apoptosis vs necrosis

apoptosis necrosis


  • 1) A natural process of self-destruction by degradative enzymes in certain cells, such as epithelial cells and erythrocytes, that are genetically programmed to have a limited lifespan or are damaged, as by irradiation or toxic drugs.


  • 1) pathology The localized death of cells or tissues through injury, disease, or the interruption of blood supply.
  • 2) Death of cells through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of a tissue or organ.
  • 3) (Med.) The pathologic death of part of a tissue due to irreversible damage. Contrast to necrobiosis, which is a normal death of cells in a tissue. Formerly, applied primarily to death of bone tissue.
  • 4) (Bot.) A disease of trees, in which the branches gradually dry up from the bark to the center.
  • 5) In botany, a disease of plants, chiefly found upon the leaves and soft parenchymatous parts.
  • 6) In pathology, the death of a circumscribed piece of tissue.
  • 7) A disease of the grape, attributed to Bacillus vitivorus.


  • 1) They reproduced wildly and refused to obey the signals that demand self-identification and, failing that, apoptosis - cellular suicide.
  • 2) She thought of how the word apoptosis meaning “cell death,” came from the Greek word for “falling leaves.”
  • 3) The process of cells dying is a highly controlled one that is called apoptosis, which is a Greek word that means “petals dropping off a plant.”
  • 4) So, when a telomere gets short, that's when either senescence or apoptosis is triggered.
  • 5) In neurons this is called apoptosis; in humans it is called depression, grief, and suicide.
  • 6) When they exposed cancer cells to these phytonutrients, the cells self-destructed technically, such self-destruction is called apoptosis.
  • 7) ‘Programmed cell death by apoptosis plays a key role in molding the form of chick and mammalian limbs, especially the digits.’
  • 8) ‘Radioiodine can cause significant apoptosis and mitotic cell death in the thyroid tissue.’
  • 9) ‘In addition, the signals that lead a cell to necrosis or apoptosis remain to be elucidated.’
  • 10) ‘We have reported that turmeric also activates the lymphocytes and induces apoptosis to tumor cells.’
  • 11) ‘The role of macrophage apoptosis in containing the growth of the bacilli is also discussed.’


  • 1) The liver necrosis vanished, her color came back, and she started to put on weight.
  • 2) Dr. Detlef Weigel and colleagues found that one mechanism, hybrid necrosis, is associated with a plant defense gene.
  • 3) As a result, he developed "skin necrosis and abscess formation which required multiple surgical procedures to repair ...." and subsequently sued seeking recovery for those injuries and the replacement cost of his wheelchair.
  • 4) The record further establishes that the skin necrosis and abscess, which did not appear until approximately two months after the accident, were not related to any injury plaintiff sustained in the accident, but rather were caused by an ill-fitting replacement wheelchair.
  • 5) GUPTA: There is a patient here who had significant, what's called necrosis, where parts of her leg had died as a result of crush injury.
  • 6) But there is a patient here who has significant what's called necrosis, where parts of her leg had died as a result of crush injury.
  • 7) The spreading infection resulted in necrosis, which is the deadening of tissues caused by septicemia with its resulting lack of blood flow to organs and tissues.
  • 8) Patients also had complications including hematoma, or internal bleeding, following breast-enlargement surgery, infection, the development of dead tissue known as necrosis, cardiac arrests, breathing problems, pulmonary embolism and other blood clots, and allergic reactions.
  • 9) ‘As the disease progresses, necrosis and liver cell death may lead to fibrosis.’
  • 10) ‘The combination increases the risk of soft tissue necrosis and osteonecrosis.’
  • 11) ‘Multifocal calcifications associated with tumor cell necrosis were also seen.’
  • 12) ‘The present work presents a mechanism leading to cell death, necrosis at the tissue level.’
  • 13) ‘The pathogenesis of necrosis in toxoplasma encephalitis is unclear.’
  • 14) ‘Small polyvinyl alcohol beads obstruct the blood supply to the fibroids, causing necrosis and shrinkage’
  • 15) ‘The sinusoidal pattern may have been due to sepsis or necrosis in adjacent tissues.’
  • 16) ‘Liver cell necrosis is indicated by highly elevated serum liver transaminase levels.’
  • 17) ‘Complications of radiation therapy include anal ulcers, anal stenosis and necrosis.’
  • 18) ‘Centrally within the larger foci of squamous metaplasia, necrosis may be seen.’

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