adopted vs adoptive

adopted adoptive


  • 1) Taken by adoption; taken up as one's own.
  • 2) Simple past tense and past participle of adopt.


  • 1) Related through adoption; more generally, relating to adoption.
  • 2) Being a place that one has moved to or resettled in.
  • 3) Characteristic of or having to do with adoption.
  • 4) Related by adoption.
  • 5) Pertaining to adoption; made or acquired by adoption; fitted to adopt
  • 6) of parents and children; related by adoption
  • 7) acquired as your own by free choice
  • 8) Fitted for or given to adopting: as, a receptive and adoptive language. Constituted by adoption; adopting or adopted: as, an adoptive father or son. Assumed: as, “adoptive and cheerful boldness,” Milton, Ref. in Eng., i.


  • 1) Elham leaned forward with his shoulders slightly hunched, an attitude he often adopted in court.
  • 2) And Martine, I don't mind telling you that I was adopted and I was absolutely fine.
  • 3) They are the only Argyle, a name adopted for reasons never fully explained.
  • 4) “Supreme Emergency” is a phrase adopted by Walzer from a 1939 speech by Winston Churchill in an attempt to reconcile just war ethics with the killing of innocent civilians entailed in the nighttime bombing of German cities.
  • 5) Far West Entertainment As two-fifths of the night's support act Blush, they are about to perform in front of 14,000 screaming Beliebers—the name adopted by the teen phenom's legions of fans.
  • 6) In England the story was also run by the weekly magazine, Women's Own, who gave it the title adopted here, Blind Chance.
  • 7) Stalin adopted his name from a Russian word meaning what?
  • 8) Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (B B T D) is the term adopted in 1986 by the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Oral Health Coalition to describe the decay of primary maxillary incisors that occurs due to prolonged bottle feeding in young children.
  • 9) Her classification as independent contractor or employee depends, not on the label adopted by the parties, but rather on the degree of control exercised over her work.
  • 10) In what is now the south of Scotland the new language was English or a variant thereof so the label adopted was the English-language label 'Scot'.
  • 11) North of the Forth-Clyde area the incoming language was Gaelic or a variant thereof, so the label adopted was presumably Alba.


  • 1) Part of this we can attribute to the fact that his adoptive country voted to leave the European Union a few weeks earlier.
  • 2) Relations with his adoptive father were fraught.
  • 3) Would my birth mother have been as good a mother as my adoptive one?
  • 4) His heartless adoptive mother ended up estranged from her family.
  • 5) Her adoptive mother had a circle of friends who worked in charities or at the university.
  • 6) He now regards them as his unofficial adoptive brother and mother.
  • 7) She tells me her father concluded she had a problem with intimacy because of the behaviour of her adoptive family.
  • 8) Here, three single men recount how they became adoptive fathers.
  • 9) Her adoptive father was an academic who had taught in Jamaica.
  • 10) He acquired his love of horses and dogs from his adoptive mother, who adored animals.
  • 11) Despite having a very happy childhood with a loving adoptive family, the still unanswered questions about her biological family nagged at the back of her mind.
  • 12) As Philolaus gave them laws concerning many other things, so did he upon adoption, which they call adoptive laws; and this he in particular did to preserve the number of families.
  • 13) But, as the mere fact of the unction does not effect a radical unification (for this schools rejects absorption), the unification is made perfect, according to them, by what they call the adoptive birth of Christ -- the ultimate result of the unction of the Father.
  • 14) Second, if Diamond was correct then forager children raised in adoptive Western homes should become as smart as or, indeed, smarter than their white siblings.
  • 15) * Absent or divorced parents; inadequate bonding in adoptive families
  • 16) The concept by which state and local law enforcement agencies still circumvent the Missouri Constitution is known as "adoptive forfeiture."
  • 17) In short-term adoptive transfer experiments S1P1-deficient mature B cells accumulated in the BM, but a role for S1P1 in egress was not established
  • 18) Danny picked up the phone and called their adoptive mother, June, on her cell phone, and told her what happened.
  • 19) "We call adoptive him who is stranger to the adopter."
  • 20) Kalos said past efforts to use the technique, known as "adoptive T-cell transfer," failed either because the T-cell response was too weak or proved too toxic for normal tissue.
  • 21) "As we speak, my officials are calling adoptive parents as we identify which children are on the flight," Kenney said Saturday.
  • 22) ‘We spent most of the session talking about her relationship with her adoptive father, Eric.’
  • 23) ‘Obviously it is easier on the child and adoptive parents if the child is adopted at an early age.’
  • 24) ‘My adoptive mother gave me a copy of his obituary and three pictures of my father and told me the story.’
  • 25) ‘The son of a German artisan, he was probably born in Venice, and apprenticed to his adoptive father Giulio.’
  • 26) ‘She raised me for my first three years on her own after which she got married and I've known and loved that man as my father ever since, but have always known that he was my adoptive father.’
  • 27) ‘Like so many adoptive children he is caught up in a compulsive search to discover the truth about his real parentage.’
  • 28) ‘Now many of those couples are helping their adoptive children uncover their cultural roots.’
  • 29) ‘An adoption order transfers the child's legal relationship from the original family to the new adoptive family.’
  • 30) ‘His adoptive mother says the 12-year-old charms everyone he meets - although he often tries their patience with his enormous energy.’
  • 31) ‘She admits she was never interested in finding out more about her father until her adoptive father died last year, aged 95.’
  • 32) ‘One of the questions I'm often asked as an adoptive mom is whether I'll "let" Alex find her biological family - almost as if I'd have a choice if she wanted to do so.’
  • 33) ‘His final resting place was his beloved adoptive country - Singapore.’
  • 34) ‘To the emigrant Irish and to their adoptive countries, the shamrock logo represented all that was best in Irishness.’
  • 35) ‘At the 2000 Games, she won the silver medal for her adoptive country in the first women's Olympic pole vault.’
  • 36) ‘She, however, has no idea when - or if - he'll be allowed to return to his adoptive country.’
  • 37) ‘Sylvia worked for Ethiopian independence and Adela was involved in the launch of the Communist party in her adoptive country.’
  • 38) ‘It gives incomers to the highlands and islands a link to their adoptive country that's very much more real than blood or poetry.’
  • 39) ‘My former colleague is now well into his 90s, but is as spry and fit as the day when he swam out to meet the submarine sent to take him back to his adoptive homeland.’
  • 40) ‘The contribution made by individual refugees to their adoptive homeland will also be explored, as will the experiences of refugees more recently.’
  • 41) ‘She has eschewed her adoptive city of Glasgow, however, in favour of Chapel Allerton, in Leeds, Yorkshire's financial heart.’
  • 42) ‘Kate, who now lives and plays in and around Liverpool, will be bringing in a host of musicians to the Lakes from her adoptive home city.’
  • 43) ‘She dwells on her charming manner, love of clothes, loyalty to her brother and, in later life, to her adoptive city.’

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