monies vs moneys

monies moneys


  • 1) Plural form of money.
  • 2) An erroneous plural of money, sometimes used.


  • 1) Plural form of money. (used in the sense of plural of coins and bills, often with humorous intention)
  • 2) Collectively money


  • 1) However, they have sent no word, and until they do so I cannot act to release the promised monies to relieve the Lucas's plight.
  • 2) `Our noble innkeeper, whatever he may say, has been through the pockets of both victims and kept whatever monies he has found.
  • 3) common practice for doctors to share their skills and pool their monies.
  • 4) And unlike the false ledger that showed the monies to be in the tens of thousands per month, this one put the amount far higher.
  • 5) The other side so far has No on stimulus, No to budget,, which includes monies from the two wars we are in.
  • 6) Much as I want the funding, I'm trying hard to understand how any of the proposed NASA monies is stimulus to the economy - willing to listen; help requested.
  • 7) If theyre taking money from ACORN, then why is Blackwater, and other thieving, lying companies funded by my tax dollars still receiving monies from the government.
  • 8) The politicians will pat themselves on the back and say job well done and the depletion of monies is staved off until another day only to fall on future generations.
  • 9) The problem is that Congress has been “borrowing” the surplus, and currently owes SSI somewhere around 2-3 trillion in monies!
  • 10) A LOT: any Republican or Democrat curently accepting monies from the insurance companies and pharmaceuitcals.
  • 11) All posts need to be aware as he learned about the VAC's after getting monies from the posts.
  • 12) Not all the monies from the Magnificat [prayer book] have come in yet and there are still other sources we are waiting for.
  • 13) Thus the great profession of Advertisement, [brain conditioning to get the masses to be the great consumers, not producers] thus the position of marketing manager, to get monies from the tax payer and earn a nice living producing er nothing but destroy trees. note the the word “plots” in manager. manager, n.
  • 14) Not to include Parades burials and VA functions to have Albert Laughter arriving hours late, not in uniform and squandering credit and taking monies from the Gourd Society then leaving briefly approximately staying 1-2 hours tops, while my comrades and myself worked Volunteer 16-18 hours or more at these functions, and did not take any monies whatsoever.


  • 1) Users earn money by sharing products with friends through their existing social networks.
  • 2) What on earth does that sort of money buy you?
  • 3) You will also have a much better chance of getting any stolen money back from your bank.
  • 4) Work out how much money you will save in a year by quitting.
  • 5) You could put your money in government stock and forget about it.
  • 6) They should be asking for their money back and likewise the sponsors.
  • 7) He persuaded them to put money into bogus investment deals.
  • 8) We should be putting money into projects that we know work.
  • 9) What does being good with money mean to you?
  • 10) It's taxpayers' money and people part with it for it to be spent on good things.
  • 11) There is no statutory right for an employer to claw back this money.
  • 12) People come first and money is a currency of life.
  • 13) They have all borrowed money to buy cars and got credit cards.
  • 14) The government knows that money is not going to appear from thin air.
  • 15) We need money and investment in a new stadium and hopefully that will now go ahead.
  • 16) The unknown factor here is which body will now decide which films get what money.
  • 17) What is your top money management tip?
  • 18) Where do they think any government would get the money from?
  • 19) You will be surprised at how much money you make.
  • 20) How many people are likely to have money taken from their accounts?
  • 21) You do still spend a lot of money making the records but you make it back touring.
  • 22) The stress of the job is not worth the money.
  • 23) You can also be strong for others and when you are raising money for a good cause.
  • 24) The move is designed to reduce their dependence on government money.
  • 25) They took him to a cash machine but apparently he had no money in his account.
  • 26) That money was part of the cost of committing the fraud.
  • 27) The government has to force banks to put some money into it.
  • 28) Why else would you be asking the bank where your money was?

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