attain vs obtain

attain obtain


  • 1) obsolete Attainment.
  • 2) Something attained. Glanville.
  • 3) transitive To accomplish; to achieve.
  • 4) to gain with effort
  • 5) reach a point in time, or a certain state or level
  • 6) reach a destination, either real or abstract
  • 7) To reach; come or arrive by motion, bodily or mental exertion, or efforts of any kind: followed by to or unto.
  • 8) Totouchupon;mention.
  • 9) To come so near as to touch; reach, achieve, or accomplish (an end or object) by continued effort; come into possession of; acquire; gain.
  • 10) To convict; condemn. Compare attaint, v., 3-5.
  • 11) Totouch;strike;hit.
  • 12) To pertain; have relation.
  • 13) To come to know; experience.
  • 14) To touch upon; mention.
  • 15) To touch; strike; hit.
  • 16) To overtake; come up with: as, “not attaining him in time,” Bacon.
  • 17) To come to or arrive at (a place); reach (a place, time, or state).
  • 18) To reach in excellence or degree; equal.
  • 19) To come to or arrive at, as through movement, growth, or the passage of time.
  • 20) To gain as an objective; achieve.
  • 21) To succeed in a directed effort, process, or progression.
  • 22) To come or arrive, by an effort of mind.
  • 23) To come or arrive, by motion, growth, bodily exertion, or efforts toward a place, object, state, etc.; to reach.
  • 24) To reach in excellence or degree; to equal.
  • 25) obsolete To get at the knowledge of; to ascertain.
  • 26) To reach or come to, by progression or motion; to arrive at.
  • 27) To achieve or accomplish, that is, to reach by efforts; to gain; to compass.
  • 28) Obs. with a material object. To gain or obtain possession of; to acquire.
  • 29) obsolete To overtake.


  • 1) receive a specified treatment (abstract)
  • 2) come into possession of
  • 3) Toattain;come.
  • 4) HenceToachieve;win.
  • 5) Archaic To succeed.
  • 6) To succeed in gaining possession of as the result of planning or endeavor; acquire.
  • 7) To be in existence, in effect, or customary.
  • 8) To gain or have a firm footing; to be recognized or established; to become prevalent or general; to prevail.
  • 9) archaic and Rare To prevail; to succeed.
  • 10) obsolete To hold; to keep; to possess.
  • 11) To get hold of by effort; to gain possession of; to procure; to acquire, in any way.


