Conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind.
  • 7) The act of suppressing.
  • 8) (Gram.) Omission.
  • 9) (Med.) Complete stoppage of a natural secretion or excretion.
  • 10) The act of suppressing, or the state of being suppressed; repression
  • 11) forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority
  • 12) the act of withholding or withdrawing some book or writing from publication or circulation
  • 13) (psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires
  • 14) the failure to develop some part or organ
  • 15) The stoppage or obstruction or the morbid retention of discharges: as, the suppression of a diarrhea, of saliva, or of urine.
  • 16) In botany, the absence, as in flowers, of parts requisite to theoretical completeness; abortion.
  • 17) In psychology, a phenomenon of binocular vision, consisting in the exclusive predominance of a single monocular image and the consequent disappearance of the other.
  • 18) The act of concealing or withholding from utterance, disclosure, revelation, or publication: as, the suppression of truth, of evidence, or of reports.
  • 19) The act of suppressing, crushing, or quelling, or the state of being suppressed, crushed, quelled, or the like: as, the suppression of a riot, insurrection, or tumult.


  • 1) The involuntary rejection from consciousness of painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses.
  • 2) The act of repressing; state of being repressed.
  • 3) Psychology The unconscious exclusion of painful impulses, desires, or fears from the conscious mind.
  • 4) The act of repressing or the state of being repressed.
  • 5) The act of repressing, or state of being repressed.
  • 6) That which represses; check; restraint.
  • 7) the act of repressing; control by holding down
  • 8) (psychiatry) the classical defense mechanism that protects you from impulses or ideas that would cause anxiety by preventing them from becoming conscious
  • 9) a state of forcible subjugation
  • 10) The act of repressing, restraining, or subduing: as, the repression of tumults.
  • 11) Power of repressing.


  • 1) The Director said, `They're saying Berlin has ordered the suppression of the Völkischer Beobachter.
  • 2) `We can hardly hold seminars of female suppression while we're marching.
  • 3) But as he seems to think that what he terms the suppression of the objections ought not to have been made “silently,” I now break that silence, and state exactly what it is that I suppressed, and why.
  • 4) About 300 reporters and photographers rallied Saturday against what they called the suppression of press freedom and freedom of expression during Vice Premier Li Keqiang's visit.
  • 5) The Chamber had fought what it called the suppression of company participation in elections, and hailed the Supreme Court decision in the case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
  • 6) Indian army is stopping the violence which you all call suppression then so the Pakistan army is in the same boat.
  • 7) Voter suppression is the most under-reported political scandal of our lifetimes.
  • 8) This week, I want to discuss something I call "suppression, regression, depression."
  • 9) •Trouble spot:: With at least five new starters projected for an overhauled defense, fixing the run suppression is a priority.
  • 10) On the other hand, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility have been critical of her work there, claiming that she has a "highly politicized approach to decision-making that resulted in suppression of scientific information, issuance of gag orders and threats against professional staff members who dared to voice concerns."
  • 11) ‘Boucher said the government's continued intimidation and repression of the opposition and its violent suppression of peaceful public protests were not conducive to beginning a dialogue.’
  • 12) ‘Nevertheless, a significant portion of the public supported the forcible suppression of campus protests.’
  • 13) ‘Some books have been unjustly censored, he argued, and many writers and booksellers were punished too severely when all that was required was the simple suppression of publication.’
  • 14) ‘However, although the government seems to have nodded to pageants, the long-term suppression of the activity has still kept most of the ongoing beauty contests in China relatively discreet.’
  • 15) ‘In the 14 months since he threw that fatal punch, court suppression orders have prevented publication of his name or details.’
  • 16) ‘Despite its wide range, the species is increasingly under threat after centuries of persecution and habitat loss to human activity and fire suppression.’
  • 17) ‘As an indicator of forcible suppression it often appears in charts associated with assassinations (but not necessarily for the actual moment of such deeds).’
