macro micro


  • 1) photography macro lens
  • 2) programming, computing A comparatively human-friendly abbreviation of complicated input to a computer program.
  • 3) A single, user-defined command that is part of an application and executes a series of commands.
  • 4) A shorthand representation for a number of lines of code.
  • 5) A keystroke (or combination of keystrokes) which symbolizes and is replaced by a series of keystrokes; -- a convenient feature of some advanced programs, such as word processors or database programs, which allows a user to rapidly execute any series of operations which may be performed multiple times. Such macros may typically be defined by the program user, without rewriting or recompiling the program.
  • 6) a single computer instruction which symbolizes, and is converted at the time of program execution or by a compiler into, a series of instructions in the same computer language.
  • 7) a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language
  • 8) very large in scope or scale
  • 9) Of great size; large.
  • 10) Large in scope or extent; large-scale.
  • 11) very large in scale or scope or capability.
  • 12) very large in scale or scope or capability


  • 1) computing, dated short form of microcomputer
  • 2) A microcomputer.
  • 3) A microbrewery.
  • 4) A microprocessor.
  • 5) A microbrew.
  • 6) Small, relatively small; used to contrast levels of the noun modified.
  • 7) Very small or microscopic.
  • 8) Basic or small-scale.


  • 1) My view of the macro economy is that there will be a long period of low growth.
  • 2) There are mixtures of micro and macro.
  • 3) Partly this is a micro versus macro perspective.
  • 4) His grasp of the macro and micro impressed coalition colleagues and the civil service.
  • 5) But such examples are usually more micro than macro.
  • 6) But it is important to remember that the distinction between micro and macro is partly artificial.
  • 7) How will it cope in a slowing macro environment?
  • 8) The trick is to think micro, not macro.
  • 9) The interplay of the macro and micro issues was a recipe ripe for delay and enabled opponents to fight across a giant battlefield.
  • 10) Opera can do that really well - simultaneously evoke the macro and the micro.
  • 11) It issues edicts, micro and macro.
  • 12) Not surprisingly, bank managers might shrink from using financial futures to conduct macro hedges for this reason.
  • 13) A lot is going to depend on the macro environment.
  • 14) Add the 2cm macro mode and you have a camera that can capture nature in the smallest detail too.
  • 15) The macro mode for close-ups was especially effective, with rain droplets visible on flower petals.
  • 16) ‘The entire analysis is performed by a single macro in an Excel worksheet.’
  • 17) ‘Another type of virus, known as a ‘macro’ virus, can infect word processing and spreadsheet documents that use macros.’
  • 18) ‘Overseas, ‘we were relying on Excel spreadsheets with macros for currency conversion, and a lot of people stapling receipts to reports.’’
  • 19) ‘Other documents automatically load the viral macros from this file when they are opened.’
  • 20) ‘No standardized macros or any preformatted text were used.’
  • 21) ‘Many also double as macro (close-up) lenses - very useful.’
  • 22) ‘To get this close, you need a macro or close-focusing lens.’
  • 23) ‘This is my first camera with a decent macro, so please forgive my temporary indulgence with this feature.’
  • 24) ‘We used a Nikonos V camera and the full range of lenses from 35 mm to macro.’
  • 25) ‘A standard 50 mm lens will work, but a 55 mm lens with macro capability will allow extreme close-ups.’
  • 26) ‘To the extent that it actually boosts consumption at the expense of investment and the foreign trade balance, the net result from a macro perspective is overall impoverishment.’
  • 27) ‘In an economy in which the overall macro variable of real income is fixed or cyclical but individual shares are stochastic, a noninflationary equilibrium exists.’
  • 28) ‘In reality, the gap between subatomic quantum effects and large-scale macro systems is too large to bridge.’
  • 29) ‘It's quite condescending, from my perspective, but I would like to suggest that perhaps promotion of religion and religious activity, on a macro level, might be an effective deterrent for child abuse.’
  • 30) ‘‘The peace programme also operates in the border regions and has made a difference at a local level, but at the macro level more investment and resources are required,’ she said.’
  • 31) ‘At the more macro level, the under-funding of the public system and the consequent lack of attention to equity stems from a chronically low tax base, and an all-too-little-progressive tax system.’
  • 32) ‘This is exactly what they've done on a macro level to the developing countries of the world.’
  • 33) ‘Both the Tories and Labour appear locked in a struggle to out-do each other in the minutiae of their policies which, at a macro level, are virtually indistinguishable in too many areas, from PFI to public sector job cuts.’
  • 34) ‘On a macro level these distinctions could be drawn between continental Europe and the United States, with Australia and the partially Thatcherized UK lying somewhere in between.’
  • 35) ‘There is a great amount of flexibility at the macro level of international law because of the fundamental anarchy of the post-Westphalian system of sovereign states.’
  • 36) ‘Whereas individual doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff apply themselves most diligently to patient care at macro levels there is a general culture of exculpation for the inadequacies of the system.’
  • 37) ‘You have to recognise that what you can do at micro level is constrained by the macro level.’
  • 38) ‘Complicating matters, on the macro level at least, Nazif's reforms have definitely been generating a positive response on the international scene at the same time.’
  • 39) ‘We have long said that the cyclical recovery currently underway at macro level has only been made possible by aggressive cost-cutting at the individual company level.’
  • 40) ‘But if entrepreneurs can discover new opportunities for higher profits, the decline does not happen, at least on the macro level.’
  • 41) ‘The effort to harvest rainwater has been started on a macro level by INTACH and other organisations, and at the micro level by residents of welfare associations.’
  • 42) ‘It's important both at the macro level - why is output-per-man-hour 20 percent higher than it was five years ago?’
  • 43) ‘The problem is, we're generally not very good at water management, at anywhere from the micro level of individual houses and gardens to the macro level of reservoirs and mains supply.’
  • 44) ‘Why would this not apply at the macro level as well?’
  • 45) ‘For more serious work, a macro lens or a zoom with a macro feature offers superior quality.’
  • 46) ‘Fossils were initially photographed in color using a Nikon 995 digital camera in macro mode at a fine JPEG setting.’
  • 47) ‘If you're into macro photography, keep your lens caps off and your strobes charged.’
  • 48) ‘Shooting with flash, you can do macro photography from 30 cm to 80 cm (between 1.0 feet and 2.6 feet).’
  • 49) ‘In some cases, a single diver would have a closed-circuit rebreather, bail-out cylinders, large video-camera housing and both wide-angle and macro still cameras!’