  • 1) Somehow this meeting has attained a status and history.
  • 2) You may not attain them but you can come pretty close.
  • 3) The student who aspires to a law degree may attain it by working hard.
  • 4) He has been a calming influence but not dominant enough as an alpha to attain higher status.
  • 5) Many don't realise the simplicity behind attaining such status.
  • 6) The key lesson often centered on attaining virtue, through which a person could escape the cycles of history.
  • 7) Your pleasure and enthusiasm in finding and attaining status and power mean you're not afraid of hard work.
  • 8) To attain that status, bookmakers must agree to pay an agreed contribution to the levy for their digital businesses.
  • 9) The VC itself has rightly attained iconic status.
  • 10) This form of moralising, which has almost attained the status of received opinion, is itself morally deficient.
  • 11) ‘However happiness is not something that can be acquired, attained, achieved or gathered.’
  • 12) ‘You may judge for yourself the degree to which I've succeeded in attaining that goal.’
  • 13) ‘Achievements attained by a person were also considered to honour the whole family.’
  • 14) ‘What is it about cancer and other illnesses that pushes us sufferers on to attain goals and achieve tasks?’
  • 15) ‘And it seems that the Secretary of State has fully succeeded in attaining his objective.’
  • 16) ‘It should be said straightaway that they have succeeded admirably in attaining their goal.’
  • 17) ‘The fact is, the reformists have failed to attain any tangible achievement.’
  • 18) ‘Wasn't his perception of happiness and how to attain it desperately marred?’
  • 19) ‘And perseverance is the name of the game for one to attain success and happiness.’
  • 20) ‘We believe that our prayers can assist our loved ones to attain eternal happiness.’
  • 21) ‘Recognised as an effective and efficient leader, he had attained the rank of major-general in 1942.’
  • 22) ‘It is a very basic thing that one cannot attain happiness by making others unhappy.’
  • 23) ‘He attained the rank of sergeant in a tank corps.’
  • 24) ‘So it will prove in the future, for nothing can frustrate the evolutionary movement nor prevent humanity as a whole from attaining and achieving its purpose.’
  • 25) ‘She claimed the school had done well to achieve the results it attained.’
  • 26) ‘No one should be allowed to disrupt the democratic achievements so far attained.’
  • 27) ‘They should be made to feel proud that they have attained, achieved and can hold those positions.’
  • 28) ‘It compels us to review goals set against achievements attained and lapses experienced.’
  • 29) ‘It is a humanist vision that in every culture people can attain freedom and enable all to achieve their potential in their own chosen way.’
  • 30) ‘Undeniably focusing on their careers led them to attain a high level of artistic achievement.’
  • 31) ‘To gain reparations without attaining this goal would be to win a false victory.’
  • 32) ‘The late Mrs. Boyle had attained the age of one-hundred years, and enjoyed good health up to the end.’
  • 33) ‘One in ten children die before they attain the age of five years, adds the report.’
  • 34) ‘The reality sinks in when they attain puberty by which time they are told they have no choice.’
  • 35) ‘The rate of development of the major body components is changing continually, at least until the pig attains its mature size.’
  • 36) ‘Corallites attaining a certain size, although variable in diameter, may reproduce again.’
  • 37) ‘Newly formed leaves were excised once they attained full size.’
  • 38) ‘It would seem that this is an age when one attains maturity and the peak of one's abilities.’
  • 39) ‘Only a few second generation churches have attained sufficient maturity to consider appointing their own leaders.’
  • 40) ‘A function is organised when a girl attains puberty.’
  • 41) ‘The animals attain sexual maturity in two to three years and the breeding season is throughout the year.’
  • 42) ‘Seed growth slows after this, but does not entirely cease until the seed attains physiological maturity.’
  • 43) ‘At the same stage of his life, as soon as he attains manhood, Labda's son also goes off to consult the Delphic oracle.’
  • 44) ‘All priests and mages felt this charge upon attaining full manhood.’
  • 45) ‘Last year, I read about some new research that said a human being attains full maturity or adulthood only at the age of 35!’
  • 46) ‘Depending on the depth of the water in which the tsunami is traveling, it may attain speeds of up to 500 miles an hour.’
  • 47) ‘Now it darts ahead, quickly attaining a forward speed of 140 miles an hour.’
  • 48) ‘Parents should realise these are real cars that attain high speeds on the enclosed track.’
  • 49) ‘These awesome monsters need to attain wind speeds of 75 mph before they become a full hurricane.’
  • 50) ‘Common mistakes made by novices include underestimating the size that trees will attain.’
  • 51) ‘Once the plant attains sufficient height, secure it loosely to the stake.’