  • 18) ‘It is not possible to build a democratic state based on an ideology of religious exclusivism and through the forcible suppression of the democratic rights of another people.’
  • 19) ‘He persisted in arguing that the forcible suppression of the students might prove to be a mistake of such magnitude as to destroy the legitimacy of the regime.’
  • 20) ‘Whether this is due to forest management activities or canopy suppression is unknown.’
  • 21) ‘Secondly, a transparent code of conduct against publication bias or selective suppression of information should be developed.’
  • 22) ‘The exclusion of political views from public debate logically extends into the openly violent suppression of public actions based upon those views.’
  • 23) ‘I am 100% certain that, if this bill is passed as is, it will be used in this country for the surveillance and suppression of political activists.’
  • 24) ‘These concern the suppression of all terrorist activity on their territory, the transparency of banking and trade arrangements, and the disavowal of weapons of mass destruction.’
  • 25) ‘Not many were interested in political activities anyway given the trauma of past suppression.’
  • 26) ‘Moreover they know that if they become too flagrant in their suppression of opposition and commit atrocities, the United Nations stands ready to intervene to overthrow them.’
  • 27) ‘This point leads to an exceptionally compelling aspect of the narrative, the rise and suppression of the opposition media.’
  • 28) ‘The army has retained power over the past four decades through the brutal suppression of opposition, including from ethnic minorities.’
  • 29) ‘Add to that high rates of illiteracy, the hypocrisy of the governmental media, the weakness of civil society and state suppression of the opposition parties.’
  • 30) ‘Duodenal ulcers can be healed, but not cured, by pharmacological suppression of acid secretion below this threshold.’
  • 31) ‘With the advent of potent acid suppression, surgical interventions that increase the barrier function of the lower esophagus should be avoided.’
  • 32) ‘The FDA has just approved Seasonale, which provides three months of continuous contraception and menstrual suppression.’
  • 33) ‘Little information is available on the degree of gastric acid suppression that is necessary to ensure adequate esophageal healing.’
  • 34) ‘She was treated conservatively with acid suppression and transfusions.’
  • 35) ‘The suppression of the mutant phenotype of a1-mum2 aleurones takes several generations.’
  • 36) ‘In addition, enhancement or suppression of the H mutant phenotype was evaluated.’
  • 37) ‘Thus, suppression of the cut mutant wing phenotype is most likely due to the overexpression of Lola.’
  • 38) ‘The presented data indicate that suppression of a single enzyme of the FA elongation machinery is enough to affect various organs and systems in worms.’
  • 39) ‘The suppression of clv2 phenotypes is a true photoperiod response.’
  • 40) ‘Psychodynamic issues may center on suppression or repression of aggression relating to unmet emotional needs.’
  • 41) ‘The ideas of separate color and verbal processing and suppression of incorrect verbal responses suggest an explanation for incongruency loss.’
  • 42) ‘Repression or suppression of intense feelings beneath a calm exterior is also associated with elevated blood pressure.’
  • 43) ‘Conscious suppression of a memory is a more plausible explanation for the failure to recall an event than repression.’
  • 44) ‘Cycles of recognition, repression or suppression and recovery of truth can be extrapolated both from the course of individual analytic treatments and social struggles.’
  • 45) ‘A major component of codependence is emotional repression and suppression.’
  • 46) ‘For the particular cause of interference suppression, where might these come from?’
  • 47) ‘This provides some suppression, but the residual signal may still exceed detection thresholds.’
  • 48) ‘Butcher concedes that the degree of suppression is relatively small.’
  • 49) ‘Echo cancellation and/or suppression is disabled upon such selective switching.’


  • 1) I wanted to understand the psychology, you know, of repression, correction, call it what you will -- societal revenge.
  • 2) As the law and order clarions sounded ever louder, as the measures of repression grew, the numbers climbed inexorably.
  • 3) Suffering from injustice and repression we look to the Sister World the light of freedom in the dark night.