  • 1) It advises buying micro SD cards to boost storage.
  • 2) You need a micro USB cable to charge it up first.
  • 3) This is a bit belated, but you can do the symbol(s) for micrometre ( µm ) like this: &_micro_;m (omit the underscores).
  • 4) Stations were moved, Population centers grew up around these stations giving rise to the term micro climate ..
  • 5) As publishers experiment with new or revamped online pricing models they may find that the true value of their original content will give real meaning to the term micro-payment.
  • 6) The term micro-blogging was used because twitter, the first micro-blogging service, at least to my knowledge, defined it that way.
  • 7) In many respects the term micro-blogging is a bit of a misnomer.
  • 8) ‘In my case, as with most PCIe motherboards, this is not an issue as unless it's a micro, there should be 2 PCI slots left over.’
  • 9) ‘So it looks like veterans of early 80s micros could find their finely honed programming skills back in use.’
  • 10) ‘The MMC micro can operate on either 3.3 volts or 1.8 volts, cutting power consumption up to one-sixth that of competing devices.’
  • 11) ‘Jodrell Bank, the radio astronomy observatory in the UK, uses a BBC micro from the early 1980s to steer one of their smaller dishes which tracks a pulsar in the Crab nebula.’
  • 12) ‘I have a real soft-spot for Elite, having played it for many nights on a BBC micro.’
  • 13) ‘Thus we have exhibits of 1940s era toys, an exhibition of Churchill Memorabilia, a model railway exhibit, a museum on the history of computing - some minicomputer stuff - plus lots of 1970s vintage micros I hadn't seen for a while.’
  • 14) ‘This then allows the micro to send data via some lengthy USB cables and a hub (for the three of us) to a laptop.’
  • 15) ‘We want to reduce that burden and we are developing a separate code for micros that should be brought before cabinet before the end of [this month].’
  • 16) ‘It is therefore heartening to see a new state-of-the-art suite of micros to be used entirely for adult education, at Bunyan Upper School.’
  • 17) ‘There are a lot of micro businesses in this area with one or two people and we need good communications.’
  • 18) ‘They were taken around different micro watershed areas, sholas and grasslands and shown the steps being taken by the Forest Department to conserve water resources.’
  • 19) ‘An important aspect of the development is the use of local labour as well as small, medium and micro enterprises from the area.’
  • 20) ‘Sexy does not have to mean stockings and suspenders or some feeble excuse for a top, with a teeny, weeny micro skirt.’
  • 21) ‘Human Settlements and Environment, acting under the sponsorship of the Jhabua District administration and zila panchayat is managing a micro watershed in this and other villages in the area.’
  • 22) ‘For those of you not in the know, Steampunk is this teeny micro sci-fi genre.’
  • 23) ‘It can be done with very tiny, micro devices these days - and they will get smaller and smaller.’
  • 24) ‘He could feel the tiny micro movements in her fingers as she clung onto his back lovingly.’
  • 25) ‘So far on call tonight, we had a kid who coded requiring chest compressions and intubation, a newborn double-outlet right ventricle who needed lines, and a micro preemie who needs to be tapped.’
  • 26) ‘They have also developed affordable micro irrigation kits such as the bucket kit, drum kit and micro sprinklers suitable for kitchen gardens, nurseries, home gardens, etc.’
  • 27) ‘He said there are also challenges in intervening in existing very small and micro enterprises, although these are less than for the previous type of intervention.’
  • 28) ‘During the evening, Philosophy's ‘little’ woman shows off micro dresses in chiffon embroidered with little metallic circles to conceal excessive nudity.’
  • 29) ‘We're also developing a dining space for between five and eight people, for micro supper clubs.’
