flammable vs inflammable

flammable inflammable


  • 1) Any flammable substance.
  • 2) Subject to easy ignition and rapid flaming combustion.
  • 3) Capable of burning, especially a liquid.
  • 4) Easily set on fire.
  • 5) Easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly.
  • 6) obsolete Inflammable.
  • 7) Capable of being kindled into flame; inflammable.


  • 1) figuratively Easily excited; set off by the slightest excuse; easily enraged or inflamed.
  • 2) Capable of burning; easily set on fire.
  • 3) Quickly or easily aroused to strong emotion; excitable.
  • 4) Easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly; flammable.
  • 5) Excitable; irritable; irascible; easily provoked.
  • 6) Capable of being easily set fire; easily enkindled; combustible.
  • 7) the old chemical name for hydrogen.
  • 8) easily ignited
  • 9) Capable of being set on fire; susceptible of combustion; easily fired.
  • 10) Easily excited or inflamed; highly excitable.


  • 1) The trio need the footwear to protect their paws as they sniff out flammable liquids in Hull.
  • 2) Their uniforms were highly flammable.
  • 3) They found flammable gas surging from a hole in the wall.
  • 4) Why paint would be that much less flammable for being inside a bag is not completely obvious.
  • 5) They found a drink can containing flammable liquid in a bin in the lavatory.
  • 6) It pours flammable liquid from its exhaust.
  • 7) This burns the waste to ash and releases highly flammable carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases.
  • 8) Health and safety officials feared the mob's cooking equipment and flammable liquids could spark a blaze.
  • 9) Home life was highly flammable.
  • 10) LNG is less of a safety risk than gas because the fuel is not flammable when it is chilled into liquid.
  • 11) The fire quickly consumed the cramped neighbourhood and then spread to highly flammable warehouses on Thames Street.
  • 12) Anyway hydrogen is less flammable than petrol, and when it does ignite it doesn't hang around.
  • 13) But as helium is also highly flammable, this is one experiment they'd better take extra care with!
  • 14) Yes | No | Report from panfishman wrote 22 weeks 5 days ago cotton burns good, cotton soaked in flammable stuff burns really good, a soda can filled to the very top with gasoline will light a fire that is buried under ten inches of snow. the trick is finding what burns best and what lights it easiest.
  • 15) They look like a man made fabric, so very flammable is the answer.
  • 16) These are the people we should be on the look-out for, not just some loser in flammable Adidas who can't work a child-proof Bic lighter.
  • 17) The facility had no site map indicating where hazardous materials were stored as required by law, and employees had failed to properly label flammable materials including gasoline.
  • 18) It's highly flammable, which is why firefighters had to finish extinguishing hotspots before investigators could get to the dead men inside.
  • 19) ‘Kerosene is volatile, flammable and leaks very easily from containers.’
  • 20) ‘It's believed one of the fires was started using paraffin and other flammable materials stored in the shed.’
  • 21) ‘Whatever we did, we always did it with a bottle of something flammable, fires made a good end to the day.’
  • 22) ‘A process might be hazardous if it involves flammable or combustible materials.’
  • 23) ‘Standing or fallen dry weeds can be highly flammable fire hazards in late fall, winter and early spring.’
  • 24) ‘Small fires had been feeding upon flammable materials, but they were not large enough to turn on the sprinkler system.’
  • 25) ‘It is also a time to turf out unwanted, though preferably easily flammable, things from around the house and to chuck them onto the bonfire.’
  • 26) ‘Assemble all the really flammable material you can find, and build the smallest fire you can.’
  • 27) ‘The bonfire will last only as long as supply of cards, flowers and other flammable material is available, so get there early!’
  • 28) ‘The incidents happened just hours after the fire brigade helped residents clear up the estate in the hope of removing flammable materials.’
  • 29) ‘Against common sense and regulations, the interiors of the cars were built with flammable materials.’
  • 30) ‘He said such incidents are common because of the flammable materials involved in the construction of thatched cottages.’
  • 31) ‘In some places, a smoking ban is justified for safety reasons such as in confined spaces or where flammable material is present.’
  • 32) ‘As you well know, there are some kinds of this material that are highly flammable.’
  • 33) ‘On one occasion, an emergency route was blocked with flammable materials and on another, an exit was blocked by cars.’
  • 34) ‘Fire chiefs are now warning homeowners not to leave lighted candles unattended and close to flammable materials.’
  • 35) ‘Any warehouse or factory holding stocks of flammable material needs to be relocated to an industrial estate.’
  • 36) ‘It is thought to have been started with flammable material which caused an explosion damaging three windows.’
  • 37) ‘This is because polystyrene is a flammable material that gives off a toxic black smoke in the event of a fire.’
  • 38) ‘It is a highly flammable and unstable compound, with a life of between thirty and eighty years.’


