hands-on vs hands on

hands-on hands on


  • 1) Involving active participation; applied, as opposed to theoretical.
  • 2) involving active participation


  • 1) But, like all pilots, Hall liked hands-on control of his aircraft and used the facility to a minimum.
  • 2) If reason didn't work, he could always go back to a more hands-on approach.
  • 3) 'This is what you called a hands-on job,' she said.
  • 4) F = Designer and artisan: professions and fields that entail hands-on designing and crafting of artistic and functional objects and employ an eye for visual design, color, style, and a keen sense of spatial acuity
  • 5) And Harbaugh, known as a hands-on coach, didn't disappoint - at one point screaming, That was a great rep!
  • 6) Daddy was never what you’d call a hands-on father, but he’d never been so distant.
  • 7) To an untrained eye, this preparation looks no different than someone receiving a hands-on healing.
  • 8) An independent chair cannot be expected to have — and in most cases, will not have — hands-on knowledge about fund operations.
  • 9) It's tough to believe any reputable doctor could prescribe Viagra (say) without a hands-on medical exam, but it does occur.
  • 10) ‘The time is equally divided between interactive theory classes and hands-on practical classes.’
  • 11) ‘Patients were able to participate and gain hands-on experience.’
  • 12) ‘In all, participants get hands-on training in eight skill areas of hunting and taking game.’
  • 13) ‘As managing director, Rona takes an active, hands-on role in all her company's activities.’
  • 14) ‘The best methods for rehearsing allow hands-on participation by the entire unit.’
  • 15) ‘It gave me the hands-on training that I needed as I studied the theories of flying.’
  • 16) ‘This training is best when it provides hands-on practice of the use of fire extinguishers.’
  • 17) ‘Members tried their hands at the techniques to gain hands-on experience.’
  • 18) ‘At their best, they bring a healthy dose of hands-on practicality to their efforts.’
  • 19) ‘This will be followed by a hands-on workshop where participants carve and print their own woodblock.’

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