  • 4) ‘Irish readers will quickly spot the familiar pattern of failed uprising followed by brutal repression.’
  • 5) ‘Aristocratic progress is thus checked by the very body responsible for brutal repression, allowing Grandison to avoid complicity in violence.’
  • 6) ‘On his election as prime minister, Aznar engaged a policy of repression towards ETA, arresting its leaders and main supporters.’
  • 7) ‘The ruling royal family, which has enjoyed the lion's share of oil wealth, is perceived as corrupt, and repression of domestic discontent is high.’
  • 8) ‘Based on Lawrence Thornton's novel, Hampton strives for a part human, part mystical response to a brutal regime, bent on repression.’
  • 9) ‘Nevertheless many people who now migrate from the Third World do not do so out of choice, but because they are forced to by wars and political repression.’
  • 10) ‘A reputation for tolerance and civil liberties had been replaced by violence and repression.’
  • 11) ‘Nor can they have any idea of what it must be like to live permanently in an atmosphere of fear and violent repression.’
  • 12) ‘The demand for equal access to oil wealth by local communities and the harsh repression and murder of many indigenous activists by the government protecting the oil companies have made the region notorious.’
  • 13) ‘The interruption of totalitarian repression and world war failed to completely remove the cut-up tendency and these days there are plenty of sound artists enthusiastically working on audio cuts ups.’
  • 14) ‘Before the 1990s this genre was practiced on a rather small scale, not least because of political repression and a conservative, rigidly regulated bureaucracy.’
  • 15) ‘While many Kurds did manage to assimilate, decades of repression and strained coexistence served to strengthen ethnic self-awareness for innumerable others.’
  • 16) ‘For the Fellbach assignment, Mieth and Hagel returned to the German town they had fled more than two decades earlier because of Nazi repression.’
  • 17) ‘The last forty pages of the publication are dedicated to the numerous journalists who have fallen the victims of repression around the world.’
  • 18) ‘Yet there is also a hard core of miscommunication, repression, and suffering.’
  • 19) ‘It also provides practical help to journalists and media that are the victims of repression.’
  • 20) ‘As repression became less overt, the number of arrests dwindled, and with them the number of investigation files.’
  • 21) ‘But the political repression in his native Hungary quashed his writing ambitions.’
  • 22) ‘In the short term, more repression may be an effective way for these leaders to quell opposition.’
  • 23) ‘Violence and repression work to desensitize people, leaving only a numbing wish to forget what is happening all about them.’
  • 24) ‘Julien uses museums, often founded on colonialist exploitation, as sites of oppression, repression and desire.’
  • 25) ‘Throughout, both sexual motivations and repression dominate.’
  • 26) ‘After Freud, no one can ignore the realm of the unconscious and repression, and Weinrich considers him as well.’
  • 27) ‘Suo's movie was, beyond sweet entertainment, a subtle look at Japanese work culture and the repression of desire.’
  • 28) ‘It is actually composed of emotional distance, politics, finance, and sexual repression.’
  • 29) ‘Bunuel took tales of heated love and thwarted desire and turned them into personal statements about obsession, repression, bourgeois propriety, Catholicism, and fetishism.’
  • 30) ‘This reflects the presumed scenario of sexual repression or abuse which associates pleasure with control and isolates the victim in an impassive relationship to bodily function.’
  • 31) ‘What begins as a monologue with French-accented English from a mumbling - if endearing - simpleton emerges as a metaphor not only for language and cultural divides but sexual awakening and repression.’
  • 32) ‘With a camera in hand, she was free to ask the impertinent questions that would emancipate society from its sexual repression.’
  • 33) ‘The two valences of withheld history and sexual repression intersect in the confession scene.’
  • 34) ‘This once-prestigious vocation has fallen on hard times, and for most now conjures little more than hierarchical abuse and sexual repression.’