  • 1) `See if you can find anything inflammable around: fuel for that, for instance.
  • 2) They'll burn, if they can be hit with something clinging and inflammable.
  • 3) But Archdeacon, I think it's time someone helped you by throwing a little extra light on what could prove to be an inflammable situation.
  • 4) In that inflammable summer of 1968, my mother died suddenly of a heart attack.
  • 5) ‘Residents began clapping and chanting in support of the resistance and threw straw and other inflammable materials on the fire.’
  • 6) ‘If you are surrounded by easily available inflammable material, you don't have to worry about fuel economy.’
  • 7) ‘Bundles of goods containing inflammable materials and electricity wires dangerously hanging overhead cause recurrent fire.’
  • 8) ‘The workers were trapped on upper floors after raw and inflammable materials stored on the ground floor caught fire.’
  • 9) ‘I saw a lot of highly inflammable materials stacked together while 30 to 40 gas bottles were moved from the scene.’
  • 10) ‘A water extinguisher can put out things like burning wood, paper or cardboard, but it does not work well on electrical fires or fires involving inflammable liquids.’
  • 11) ‘These have a greater capacity for overloading circuits which increases the risk of fire. You should also make sure the fuse box does not have inflammable material stored against or near it.’
  • 12) ‘A spokesman said such staircases were meant to be ‘sterile’ areas without inflammable materials.’
  • 13) ‘Bundles of goods containing inflammable material can be seen lying on foot paths blocking already narrow lanes.’
  • 14) ‘There was other inflammable material at hand in the 1760s.’
  • 15) ‘Clearing the top floor of all inflammable materials, lumber etc., will lessen the danger of fire, and prevent a fire spreading.’
  • 16) ‘A rocket is a cylindrical metal object containing inflammable material, which, when ignited, propels the rocket to a significant height or distance.’
  • 17) ‘Pure phosphorus is a non-metallic solid which exists in three forms, one of them highly poisonous and spontaneously inflammable.’
  • 18) ‘Highly inflammable methane gas, pumped out harmlessly when mines were open, is building up in abandoned shafts and posing a potential threat to people living on the surface.’
  • 19) ‘It burst into flames after its highly inflammable gas ignited.’
  • 20) ‘He gave instructions accordingly, but directed that all safety precautions should be taken to prevent inflammable material falling off the wharf into the oil.’
  • 21) ‘A thorough inspection of the complex 40-hectare site, which contains numerous highly inflammable gas and liquid gas storage and production facilities, would require weeks.’
  • 22) ‘A room in which inflammable gas and oxygen are regularly present, such as, perhaps, a chemical laboratory, is one in which every effort will be made to prevent the occurrence of electric sparks.’
  • 23) ‘The inquest was told that the fire was deliberately started when inflammable liquid was poured through the couple's letterbox and ignited using a wick made out of cotton-like material.’
  • 24) ‘Some of the worst domestic fire outbreaks have been a result of keeping inflammable liquids in homes.’
  • 25) ‘‘As a garage, we have particular concerns such as vehicle collision, sparks igniting inflammables such as petrol or brake fluid and also manual lifting,’ he said.’
  • 26) ‘This important conclusive finding immediately sets at rest the allegation that a mob poured inflammables from outside into the compartment and set the rail compartment ablaze.’
  • 27) ‘The fire broke out when a passenger sprayed inflammables on the floor from two bottles and set fire to it.’
  • 28) ‘Vessels shall leave the docks immediately upon loading inflammables in the port of Montevideo.’

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