  • 1) It will look at the different outcomes for those who obtain mortgages through brokers.
  • 2) It can be difficult to obtain a mortgage for a flat above a shop.
  • 3) Her mortgage had been obtained with genuine tax returns showing it was a successful business.
  • 4) This can pose real issues when it comes to obtaining passports.
  • 5) Would-be homeowners looking to obtain a mortgage may also find that the benefits are not included in their overall income.
  • 6) This could be crucial if you are planning to obtain a mortgage or other loan that might depend on your personal credit rating.
  • 7) Older borrowers could have more luck with obtaining buy-to-let mortgages.
  • 8) In economic terms his benefit was so much of any appreciation in value as was attributable to the mortgage obtained by his dishonesty.
  • 9) It is also vital to consider how easy it is to obtain a mortgage if you are 55 or over.
  • 10) There are fears that some who bought off-plan but have not yet completed may have to back out because they can no longer obtain a mortgage.
  • 11) From next month, they could also find it trickier to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage.
  • 12) But before he could make his way to Hungary he would have to obtain a passport from the French king.
  • 13) He is due to obtain an Italian passport in the near future which would remove any obstacles to him playing in Europe.
  • 14) It is always possible to obtain notional assent to an unwelcome proposition by offering, as the alternative, something less welcome still.
  • 15) He obtained a British passport shortly before setting off on a motorbike trip which was supposed to take him the length of Africa.
  • 16) It is much harder now - there is more data, we do not own it and we can no longer always obtain it.
  • 17) And the very things which the Jews speak of the Hebrew word obtain also in the Greek.
  • 18) Recently, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (ABCNY) posted an Ethics Opinion commenting on the developing issue of what lawyers may properly obtain from the Internet concerning clients or adversaries.
  • 19) But also, as previously mentioned, what most people really obtain is not so much insurance (characterized by infrequent events and high payouts) but rather a product called insurance that really functions as insulation or consumption smoothing (characterized by frequent events and low pay outs).
  • 20) He seems not to accept "authority" in any terms other than those that might obtain from a guarantee of preservation from all error by the Spirit.
  • 21) The central & north European pies I tasted were on par with what one might obtain from a day old Chuck-E-Cheese slice, after it has been carefully aged on the floor of a truck stop bathroom in Gaffney, SC.
  • 22) Many figures were obtain from the Norton Online Living Report by Symantec.
  • 23) ‘A new strain was one that had not been isolated from sputum samples previously obtained from an individual patient.’
  • 24) ‘The results obtained by the 2 methods of specimen handling and DNA extraction were indistinguishable.’
  • 25) ‘The parameter estimates were obtained using simulated maximum likelihood with Halton sequences as described by Train.’
  • 26) ‘All estimates are obtained using four driving values and bridge sampling.’
  • 27) ‘If the consent is dishonestly obtained, then there is still dishonesty.’
  • 28) ‘After genetic isolation of P insertion chromosomes, the flanking sequences were obtained by inverse PCR and sequenced.’
  • 29) ‘Serum samples were also obtained from 25 healthy blood donors which served as controls.’
  • 30) ‘We understand that over one million people in South Africa have fraudulently obtained licences or have none at all.’
  • 31) ‘The commissioner found that the leave form was not authorised and the sick certificate was fraudulently obtained.’
  • 32) ‘The licensed acupuncturist also obtains informed consent from each patient.’
  • 33) ‘Consent was also obtained from parents and students.’
  • 34) ‘Under the old billing system, accountants and corporate officers could not easily obtain necessary data or documents.’
  • 35) ‘Probes were obtained by PCR amplification of the indicated loci.’
  • 36) ‘The analysis was performed on natural log-transformed data, and parameters were obtained directly from the analysis.’
  • 37) ‘The volume of apoplastic fluid obtained by centrifugation increased gradually when the centrifugal forces increased.’
  • 38) ‘Because he felt as if he could never obtain what the couple shared.’
  • 39) ‘Do they use the same sort of violence and threats to obtain what they want?’
  • 40) ‘He suggested that his apparent support for official policy was obtained under duress.’
  • 41) ‘But the bill does not definitively bar statements obtained under torture or other abuse.’
  • 42) ‘Maps obtained in these studies are based on the third and the fourth extractions.’
  • 43) ‘But how does all this fit with what obtains here at home?’
  • 44) ‘Or are we to go semi-professional like obtains on the domestic soccer front in Ireland, with such little attraction for fans.’
  • 45) ‘I should note that Welborn Rule obtains here: all posts to me are subject to possible posting, so be forewarned!’
  • 46) ‘A Catholic would say the same thing obtains with the Blessed Virgin.’
  • 47) ‘This gender inequality obtains everywhere in this sector.’
  • 48) ‘That situation still obtains in the case of the distribution of power, resources and opportunities among the four provinces of the state.’
  • 49) ‘The same of course obtains with respect to the ethnic grievance groups that oppose such measures in the name of equal treatment.’
  • 50) ‘It is also suggested in the article that the same obtains in the United States, although no real source for that information is given.’
  • 51) ‘There is absolutely no desire here to tinker with what obtains.’
  • 52) ‘Sadly, Dr Mumba's discovery at the ministry of Lands gives a clear picture of what obtains in the entire civil service.’
  • 53) ‘Overall equilibrium obtains when these three markets are in equilibrium.’
  • 54) ‘Fifteen years later, no shared national understanding obtains about those events.’
  • 55) ‘It'll be my turn to prod the jelly tomorrow if silence still obtains.’
  • 56) ‘This might seem unusual, yet something similar may well be obtaining in many marriages.’
  • 57) ‘It is our hope the situation obtaining on the Copperbelt is not a passing phase.’
  • 58) ‘The same pattern obtains for Islam, as Woodward includes miracles associated with Muhammad and then a number of Sufi saints.’
  • 59) ‘But Descartes insists that a rational distinction also obtains between any two attributes of a substance.’
  • 60) ‘A genus-species relation obtains when a proper definition of the form X = YZ is possible.’
  • 61) ‘Suppose you start off with no information about which of the four possible combinations of truth values for A and B obtains.’
  • 62) ‘The same foolishness, the same sterility, obtains in the ‘not serious’ as in the ‘serious’.’

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