  • 35) ‘The weakness in radical critiques of society and sex is that they fail to recognise that sex needs a ritual binding to control its demonism and secondly that society's repressions increase sexual pleasure.’
  • 36) ‘Shakespeare's ambivalently comic treatment of power, sexuality, and repression belongs very much to the early years of the Jacobean period.’
  • 37) ‘If new studies of memory and the brain disprove Freud's fundamental hypotheses about the mechanism of repression, then Freud's theory of libido becomes less plausible, and psychoanalysis is undermined as a theory of art.’
  • 38) ‘Freudian analysis sees human behaviour being directed by repression of feelings from early childhood.’
  • 39) ‘Strong image is often reached by means of severe censoring and suppression; the clarity of image frequently contains hidden repression.’
  • 40) ‘It ignores or abstracts away from the primordial forms of raw sensation: affect, excitation, stimulation and repression, pleasure and pain, shock and habit.’
  • 41) ‘This lack may be projected onto their culture, particularly if the lack is due to a culturally driven repression.’
  • 42) ‘The extra layer of repression, though, becomes a gauze obscuring the emotional beats of the story.’
  • 43) ‘The denial of consensual interracial alliance - political or sexual - highlights the key role repression plays in establishing the social order of the post-Reconstruction South.’
  • 44) ‘As a young boy but not a child repression of sexual desire for the mother has occurred and latency should be present.’
  • 45) ‘It is in the characters' repression of desire that emotion can be felt most.’
  • 46) ‘Struggling with rage, repression, and obsessive desire, she gradually allows herself to have a sexual relationship with the one person she adores - her sister.’
  • 47) ‘Psychologically, the deep repression of sexuality that seems to have resulted from the repeated spankings administered to him as a child by his mother may have determined his morbid response to the abuse.’
  • 48) ‘In 1938 he was the subject of an offensive caricature in Samuel Beckett's Murphy, where his experiments with Gaelic prosody and his sexual repression are mocked in the figure of Austin Ticklepenny.’
  • 49) ‘There is an awkward squad in British art bred perhaps of northern Protestantism and the sexual repression, even perversion, that is seen by the rest of Europe as being so characteristically British.’
  • 50) ‘There seemed to be a deep underlying repression in those teens which had no healthy outlet.’
  • 51) ‘His translators and mediators of colonial innocence are now dead so that Ben encounters two themes through which this innocence is challenged: withheld history and sexual repression.’
  • 52) ‘They had accepted all that world of sexual repression, had accepted its rules, the hypocrisy of the myth of female virginity and, needless to say, they had accepted authority.’
  • 53) ‘Here we see the furtive behavior of Tomik as a desperate need to connect, and even, given his repression, as an understandable misdirection of desire.’
  • 54) ‘Unfortunately, this young cast steers it further into caricature, playing the sexual repression and racism for light laughs.’
  • 55) ‘One can go further and suggest that this refusal to acknowledge and represent homosexual desire is another form of the writer's repression of the feminine within.’
  • 56) ‘Particular focus has been on girls and women, for the reason that it is they who suffer most from cultural and religious oppression and repression.’
  • 57) ‘For example, during Reiko's struggle for sexual liberation, the mysterious stranger indeed helps knock down the walls of her repression and reawakens her own desires, which takes about half an hour of film time.’
  • 58) ‘Quentin's attempt to project an alternative ideal for Caddy is a form of repression, masking his unspoken desire for something he cannot have.’
  • 59) ‘I haven't attended a circus since and can only surmise what sort of unspeakable terror I experienced that day, its memory locked deep within the vault of repression that sits just east of my heart.’
  • 60) ‘When his lawyer describes him as ‘the modern man’, we understand that his repression is shared by the film's society.’
  • 61) ‘He muses that this need to participate confuses some people into mistaking positive pro-action for repression.’
  • 62) ‘Most surprising were reports about intellectual repression that students were experiencing.’
  • 63) ‘The power of repression is almost palpable in her gestures and intonations.’

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