  • 30) ‘We were presented with a plate piled high with cakes and tarts when we announced we had to leave before midnight and, thus furnished, we arrived at my mother's to have our micro NY Eve party - just the three of us.’
  • 31) ‘Indeed, self-employment and entrepreneurship in small and micro enterprises is fast becoming a viable option.’
  • 32) ‘It attracts Government funding through Business Link for Essex to give professional counselling and business planning training, for pre-start, start-up and micro businesses.’
  • 33) ‘But the various factorial combinations and gradations of these postures and micro expressions are so vast that cataloguing them is beyond the scope of the world of number and word.’
  • 34) ‘It is perhaps a cliché, but it is the mark of a great writer that he succeeds in creating a recognisable world, a micro universe which carves out its own space and insists upon its siren like singularity…’
  • 35) ‘But the sale of the micro motorbikes could be far more widespread because they could be sold at markets or through newspaper ads where the seller is untraceable, Ms Foley added.’
  • 36) ‘A micro camera fixed on the bumper displays three different colours on the rear view mirror along with beep sounds that increases in intensity if one is getting too close to hitting something.’
  • 37) ‘Having had no interest in analysing the economic scenario at the macro or the micro level, Biju is interested in examining the minute components of electronic gadgets.’
  • 38) ‘The real problem, both at a macro and a micro level, according to me, is the plummeting sex ratio.’
  • 39) ‘On a micro level, the professionals to whom we meekly doffed our caps in the past have effectively been put in the dock: your local TD, priest, doctor, banker and now your trusty Garda.’
  • 40) ‘At the micro level, there are a number of well-defined rules, set out in the Geneva Convention and other war crimes/war-fighting agreements.’
  • 41) ‘Fundamental to the success of the Edinburgh-based Johnston Press and other UK regional operators has been the more aggressive approach to selling advertising space at a micro level.’
  • 42) ‘But what they don't understand is that there is another equally important factor or set of factors at the micro level which are so very difficult for anybody to get at.’
  • 43) ‘Viewed at the micro level, this idea appears palatable to the pro-choicer because it is assumes that the choice to abort the child will not be selected in every pregnancy.’
  • 44) ‘One of the most persistent bottleneck to growth in Zambia over the decades, particularly at the micro level has been the dearth of finance capital for re-investment.’
  • 45) ‘What from the top looks like sensible macroeconomic policy from the micro level - where businesses operate - it can seem like draconian overkill.’
  • 46) ‘I'd like to know how all this works at the micro level.’
  • 47) ‘Power infrastructure is also on the agenda, often on a micro level, supplementing the large scale civilian reconstruction effort.’
  • 48) ‘One has to view things at the macro and micro levels.’
  • 49) ‘But very rarely do we actually discuss issues at a micro level.’
  • 50) ‘Give a bit more to the people who keep the country (at a macro level) or communities (at a micro level) running.’
  • 51) ‘Geographically accurate topographical maps with close contours to show the drainage pattern at micro level are not available.’
  • 52) ‘Irene, as it happened, loved this planet - at macro and micro levels.’
  • 53) ‘A resolution to this crisis requires a two-pronged approach that addresses both the macro and micro levels of the problem.’
  • 54) ‘Anton suggested the new economic ministers meet local and foreign investors to understand the problems at the micro level.’
  • 55) ‘The government must thus take its role of an economic statesman and regulator seriously and stop nitpicking at micro levels.’
  • 56) ‘It's all part of the same game, just down to the micro level, and reading your columns of late I would like to do whatever we can to give them a push.’

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